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Cannalean THC Infused Syrup (Vancity Labs) – 1000mg


1000mg Nano-Enhanced THC

10 Servings Per Bottle (100mg THC / 10ml of syrup)


Product Description

Vancity Labs’ Cannalean is a THC infused syrup with 1000mg total THC dosage. The syrup is designed for nano-enhanced delivery. Suggested to have a total of 10 servings (100mg THC / 10ml of syrup).

You can feel the difference with a scientifically proven formula that works! Be careful though. The effects are much stronger than regular edibles. Don’t need to be a hero, not all heroes can guzzle 100mg.

Best served in Sprite.

55 reviews for Cannalean THC Infused Syrup (Vancity Labs) – 1000mg

  1. Samwow (verified owner)

    I bought after seeing the reviews about how much you get for the price, and it’s true. I tried maybe half a teaspoon to see what I’m dealing with and it exceeds expectations. It will last a while. I had it without mixing with anything and it tastes good!

  2. Danler (verified owner)

    This stuff, is incredible. Words cannot describe how good it is, and the amount you get for the price. I smoke daily, and the thought of taking the recommended 10ml is absolutely insane to me haha. I started with maybe 4ml to just see if I can squeeze more servings out of it. If I tried 10ml I think I’d be vacuuming my driveway. Will order over and over again (cherry into sprite and throw it back like a shot)

  3. edibleconnoisseur (verified owner)

    Amazing value, delicious flavours! I used a 1/2 tsp of the watermelon in some bubly water and it was a perfect relaxing high! Light watermelon flavour in a drink and also not terrible straight down as syrup!

  4. Funkæ (verified owner)

    This stuff is delicious and it works great! I enjoy making watermelon flavored sprite. It has to be one of my favorite edibles because of the flavor in all honesty. Very cool👍

  5. Mac (verified owner)

    The first few times I was getting blue raspberry which was delicious but that last time it tasted off, couldn’t tell if it was that or my tastebuds. So this time around I bought grape and OMG its super delicious!! It tastes like the purple popsicle I had as a kid, so juicy.

  6. Mean Green (verified owner)

    I usually need about 400 mg of edibles to get a decent buzz but only 350 mg worth of this syrup and i was very high with sore eyes and i passed out and slept for 12 hours. not complaining, it was powerful and good for sleep. Also best price per mg of THC for edibles by far. Mix in a smoothy as a sweetener substitute. I buy it all the time now for my girlfriends spine pain due to medical reasons. She says its the only thing that really stops the pain and lets her get better sleep. thank you cannalean and Budmail.

  7. PieGuy69 (verified owner)

    This shit is next level. Just don’t do like my friend and think your super solid and drink half the bottle because you’re gonna be lying in bed thinking you’re dying for the next few hours 🤣

  8. biblyboo (verified owner)

    This stuff is strong, i took about 200mg and it kicked in around 15 minutes after taking it, i recommend taking a lower dose as it it really strong shit

  9. Will London (verified owner)

    This a great product but be careful how much you use. You can put it into any drink and once you have consumed it, within 15 – 20 minutes the buzz comes on. Highly recommend.

  10. logicbud (verified owner)

    I was disappointed with the packaging, the bottle shipped with the safety seal broken and the syrup spilled out in the package. As a result I was unable to try the product. Budmail was great, they issued me a refund and I purchased other edibles instead.

  11. GPTO (verified owner)

    pretty fucking epic , dosed a regular dose , was so high i changed dimension.for real this is very potent , i recommend very nice price for the high you will get.

  12. Hanging in the GTA (verified owner)

    I bought the unflavoured variety to add to any beverage. No weedy taste. no weird aftertaste . It does pack a punch. Definitely great for travelling. I usually make my own

  13. Hanging in the GTA (verified owner)

    These are great for adding to beverages it mixes really well and pack’s quite a punch. I chose the unflavoured so that I could use it in any beverage.

  14. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    I took 400mg & NOTHING happened. I am soooo disappointed. I’m in extreme pain & this was my last hope, too. The blue rasp flavour was AMAZING though.

  15. Kreativity (verified owner)

    Great juice , really potent , but will make you sleep so well , biggest thing is to start really slow and wait for the kick in. Already order quite a few and still one of my favorite.

  16. sirius (verified owner)

    obsessed with these, truly an instant favourite. i usually take around 20ml (200mg) every time, it’s super potent and gives me a reliable long-lasting high. i can take it any time of the day and haven’t been too sleepy in the morning but boy have i also been sleeping well on it. have been mostly using the watermelon one and diluting it with sparkling water because it is VERY sweet, but excited to try other flavours as well as the unflavoured one to make a bunch of drinks. it’s even more perfect as there is no chance of melting in the mail with this one !

  17. Josh (verified owner)

    This is my go to edible product. Nice and potent with a buzz that kicks in fairly quickly compared to other edibles and being a syrup extremely easy to consume. I have tried most of the flavours but tend to stick with the unflavoured.

  18. Magicbearsentme (verified owner)

    Heavy hitter, comes on fast. Syrup is very, very sweet — even if unflavoured. *Definitely* recommend cutting it with water, sparkling water, or some other dilutor (as recommended in the listing). Be careful your first time trying this — it’s super potent, and it also may result in a savage hangover! 😀

  19. Spacecaseface (verified owner)

    Woah woah, do not take too much! My kidneys were hurting after glugging this syrup but wow, what a product to take a taste of. Use responsibly, cannalean is a fun time

  20. Gabe (verified owner)

    So.. I do really like this. It’s great to mix into a drink or take as a shot. It has a good high. Does make me pretty sleepy. My only issue and this is a me thing, not necessarily a product thing, but good to know depending on what you’re looking for: it is not something you should take a lot of. The taste is way too much if you’re using a lot of it, particularly the sugary part of the taste. I need a lot to get high, but I’d really recommend not going over 100mg when you use it.

  21. MH (verified owner)

    It was my first time ever trying weed that way. I really enjoyed the experience. Be careful with the dosage, that little bottle is strong!! Will def rebuy

  22. Bobby (verified owner)

    My wife loves it and uses it to help her sleep. Will continue to purchase! The flavour we usually buy is Grape and she seems to prefer this flavour. A mix with soda or juice seems to work well.

  23. Nat (verified owner)

    The flavour I got tastes like maple syrup mixed with weed (I got blue rasperry) and didn’t seem to be very potent. Not a bad product but I wouldn’t concern myself with flavours

  24. J4y (verified owner)

    Amazing taste specially the flavourless one. Gets the job done and very potent. Every teaspoon I’ve had it had shown its effects. Thanks again budmail. Would definitely recommend.

  25. Hans (verified owner)

    Really good value and high potency. Roughly 1 tablespoon is 100mg.

    I mix it with pop every time, usually pepsi or jarritos but you can make any cocktail into a cannabis drink with this stuff. Just mix the drink without alcohol and had however many MG of thc you want.

    Even a 100mg dose in a standard can of pop won’t even affect the taste much. It’s a game changer for me.

  26. J4y (verified owner)

    Good for parties or evening chill vibes. Had 2 tea spoon every 2 hour, in total 3 doses and affects been lasting. Even next day waking up without smoking or anything I started getting my high back lol. 💯 recommend.

  27. Amanda (verified owner)

    These gave me an awesome, long-lasting high that hit fairly fast, but I have to take at least one star away because YUCKKKKKKK – I can hardly stand the taste. I chug lots of water after and get it down and it’s worth it for the pick-me-up!

  28. Kitskat (verified owner)

    This syrup is quite potent, I really liked it. The taste kind of reminded me of cough syrup but not as bad, I wish it tasted a bit better, I got grape. I’ll definitely buy this again. This is my new favorite.

  29. bradd (verified owner)

    Incredible value. I got the unflavored type and the taste is barely noticeable, even in water. I do find it hits faster than usual, but still has a nice come up period. Effects are as expected, so the syrup is definitely well made and evenly dosed. I find 20mg is a good dose for a lightweight like me for a strong buzz and a nice sleep. Not sure when I’ll try a 50-100mg dose since my tolerance isn’t high, but keep stocking this stuff and I’m sure I will eventually. Only on my second bottle so far. Really hope this stays in stock for a long time, because I will definitely keep reordering for as long as it’s available.

  30. Jake (verified owner)

    Tread carefully lol this is no joke, I tried blue raspberry it was decent in sprite I’d prob try grape or cherry next time, very potent we’ll packaged

  31. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    Edibles don’t usually do anything crazy to me unless I’m high doses but this did the trick. 100mg had me chilling real nice. Flavour is pretty good too, thx BM!

  32. chaz (verified owner)

    good product, got me absolutely faded off of 200mg, not purple unfortunately which would’ve made it more authentic, but great amount of thc for the price

  33. GRsmoke (verified owner)

    Very potent edible. Would make a great gift for those who can handle its strength. I preferred mixing it with water as opposed to sprite or anything fizzy.

  34. Burnout (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I do a 5ml dose and it gets me feeling great. Hits faster than other edibles and at 5ml doesn’t turn me into a complete zombie but still keeps me glued to the couch with a really even buzz. I ordered another bottle of blue raspberry and will definitely order more in the future.

  35. Habibi (verified owner)

    Ended up going with the grape flavor and mixing it with sprite, this stuff was very strong compared to other edibles just sipped it slow and enjoyed a whole day with a nice steady high. You can also just pour it into a spoon and take it that way measuring with the label on the side.

  36. Bricky (verified owner)

    Ordered it for the first time. Boy am I impressed by thre quality. For a higher tolerance fro smoking good bud this does the trick in a big way. Easy to measure but I will say for moderate to beginner smokers be careful. It hits pretty fast and hard in good way. Loved it will buying that instead of gummies. Great product highly recommend it.

  37. TransientHobo (verified owner)

    Purchased the watermelon and blue raspberry a fair few times since they’ve been offered. Consistently great quality and high. Very easy to get a pretty accurate dosage, which is nice. Will definitely purchase again, without hesitation.

  38. Herbivore (verified owner)

    Purchased the cherry-flavoured one (but… who cares about the taste?) on several occasions over several months. Quality/intensity have been consistently high. 2 shallow teaspoons (= around 1 of 13 servings, ~75 mg) take around 40-60 minutes to sneak up on you. This is potent stuff; maybe because it’s in liquid form, but when it hits you, it hits you hard. This is my new favourite go-to for a deep experience.

  39. Steph.m.wells89 (verified owner)

    Most edibles are not strong enough… this one is! I really enjoyed mixing it with sprite. I don’t drink alcohol so this is my kinda drink. A bit too sweet to drink straight. Great value for the price.

  40. Jesterthewrestler (verified owner)

    Will always be my favorite product. Tasty, hits hard, got plenty of volume to go with it. Also eating loads of candy can get boring quickly, this is the way to go.

  41. J.T (verified owner)

    Hits fast, lots of volume, and discreet. Honestly probably the best product I’ve ever had since its just providing so much at once and with my tolerance it can get me by a few weeks.

  42. Serval (verified owner)

    I looooove the effects of this syrup. It hits like a truck. I pour out a tablespoon and in about 30 minutes I’m on another planet. Really amazing product. The only reason I give 4 stars might be unfair, but I just personally don’t really like the taste and consistency of the syrup, but that’s on me. I still heartily recommend it for experienced cannabis users (might be a little much for people with lower tolerances…). Thanks BM!

  43. Vedel (verified owner)

    This is a party in a bottle, it’s a wild ride so strap in and cancel your calls. Hits HARD so be ready and aware, probably not a good one to be out in public with. Get some snacks and find a couch. Will order again.

  44. j-$ (verified owner)

    amazing product. i had searched for a while for N edible that didn’t involve having to consume a lot of it to feel the effects and this is that exact thing. i don’t get any other edibles now!

  45. Jeff (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this 3 times and the verdict is that it’s pretty good. The taste isn’t bad, no bitterness or weed taste at all, only syrup. The high is pretty good, and I don’t even need that much. The only negative thing I have to say is that it doesn’t seem to hit me as quickly as advertised. Takes me about the same amount of time as any other edible not advertised as fast acting, which is not a dealbreaker, but just something to note if that’s why you’re buying it. Overall, I would definitely buy this again. Seems like good value for your money compared to other edibles (I could see this one lasting me a fairly long time).

  46. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    I was surprised about this product. Not only the taste was good (Blue Raspberry) but the ability to totally control on how much I want for each drink I add it to is a major bonus. I like the flavour but I love the ability to control the dosage. So far bought twice and will continue to do so.

  47. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure I was going to like this product but willing to try. It exceeded any expectations I had. The taste was good as I added it to some 7 up and called it my Romanian ale (not sure on spelling) Blue Raspberry came out just like in the movies of Star Trek. The ability to measure how much you actually want is great no cutting up chocolates etc. It is also nice as you can take your time in drinking a beverage for what ever strength you want unlike chocolate that is gone in an instant. For sure I will get more when I can …after I ask how long the shelf life is for it. Child proof caps are also senior proof as well, just so you know, it would be nice if there was an option on that as it was not easy to open up.

  48. B (verified owner)

    Great product works well and mixes well. Tastes great

    Would be amazing if you could easily measure with the bottle. A clear part of the bottle or the cap being a doseage size would go above and beyond IMO and earn the 5th star.

  49. TheChronic (verified owner)

    Cannalean is an amazing product for an excellent price. I simply mix 100mg with a soft drink and the effects are noticeable rather quicky. I will be buying some on a regular basis.

  50. Hazel (verified owner)

    I’m taking away a star because the bottle we got must’ve been defective or something. It was nearly impossible to get the cap off. We had to use a knife and our teeth to finally get the bottle open. After it was open and consumed, it was great. Very strong and hits fast. Drank it with sprite. Will definitely reorder and hopefully get an easier bottle to open.

  51. C_baer (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite edible it’s cheap and strong and by far a superior buy and bang for the buck gotta say these syrups are effing decent and I will buy more

  52. M900mwk (verified owner)

    Fine taste, not too cannabissy and a strong measured hit. Very nice. Perfect for elderly parents and non smokers for pain and general well-being. I believe of all the edibles I’ve used, this appears to be the most standardized and equal way to get the same results each dose. Need more of this in the marketplace.

  53. ZigZagCOCORICO (verified owner)

    This product is new for me but i really like the flavor/taste the buzz kicks in quickly and gets the job nicley done definatly ordering again when i got no more 🙂 thanks BM

  54. Swazi King (verified owner)

    This is fantastic value. It tastes fine (no weed taste), but it hits hard and fast as advertised. This is a must have for anyone who likes their edibles strong and has a high tolerance.

  55. CarRam Rod (verified owner)

    Got the blue raspberry. Took approx 14ml or a 140mg. 200mg normally is my usual. The taste was pretty solid. Smooth and no gross after taste. Right around 30 mins I started to feel the the high coming on. Definitely a fast hitter love it. Instant favorite!

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