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Battery + Charger (BC Trees)


1 Charger & Variable Voltage Battery for $25

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Product Description

Battery + Charger

The ultimate in variable voltage vape kits and hopefully the last battery that you will ever need to buy. With a variable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V this battery provides the ultimate in vape pen adjustability. Get our
best selling 510 thread variable voltage battery matched with a USB charger.

( 3.3 Volts to 4.8 Volts – spinner and adjustable temperature anywhere in between )

Instructions for use:

  • Press 5 times to turn on and off
  • Hold button down while inhaling (when light flashes, release the button)
  • Twist at the bottom to adjust the voltage (temperature at which the device operates at)
    Charging Instructions:
  • Red light means charging
  • Green light means fully charged
  • Fully charged in 1 hour

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55 reviews for Battery + Charger (BC Trees)

  1. Jaymend (verified owner)

    Was looking for a new vape and came across thise one. Easy to use vape, nice to have controllable voltage. Chargers fast and battery lasts. Highly recommend

  2. Laura (verified owner)

    In love with this pen. My old one broke and I’m so glad it did. Would never go back to the old one. Plus it is soooo pretty. Everyone says how nice it is

  3. junior666 (verified owner)

    Daaaaaaaamn! This is a nice pen!
    I’ve had a Yocan vape for a few years. It’s refillable, and I like that for home use. I’ve been reluctant to try much else, they just don’t really do the job right, or are too harsh.
    This pen charges fast, stays charged and rocks distillate at the lowest setting. Most pens have to get hotter to melt the distillate but this is just the right temp for big, cool rips. Glad I tried this out ($25 is worth a try!)
    With so many options for cartridges you can’t really go wrong.
    And okay, yes, the colour and design are kinda slick, which just adds to how awesome this pen is. 5 big stars

  4. sucrebrule (verified owner)

    I LOVE this Vape pen! The charge last for days and it always only takes an hour to charge. The texture of the pen feels sleek and the shade of green is just lovely. It’s descrete and easy to use. I have one for my sativa vapes and one for my indica vapes. I definitely recommended having at least one.

  5. realgone (verified owner)

    No complaints about this little mod. It better matches BC Trees very classy clearomizers, grey and gold just looks good. It recharges quickly as expected and holds its charge all day. Might get another just because.

  6. Em (verified owner)

    I’m on my second battery as the first one got caught the an attachment and broke. While I’ve tried many batteries, I do find this one pretty good. My only complaint is it can be hard to charge at times with the given USB attachment.

  7. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    A battery pen that actually looks like it was designed by someone with a design degree. Works great and love the fact that you can change the temperature.

  8. Tatia (verified owner)

    I LOVE this pen. It’s amazing quality at a price that certainly can’t be beat. I love the design, how it feels in my hand and especially how it looks. I’ve had two other pens and they don’t hold a candle to this one. When the time comes for a new one, I will be buying this product again!

  9. dudeman (verified owner)

    It looked pretty, with different variable modes. Doesn’t fit flush with the cartridges. Found it big and heavy but look good at soiree. Battery life on hi mode didn’t last long.

  10. lklown (verified owner)

    its the best battery that i have use!! super easy to use…the best thing about this battery is that you can choose your voltage… awesome .its very nice ..recharges very quickly. thanks!

  11. Zentoad (verified owner)

    Great little battery and charger, love the Teal colour. feels solid ( not cheap or flimsy ) I got this to replace my Foray pen as it wouldn’t fire my Haaze cartridge. It works with all the 510 thread cartridges I have. Haaze, Daily and BC Trees. All in all, very happy with this battery and I would recommend.

    Thanks again BM !

  12. Serene (verified owner)

    Love everything about this pen battery. It’s chic and the colour is gorgeous.

    I like having the ability to turn it off, and to preheat my oil a tad (I hold the button in for about 3 seconds and release when I hear a little crackling sound from the oil warning up).

    The best part is the variable voltage. I keep mine on the lowest, 3.3v — and my honey oil isn’t turning all kinds of dark (and bleh) like it did in other batteries, even the Palm, which a lot of people seem to like. This one is miles ahead. It’s the only one I’ll be using from now on.

    You can’t beat that price with a stick, either.

    Thanks for carrying this, Budmail folks.

  13. SheHigh (verified owner)

    I finally got my hands on the cheapest, best quality pen! I actually tried purchasing this twice in the past and it sells out every time. If you are considering a pen and don’t wanna spend too much money,don’t look any further. The color is also a beautiful shade of teal

  14. Maryjane (verified owner)

    This is probably the best vape pen I’ve ever used and for the price you can’t go wrong. It’s excellent and the burn is perfect. The ability to choose the voltage is great as well

  15. Mada (verified owner)

    Wow nice pen ! Good price for great product. I would recommend this with no problem. Its easy to use and the color is beautiful. Also a great packaging. TY

  16. CC (verified owner)

    BC trees battery and charger are fantastic. I have tried many vape pens and this is by far my favourite. Charge lasts for a long time. Quick and easy to charge as well.

  17. Insomnia81 (verified owner)

    Totally decent pen! The variable voltage is awesome as I can dial in each individual strain for maximum strength and flavour without over burning my CO2 oil.

  18. Max (verified owner)

    Great battery. Love the colour and the battery is very easy to use with the temperature at the bottom easy to maneuver. I have tried a number of batteries and cartridges over the years and in this one stands out by far is by four for the price very good I would recommend it

  19. Kev (verified owner)

    So a friend told me about this pen and I had to try it out. Let’s just say I am not disappointed. Discrete to carry and easy to use. Plus not having to worry about cleaning the bowl or pipe is great. Great battery life, which is good too. Might have a bit of an issue in the cold though. I had a couple puffs outside one cold evening and it didn’t really cloud as much as it used to. might have just been me, but brought it inside and used it and it was fine. Other than that, great product. Highly recommended.

  20. Faxe (verified owner)

    Great pen, best i have had out of the 3 different ones i have purchased throughout my life. Adjustable voltage is awesome, great battery life so you don’t have to worry about it dying during the day. Looks good too.

  21. KSA (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful vape pen !! Love the color and design. Love that it is coil-less and With an adjustable voltage dial. Love that you can purchase oil refills but a waste to throw that pretty mouthpiece . LOVE IT

  22. dashpardy (verified owner)

    Just received this today after having a failed experience with a disposable. It worked great! Very happy with it! I’m a little unclear on how to change the voltage though. But the default setting is working fine.

  23. kitty (verified owner)

    Very good pen. Holds a charge for a decent amount of time and being able to change the voltage is pretty nice. It’s lasted a lot longer than some other pens I’ve tried.

  24. Maryjane (verified owner)

    This is probably the best vape and battery for the price. Amazing quality and the ability to change the temperature is amazing it definitely affects the taste when you do. Awesome 👍 worth the buy 🙂

  25. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    Works great, looks sleeks and sophisticated with its emerald green and gold colouring. I love how it has temperature control and it’s a pretty good pen base!

  26. Road House (verified owner)

    It’s a very nice design, sleek and elegant. Easy to use. I like the adjusting rate option, even the lowest rate gives use good smoke. Battery charges fast. Great product guys!

  27. Jdmthc (verified owner)

    Just started using this vape man it rips even on the lowest setting you get big smoke ans gets you ripped to da gills!! Would def recommend such great product for the price ✌👍

  28. Koibito (verified owner)

    Amazing! Such a shift from Disposable. Teal is my fav color, so bonus points. Smooth and sleek. charges fast. I’m a high tolerance (10 year) smoker, so I crank that baby up in Voltage and can burn thru 1ml cartridge in less then a day if not careful. (expensive I know). I do enjoy that its interchangeable so I don’t have to just purchase BC trees refills. Thanks Budmail Buddies!

  29. Chuck2388 (verified owner)

    So it’s been a minute since I used a Vape Pen. I’ve only used the disposable Pens. So this is my 1st Rechargable Pen. Well built and real discreet. Only went as high as 3.8v yet and that’s pretty strong hits for me. Could feel it in your lungs. Ty BudMail and BC Trees. Great job and keep it up.

  30. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    i had the flyte battery before until i bought this one but i must say this battery puts that battery to shame . this is a must have if u like vaping . battery lasts a while and it doesnt take to long to fully charge. 5/5

  31. Nyd (verified owner)

    I love this pen. It is easy to use. Charging is quick and it tells you when its fully charged Adjusting the burn rate is great also. The look is also nice.

  32. Kri987 (verified owner)

    This pen is absolutely amazing!! The best one I’ve actually ever used so far. $20, how can you go wrong..it surpassed my pens were I’d spent a couple of hundred dollars on. A definite must have!!!

  33. messi (verified owner)

    Great build quality, probably the best battery I’ve used so far.
    I wish there was a better instruction, though.
    For those who’s using this pen for the first time, when you turn on the battery, you still need to press and hold the button to produce vape.

  34. TheLaw (verified owner)

    Only used a couple times but it has been fantastic. Love the adjustable voltage feature and the battery life is great so far.

    May have to order a second in the near future.

  35. Farmer Fez (verified owner)

    The BC Trees Pen is a convenient pen designed for ever 510 thread cartridge on the market. Build quality is good, has variable voltage settings and it’s my favourite colour. It’s my first time using a pen versus rolling. I find it more convenient than anything else. Its smooth to smoke but burning bud is always going to be my preferred choice. I highly recommend it for people who like smoking on the go, and the variety is great, so you can swap out strains in seconds depending on your mood. 100% will buy more refills!

  36. Jake (verified owner)

    First time caper, always preferred my joints.
    Initial reaction was the pen is a little large with a cartridge on it, the changeable voltage is neat, sleek looking, it would be neat if there were other colour options, 510 cartridge fit snug and didn’t have to force or cross thread, very nice pen

  37. Gogo (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Even has a voltage dial on the bottom which is a nice touch. If there are ever issues with this pen I will not hesitate to purchase another

  38. KidK (verified owner)

    Wonderful vape for the price. Great and quick charge. Easy to use. Would recommand for anybody who would love to try it or already know what’s up with the vapes.


  39. Peek (verified owner)

    I have to admit, this little pen caught me off guard. Perfect size and the battery lasts much longer then I expected. The variable voltage option is pretty convenient and I’m surprised it was included with such a low price point – very happy with outcome.

  40. augustus charles (verified owner)

    as an avid lover of smoking pipes i’ve always been very anti-vape, thought they were for preteens. thought i would try this battery and charger on a whim and went with some of their cartridges as well. this quickly become my new favorite toy — with the adjustable temperature, it couldn’t be any easier to use and the flavor is something out of this world. i will be recommending this to everyone i know whether they’re ready to hear it or not. it feels sleek and light but solid as well with a smooth finish on the outside, it’s just aesthetically pleasing all around. this is a high quality product, well worth the price.

  41. Soleil2208 (verified owner)

    This is a great battery ! I bought 2, one for me and one for my boyfriend and we absolutley love them!! You can chose the intensity of the smoke, the charge last very long before you need to recharge..i am a big fan , verry convenient ..

  42. SP (verified owner)

    Best pen I have had. You can adjust the temperature you want and the battery life is great as long as you turn off the pen between sessions. Overall great product and no issues

  43. Dirtochie (verified owner)

    This is a great battery pack for all the cartridges I have sampled. Having the option to change the temperature is great as I have found oil can be very thick with some producers.

  44. Bonz (verified owner)

    This pen seems to hold up very well. Others burn out quick or fail to charge, not this one! It holds up to even the toughest conditions! Discrete and great for your pocket.

  45. Hexo tsunami (verified owner)

    This is the best pen that you will ever use. Being able to adjust the temperature is an amazing feature. The higher you crank it up the bigger the blast you get. Battery lasts a very long time. Definitely buy one of these.

  46. Valloux4 (verified owner)

    Im so in love with this vape pen !!! Little and skinny was perfect for everyone . Taste and smell good . Keep charge long time . Many choice for the oil product. 100% satisfaction

  47. Robin (verified owner)

    Love this! Great high and it’s small and discrete. No problems with battery power and excellent for travelling and convenience…… Highly recommend

  48. six (verified owner)

    Great little pen accesssory .. I have gone through many since budmail started offering them and this one is well built and has a variable heat control ! Add it to your collection!

  49. sucrebrule (verified owner)

    This is the BEST charger I have ever had. Super easy to use, just remember to always turn it off. Charges in exactly 1 hour and last for days. Love that there are different voltage settings – the lowest setting works perfect every time. Very discrete. GREAT price. Will definitely buy another one.

  50. Magnolia (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pen! I waited to buy it for a few months and I am so happy that I did! Vape burns clean and being able to control the temperature on the bottom of the pen is super helpful! Battery lasts long. I would highly recommend this pen, in fact I just did to my mom to help her sleep.

  51. Mockingbird (verified owner)

    This is the best pen I’ve ever owned, not only can you change the voltage at the bottom of the pen but the build quality itself is spectacular. Solid weight and performance.

  52. JT (verified owner)

    This is the best pen that you will ever use. Being able to adjust the temperature is an amazing feature. The higher you crank it up the bigger the blast you get. Battery lasts a very long time. Definitely buy one of these.

  53. teez1998 (verified owner)

    Just purchased 2 of these pens in replacement of the old “KEYY” vape I had previously. Just in comparison of the two there is a DRASTIC difference. The BC Trees pen is very clearly better quality and also includes a dial at the bottom to alter the voltage depending on your preference; whereas the KEYY vape did not. It’s a very sleek design and it’s obvious that this is the better choice when comparing the two! So fat so good and I would recommend to anyone 🙂

  54. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    I was looking for an addition to the two pens I have, something akin to my beloved old Toko Gold, which I believe is on its last legs as I type this. I was looking for a pen with temperature control, as I prefer a lighter heat, so I picked this one up. It’s nice, works well. But, I love me a pen that comes with some real instructions, so it loses a point for that and its standard push-button style. But, it’s great for the functionality of heat control, though, and the battery life seems fairly good, so far. For twenty bucks, great value! Thanks, Budmail, and for your wonderful services!

  55. TRwriter (verified owner)

    Great little pen so far. Works well with my 510 cartridges. Love the variable voltage option. Nice sleek size too and a good price. I would recommend this pen.

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