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Disposable Vape (Diamond) – 2g Distillate


2g Disposable Vape Pens

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Product Description

Introducing Diamond’s newest line of 2g rechargeable disposable vape pens! The design is sleek and durable while the functionality is superb. Draw activated and convenient! Staying ahead of the overall curve, Diamond has raised the bar with these pens.

Each pen contains 2g of Distillate.

PG-Free, VG-Free, Solvent Free, Organic Base

*Note: Due to the larger size of the 2g tank, with constant use the atomizer burns hotter than with the smaller 1g tanks and this may cause the oil to evaporate more quickly in comparison.

21 reviews for Disposable Vape (Diamond) – 2g Distillate

  1. Sativashawty (verified owner)

    My go to! Girl Scout Pineapple Express and Tim ford pink kush are a chef’s kiss
    Although they keep sending me the wrong strains but hey gets the job done …

  2. boon (verified owner)

    I bought Red Dragon and it doesn’t seem to have artificial flavor. They are consistently smooth. I haven’t tried other strains from this brand but I might seek these 2g over 3g for my disposable vape consumption

  3. E (verified owner)

    good high, good buzz, good feeling overall. i appreciate that there was no leaking or clogging and hits were smooth. if you are using be prepared to cough.

  4. jason420 (verified owner)

    Grabbed up a couple of these pens
    They were ok nothing special
    Did the trick wasn’t bad tasting
    I thought I’d try these did they were ok but I think the others are better on here
    The other disposable units

  5. Rotgut (verified owner)

    I usually get vape carts but decided to give this disposable a try.

    Works great so far and no clogging as of yet .
    High Quality distillate and gives me a great bizz

  6. AZ (verified owner)

    AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH THIS BLUEBERRY OG !!!! I was nervous at first to try this ( being my first dab pen experience ) but 1 pull of this thing had me floating ! Thank you Budmail !!

  7. AZ (verified owner)

    Ladies and gents .. I’m beyond excited to use this Blueberry OG pen tonight after work . I had a buddy try it before me and he was telling me how this pen is amazing! Will post another review about my experience . Thank you Budmail !!!!

  8. Bakedbaker (verified owner)

    The only vape I will buy. It’s not only flavorful- it is the ONLY vape even I’ve tried that has not clogged even one time. They are also the only brand that doesn’t make me cough excessively. Only negative is never enough Sativa choices.

  9. Claudia (verified owner)

    I really really enjoyed these pens. They were easy to carry around and slide into ur pocket or purse. It had a great taste and smell. The high was good. Amazing product

  10. Maria (verified owner)

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Diamond THC Vape pen and it was a fantastic experience! The sleek and stylish design of the pen makes it easy to carry around and use discreetly. The flavors are absolutely delicious and the THC oil is of high quality, delivering a smooth and satisfying hit every time. I also appreciate the adjustable temperature settings, allowing me to customize my vaping experience to my liking. The battery life is impressive and the device is easy to charge, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Overall, I highly recommend the Diamond THC Vape pen to anyone looking for a top-quality, flavorful, and convenient THC vaping experience.

  11. cannabisbisbisbisbis (verified owner)

    i love the Diamond products for their good value. $50 for 2g that will last me a whole month with heavy use. i like the design of the vape itself, very sleek and modern look. i got the orange crush, it came with an orange color vape pen with the orange crush soda pop logo on it. the effects are good, usually 3-4 inhales and i am comfortable, the first time after i got the pen i took 6 inhales and it was too uncomfortable. but then again i just came back to cannabis after about a year.

  12. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Wow it’s incredible that 💎 have vapes tasted today and it was really good the red dragon did the right 👌 high I want.
    It’s sooooooo smooth AAAAAAAA++++++++ shipping
    AAAAAAAA++++++++ the 2g
    Will buy a next one soon.

  13. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great flavour! I have been so disappointed by the lack of flavour in vapes I’ve tried. This one did NOT disappoint! Great flavor from 1st pull to the last and very easy to recharge.

  14. TheChronic (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with these disposable vapes! I have tried several of them and they offer a smooth and tasteful experience. It has hard hitting THC levels as well. I have no complaints at all.

  15. Danler (verified owner)

    Rootbeer was unfortunately super weak, to the point of almost no high; pull after pull. 1/5

    Juicy fruit was much better. Flavour just was just okay, but it hit good. 4/5

  16. Best pen I’ve tried (verified owner)

    I got the Gorilla Glue strain in my 2g pen. I had no problems with it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying other strains. Really nice buzz with a good punch.

  17. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    Good pen..some strains are good i wish they had blueberry diesel in 2g ..overall i think this a good pen pulls nice and its very convenient for the price

  18. Propane&Hoes (verified owner)

    Love these pens for regular use. 2g lasts about 2 weeks with heavy daily use. Battery has been hit or miss with it needing to be constantly recharged sometimes

  19. Jake (verified owner)

    Good pen, I was hesitant to order a disposable but it worked and has a great root beer taste to it, nice stone and will order again but another flavour

  20. Terry (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying a “Diamond” product, I got the gorilla glue it was good and hit hard. It also had a nice life as well but it did take a bit of time to recharge it. Overall great product I would recommend it.

  21. Kevb (verified owner)

    i’ve bought 10 diamond 1g vape pen(Check review 4 the best).This 2g vape(Gorilla glue) hit me like a truck after a 4sec pull,I was just testing the flavor,mind you.Bang for the buck.,

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