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Canna Cocoa Mix (MOTA) – THC


150mg THC

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Product Description

150 MG THC

Mota Canna Cocoa is infused with 150mg THC and is perfect for cool evenings or nighttime use. Use with milk, dairies or fats to bind with the THC and activate it to its fullest potential. Comes with marshmallows.

Insomnia | Pain | Stress | Relaxed | Appetite Loss | Anxiety | Inflammation | Nausea | Euphoric

Directions: Pour contents into cup, add hot water or milk and stir.

Ingredients: Powdered Milk, Sugar, Cannabis, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Marshmallows

Strain: Hybrid

Strength: 150mg THC

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53 reviews for Canna Cocoa Mix (MOTA) – THC

  1. Let’s Party

    I only need 50mg so I split the packs into three and adding additional hot chocolate mix does the trick. I add it to hot milk at night and I sleep like a baby so works for me. Doesn’t make me sleep longer (I wish) but puts me to sleep faster with less medications at night so that is a plus..

  2. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    As always, I love this at night time to pair with my sleeping pills etc
    I divide the packages up into three servings 50mg each mixed with some additional hot chocolate mix so creamy and tasty.
    The last hot chocolate mix added to this currently is a Salted Caramel mix and I am really loving that added flavour
    Will always buy these when I can

  3. Kee (verified owner)

    Obsessed with the hot chocolate. It is really rich and the high it gives is very relaxing. I love drinking this whenever it’s cold and the little marshmallows are yummy

  4. Jeff (verified owner)

    This stuff is not bad. I use 2 teaspoons, and add a different non-medicated hot chocolate to it to stretch it out a bit. The high is not strong enough to knock you on your ass if you do it this way, but if you want it stronger than that you can always just use more. Personally I think using the whole thing at once is wasteful for my needs, so 2 teaspoons is fine for me at the end of the day if I’m just trying to chill and get some rest! Would order this again if it goes on sale, it’s fun.

  5. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    Every month been buying these to mix in with regular hot chocolate. I only need 50mg so I split the packs into three and adding additional hot chocolate mix does the trick. I add it to hot milk at night and I sleep like a baby so works for me. Doesn’t make me sleep longer (I wish) but puts me to sleep faster with less medications at night so that is a plus.

  6. Jess (verified owner)

    I had some hash hot chocolate at my work over the winter, and it was soooo yummy so i thought this would be a good substitute. Nope. I tastes very heavily of weed, I can usually tolerate it but this was too much. I had to block my nose with every sip and force myself to drink it. Marshmallows were a cute touch, but not delicious. Usually enjoy Mota products but gonna steer clear of this one in the future

  7. Smac (verified owner)

    Usually these hot chocolates are the bomb, like the best hot chocolate i’ve ever tasted until the last order
    this pack had a very strong weed taste and the marshmallows were stale

  8. Dylan (verified owner)

    This hot chocolate was amazing! I took the whole package and I felt like I was floating, the high from this is great for lazy days. The next time I order I will definitely buy a couple of these!

  9. Gustavthewondercat (verified owner)

    I am so in love with ease. I don’t work so I start my morning with a half a bag and I top it off with a normal real chocolates it’s a nice big glass and I take the dog for a walk and it is the perfect, chill, just takes the edge off it is and it’s delicious. I had a hot chocolate party once I’m out a few of us over and everybody loved them. And they even come a little mini marshmallows which is awesome. I’ll always top mine off it’s just a swig of milk to cool it down so I can get on it right away.

  10. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    will for sure be ordering more of these as I can. Been mixing them with regular hot chocolate (I love mine really thick and creamy) so I also had a scoop of ice cream in it after making it. Cools it down and added creamy texture. I divide it into three of four servings as I don’t need much.

  11. Smac (verified owner)

    Usually these are a winter purchase for me but there is something great about one of these deliciously rich and chocolatey hot drinks on a rainy May afternoon.

  12. Nicki (verified owner)

    I used the entire pack in one awesome hot chocolate to cozy in and relax on a cold night and wow! It tasted great and worked better than I expected. I’ve now received my 2nd order and looking forward to experimenting with morning coffee and other concoctions. Just wish it cost a little less. Great product!

  13. AliceD (verified owner)

    I thought it had great taste, better than expected for sure. And it definitely hit home. Made the mistake of making only one cup haha I think it might be better to split it into two.

  14. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Excellent produit au goût et les effets sont vraiment relaxants. Un sommeil profond, réparateur et moins d’angoisse. J’aime vraiment et il est certain que je vais en recommandé!!!! 😋

  15. EDCF (verified owner)

    I love a good hot chocolate, especially when it comes with such a great kick! We’ve been splitting the hot cocoa up, mixing it with other packets of hot cocoa for regular use but we have another full package that we’re saving for when we want to dose the whole bag! 🙂

  16. Snailia (verified owner)

    Love these hot chocolate packs! You can take half for a more mellow high or the whole thing for a bit more kick, but overall it’s a cozy & chill high. Perfect for winter nights!

  17. Peggy Sue (verified owner)

    Surprisingly good. You can taste a bit of cannabis in it but it really does give you a good buzz. I have tried some other flavour beverages from budmail and this is one of my favourites.

  18. Smac (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE these! Really enjoyable product. Tastes delicious and the effects are what is to be expected from a Mota edible product. I order these with every purchase.

  19. Fugen (verified owner)

    This Stuff was really as good as I hoped it would be! Great taste and the perfect effects every cup. A bit of CBD with this is the perfect night cap!

  20. Luckhouse (verified owner)

    Love the flavour. Enjoyed my first drink experience. Decent high. Would recommend for some starting out on drinkables to start slow. 150mg wasn’t bad.

  21. BANA56 (verified owner)

    This is a really enjoyable product here. Tastes delicious and the effects are what is to be expected from a Mota edible product. I will be getting this again for colder months!

  22. Sharebear (verified owner)

    Great product. I would recommend these to everyone. Not over powering taste. I just add 2 tablespoons to my morning coffee and I have a weed infused mocha.

  23. Shorty (verified owner)

    Love love love these
    Great in your morning coffee
    Just a little buzz and that’s all it takes
    Great price and a treat
    Way to go, would recommend you try these

  24. AmiisAwesome (verified owner)

    Taste was great , loved the little marshmallows for sure I took half a pack at a time was nice and mellow. The weed taste wasn’t overpowering but you could taste it.
    I smoke so much so I don’t have a great gauge but I will definitely purchase again

  25. sydney (verified owner)

    This is a lovely cup of cocoa and doesn’t taste too gross, as many edibles do. I enjoyed this drink. Thanks, Budmail, for providing consistently high quality products.

  26. Cody (verified owner)

    High THC content for the serving which is good if you’re looking for a more potent dose. Me and my girlfriend had one together and tasted so good! Would buy again.

  27. Surfia (verified owner)

    “The warm beverage that touched my soul” this is what my husband told me 25 min after we drank the marvelous chocolate beverage from heaven!! We added a bit of milk chocolate powder just to top it off! 🙂

  28. Jzed (verified owner)

    Great taste .. great buzz … awesome when these go on sale and can stock up before winter … nice and discreet .. not a super heavy dose just a feel good ..

  29. Weatheredbrink (verified owner)

    Nice chocolate taste and added marshmellows! Provides a nice high that acts quickly and relieves pain and anxiety. I would definitely recommend this product.

  30. Smac (verified owner)

    absolutely LOVE this product
    It is very chocolatey but I like it that way
    I’ve learned to add 1 & 1/2 cups milk to it then I can share the enjoyment

  31. Slim_jr (verified owner)

    Not a big chocolate fan but, I definitely enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate. This stuff tastes delicious and gives a pretty good buzz. The more you put in the stronger it is yum.

  32. Ash (verified owner)

    Not an every day smoker but I took the whole pack and enjoyed the high! Taste was also really great, you can honestly go with or without milk. Definitely recommend

  33. Rachpuffs (verified owner)

    It tasted amazing but it’s more of a sleepy high rather than giggly and exciting. I wish it came with more of it in the package, was expecting there to be more to be honest.

  34. Darzbudz (verified owner)

    One of my favourites. Split it between my girlfriend and I. I have a higher tolerance and it gives me a nice buzz but knocks her on her butt. The tase is also great!

  35. NotaDisneyPrincess (verified owner)

    Tasty and great for a cold night cap. Stir it really well or you’ll end up with really potent finish. Good with or without milk. Even tastes good in a Yeti haha

  36. Ash (verified owner)

    I bought these for my friend. He smokes and does edibles regularly. He said the the taste was fantastic, but the high was quite weak. He took the whole pack. He really liked it though!

  37. Smac (verified owner)

    Taste amazing!! It was so delicious I didn’t even share. Then it knocked me on my ass but only after having a great laugh fest.
    I love that it comes with marshmallows.

  38. Stef (verified owner)

    This product taste great. The hot chocolate I mix with other hot chocolate mix and makes the product last a while. The marshmallows are a nice added touch.

  39. B (verified owner)

    Great on a chilly fall day or during a snow storm. Tastes delicious and gets you pretty toasty. High was pretty good, didn’t last as long for me but possibly due to my own tolerances.

  40. BenDc2R (verified owner)

    Had this recently and during Christmas time which was a perfect beverage for the holidays. Mixed with hot milk, the beverage tasted absolutely amazing and the high followed with a great time! Will purchase again!

  41. Ln8 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite products. I like to make a hot chocolate before bed, I use 1/3 pack with boiling water and sometimes I add milk too. For some reason I find this beverage easier to manage dosing than edibles, I believe you feel the effects sooner so you know how much to drink. I’m fairly light weight, more into the vape pens than edibles, drinking 1/3 pack before bed gives me a nice manageable chill high.

  42. Trav (verified owner)

    Love the product, it’s just too bad it’s so expensive. Probably wont order again cause there are other beverage products to get into.

    It was an average high, no directions on label how to mix anything so I had to dump all contents out and measure how many teaspoons, then divided total mg of thc in package by amount of teaspoons (roughly 14 tsp)

  43. Fat Jesus (verified owner)

    Good product even if it is a little bit one the expensive side. Other than that, it was easy to use, disolves well and tasted great ! The effects were also very pleasant. I definitely recommend as a treat anytime

  44. Killsitch (verified owner)

    The taste of the product is delicious! I found it had little to no head buzz but found myself feeling very mellow and soon after I was fast asleep both times I tested this product. Over all I’d recommend for a nice night at home when you need to relax and get a good nights sleep

  45. snicklefritz (verified owner)

    Taste is amazing, a bit sweet i would say. Might try to mix with a bit more than a cup of milk next time. Effects were not overpowering felt very relaxed, great for nights in. I will likely re order this soon

  46. Slednorth (verified owner)

    Taste is excellent, chocolate taste is smooth with hardly any cbd taste. Gives a great relaxing body high with a light head buzz. Great for an evening sip then off to bed. Will reorder!

  47. dbnu (verified owner)

    The high was relaxing physically but did little mentally. I figured since it was 150mg THC for the whole pack, that it’d pack more punch. I honestly got a better high from two 5mg THC gumdrops, funny how varied the effects are for edibles/drinks.

    Three stars for a nice relaxing body high, but in the interest of bang for buck, I’ll not likely order this again.

  48. Val Valiant (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing! I mixed it with milk and it has been the best tasting hot chocolate I’ve had in a very long time. Very relaxing on the body, you may not get up after sitting down. Definitely will purchase again. Great for a relaxing night.

  49. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    The taste was rly rly good….I loved the fact that you could taste a little hint of THC that blends well with the taste of the actual hot chocolate. I would buy it again.

  50. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    Split this with the wife yesterday while we were out and about, and it was amazing I loved the flavor and the quality. The high was mellow and noticable

  51. Froglady (verified owner)

    Ok so this was the gem in my treasure box, loved , loved, loved the hot chocolate, we mixed it with 2cups of warm milk and had a great Saturday morning.

  52. kitty

    Great taste, real marshmallows. Def mix with milk. Hits fast and is plenty for 2 cups (next one is going with 2.5 cups of milk). Recommend!.

  53. Blowinblunts365

    Good tasting hot chocolate for a cold night. Not overpowering but enough to mellow you out n have a good sleep.

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