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Black Peaches and Cream Cube (MOTA) – THC


1800 mg of THC per bar

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Product Description

1800 MG THC

Mota Black Peaches and Cream THC White Chocolate Cube. Delicious White Chocolate with Peaches and Cream. Great for patients looking for a high dose, discreet, and convenient edible option. Made with THC distillate and easily divided into nine, 200mg pieces. This chocolate cube really packs a punch.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa powder, THC distillate, Whey protein powder, Whole milk powder, Soy lecithin, Organic dried peaches

Store in a safe manner away from children and pets

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive a melted Mota Peaches and Cream Cube please chat with an agent.

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10 reviews for Black Peaches and Cream Cube (MOTA) – THC

  1. MH (verified owner)

    Good value for the price, one square (200mg) was enough for me. Taste veryyy good!! Also I would suggest to order this product when the weather is not too hot.

  2. TransientHobo (verified owner)

    Good, strong high. Not big on the flavour but that’s subjective. Good amount for the cost. Would approach cautiously, feels stronger in effect than your standard edible.

  3. Swazi King (verified owner)

    Gives you that nice, strong high you are looking for! One square is a nice time, but two squares is a great time! This is good value for the THC to dollar ratio.

  4. SH (verified owner)

    One square of this works perfect for me. I have a higher tolerance, not for beginners. Have been using for a while now. Only complaint, the taste is awful, in my opinion.

  5. Notme (verified owner)

    I usually eat 100 mg edibles so I started with half a square. when it kicked in, my heart started racing and I greened out shortly after. i’ve never reacted to edibles like this before, worst experience ever.

  6. C_baer (verified owner)

    I get these all the time they Pck best punch for your buck really good product when I get them I usually buy 4 to 5 at a time and then they last me couple montha

  7. Swelter (verified owner)

    I must be the highest tolerant person on the planet with edibles, but ate 2 squares (200mg/each) and was just meh. I don’t think peaches and cream is my favorite flavor either but first miss for me from Mota.

  8. MrsRocco (verified owner)

    These are potent and you get a very nice buzz with 1 square. Prefer the taste of the 900mg Mota Black Cherry Cube but hey, can’t have everything you want! Another excellent product, Budmail!

  9. Yvil (verified owner)

    Very tasty! I cut the squares in half and that’s enough to get me high. This is the most THC for the price on this website. I will surely buy this again!

  10. Ghouls (verified owner)

    Definitely meant for people who are experienced with edibles! Tastes amazing was hard not to eat the whole thing but as someone who typically cannot get high off edibles 2 squares had me flying… I only recommend starting with one square or even half if you are someone who doesn’t have an issue getting an edible high.

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