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Pressed Hash – Domestic Afghani


Pressed Hash
This hash is made with modern hash-making methods, and is free of impurities, fillers, binders, etc. It is the next generation of Afghani hash.

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Product Description

Made in Canada, with the Afghani strain

This Domestic Afghani hash is more potent than our imported Afghani hash. It is also 100% organic, and a full indica.

The producer of this hash brought back a few seeds of the Afghani weed strain from a trip to Afghanistan several years ago. He always liked Afghani hash, but often found it to be full of impurities and lacking in potency.

This hash is made with modern hash-making methods, and is free of impurities, fillers, binders, etc. It is the next generation of Afghani hash.

Super smooth, lazy smoke with no burnout. Traditional Afghani smell and taste. A modern twist on a classic favorite!

411 reviews for Pressed Hash – Domestic Afghani

  1. Shredder (verified owner)

    This has been my go to for a few years now. Aroma, taste and potency are fantastic and it is easy to work with for rolling. Burns clean and never disappoints.

  2. fjoergyn23 (verified owner)

    Look: Typical haschich appearance, darker on the outside, lighter brown inside. Really sticky, but not oily and pretty malleable. Perfect if you want to make hash worms in your joint. You can easily roll it into a ball too.

    Aromas: Earthy, Herbal, Spicy. After a long time curing in a little mason jar, a sweet citrus notes developed to the aforementioned aromas. This isn’t a smell that is going to fill up your room. A gentle light perfume but still present. I can smoke this hash in my apartment, as it doesn’t leave any noticeable smell, almost like incense, but definitely not a weed smell, which is a big advantage.

    Taste: A shovel of earth at the inhale and a robust deep pepper spice at the exhale. I can detect some fuel/diesel flavors from time to time. However, upon exhaling, it grabs me at the back of the throat and makes me choke, but not in a negative way. Does that to me with potent stuff. Leaves a creamy chocolatey taste on my lips that lingers for a long while. Delicious.

    High: Relaxing, Calming, Focused, Body-High, Tingly, Euphoric and a bit Giggly. Gave me the munchies really bad. Doesn’t make my heart race nor my mind, which is a plus. The effects are insidious, you don’t feel particularly high but you are. They are long-lasting tough. Chill and mellow effects overall, typical of afghan hash. When I overindulge, it causes me anxiety, but as I said previously, my mind isn’t racing and my heart rate is way lower than what it would be on flowers.

    Ash: Mostly white.

    This is a really great product. I am a light smoker and a little goes a long way! I am eager to try some hash with CBD when available in a near future.

  3. derelict (verified owner)

    This hash never disappoints. Nice and soft , gooey and tasty. Love this alone in a bong. Nice combination of head/body stone. Of the varieties that I have tried, this is my favourite.

  4. Judmode (verified owner)

    The very best, super potent, super taste, definitly my favourite. i have try the import edition but i prefer this one way more. Very soft and burn just well.

  5. Ldubz (verified owner)

    No complaints here. Smokes nice and smooth. Great addiction to joints or alone in a bowl . Bit sticky and soft so slightly more difficult to work with. Would defintely buy again

  6. CrusherBoy (verified owner)

    This is a good one, although some of the imports are decent and bubble hash are pretty good.. Domestic Afghani will be on the top of my favorites. Great for chronic pain as it’s very relaxing.

  7. Fireflower (verified owner)

    great flavour, smooth and tasty smoke with good potency. Texture is proper sticky and lovely to handle
    Potency- 7.9/10
    Flavour- 8/10
    Effects- 8/10

  8. Hett (verified owner)

    Of all the hash available these days online I will continue to order this hash as part of my “hash on hand” so to speak. Been ordering this since it first came on the scene , highly recommended

  9. AH (verified owner)

    The quality is back!

    I was concerned about reviews of the last batch and contacted Budmail.
    They told me to hold off on buying the reduced price Domestic Pressed Afghani and to wait for the next batch.

    A month or so later they contacted me telling me the new batch was coming and that it would be in the ballpark.

    I asked that they test it for potency and they said they would. I ordered ahead because I felt assured.

    Of the three good batches I have had this places well above average for potency. For complexity at the mid range. I obtained an ounce and am very very glad I did!

    At first inhale I pegged the potency at 45% to 50%. But when I realized how small the hit was I guessed it was higher than that (a little goes a very long way)

    I just chatted with Olivia at Budmail and she informed me the test came back at 60%! That sounds about right to me 🙂

    It is more potent than lab tested King Crown at Cheebas and much more importantly, much more complex.

    I hope they post the test results under the lab tab for the DPA (Domestic Pressed Afghani) as it shows all of us they are standing behind their product long term.

  10. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    Bought for my bf, I’m not a hash person. It’s dark brown, squishy but crumbly at the same time. It smells good and tastes like hash, I tried it for the review and he likes it. Reminds me of stuff I saw around in the late 90s/early 00s. Packaged in parchment in a bag, a nice touch. We’ve gotten hash stuck in bags that we had to rip the bag apart the get out lol. Got 2 1g bags and both were a few points overweight.

  11. JokerDude (verified owner)

    Again received a terrible batch. Last review a month ago was negative but never got posted. Hmmmmm.

    1 star for product quality.
    3 stars for refund in the form of points.

  12. InukHash (verified owner)

    Once in a long while, a batch goes wrong. Be it very hard rock hash, uncommon colour, weak/no high, under weight or weird smell. But I havent received one of those in almost 2 years, so it has been good. It is very good for sleeping and eating. Watching TV, streaming TV. Playing games, this is good for doing pretty much anything. Keep up the good work!!!👍👍👍

  13. Eatmyswiss (verified owner)

    I have to agree with the last review they must all weight around 3.1 same thing sticky black happy I didn’t get the 4×3.5 I didn’t ask for anything back but I guess they should look into that last batch not great and the high is not there like last month I would wait sadly

  14. Brdcrr (verified owner)

    Was super happy to see this was still on the menu. Last had this about 5 years ago and had many batches up until then. Immediately that smell when I opened it took me back and I knew it was the same product. Classic Afghani effects. Was sticky but I just worked it a bit for a few minutes and rolled it into a ball like I do with most of my hash and it was fine. Recommended.

  15. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    I can’t belive I received less than 3.5 grams. It was 3.18 when I scaled it but island pink bubble hash was exactly 3.5 grams. I always scale them when I open it first time. I ask to get my 0.32 on my next order but they wouldn’t let me, instead they gave me $10 worth of points which I don’t want. Also it was alot lower quality then last batch, all black and oily(showing some separation on oil and the material) not black outside reddish to brownish inside which I like it better. The quality should always be on point because every month is always different.

  16. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    Can’t believe I’ve never tried just hash before, but here we are. And, I love. Better than concentrates. I don’t have a reason to use actual flower, now. My tolerance is wicked high, so this stuff hits right. Just the littlest bit goes far and long, so you’re not going through product quickly. Also, it doesn’t stink up the place. Excellent buzz. Perfect addition to my evening wind-down.

    Many thanks.

  17. Flin floner (verified owner)

    Can never go wrong buying the domestic afghan still has that classic taste it did 8 years ago and hits harder then a speeding train! Nice and sticky and malleable! Thanks budmail!

  18. Luke (verified owner)

    Decent hash for the price, a bit harsh but thats to be expected with hash I guess. Breaks up nicely and burns nice and slow when mixed with some sticky bud.

  19. Eatmyswiss (verified owner)

    After a few years without hash man this is so good it’s my new to go with all next purchase taste great not to hard not to soft next time will get more 😜

  20. BwBeat (verified owner)

    I have to say this is the finest hash I have ever smoked. Clear mystic high with no burn out. I spent lockdown doing a world hash tour and, with respects to the good folks of Morocco and Nepal, this stuff is the best. Much respect to the alchemists who make it.

  21. KronStar (verified owner)

    I’m not sure how this is indica hash. I’m dissapointed because I feel like got different hash then usual, maybe just varying between batches. I double checked the reviews I swear I left a positive review in the past but cant find it.

  22. Shwizzy (verified owner)

    This hash is off the hook ,some of my favourite, good consistently between batches. If your looking to get high look no further , plus this stuff is domestic

  23. Chong (verified owner)

    Hey folks chong here,happy New Years to everyone I ordered this hash a week ago just got it now and the smell took me back to the late 1980s and the prairies Wherethere was nothing but Romeo and Juliet black hash, that shit knocked your socks off man Juliet was the best by 2 points and Romeo was just a bit more mellow but still not something you smoked to work on man lol,anyways I smoked 4 blasts today man and holy shit hmmmmhm ,,,What was saying ….oh ya lol this shits right up there man, hey if romeo and juliet had a baby this would be it ,been smoking dope everyday all my teen to adult life man and I give this hash 5 bongs up man , best hash ever since 1989 thanks man ! Finally! Oh ya cheech passed out after 3 hits man and 2 tacos hmmmm ! Peace out man !

  24. trysite (verified owner)

    Different graphics on the packaging this time but this hash doesn’t seem to change. The consistency is surprisingly always the same… perhaps my new ‘go to’. For the price, this is a lovely add on to the cart.

  25. trysite (verified owner)

    Not much of a hash smoker, I have my favorites! Maroc is usually my ‘go to’ but was quite disappointed with my last order (see review). This pressed Afghani is really nice… easy to work with, tastes smooth, burns nicely and the effects are rewarding.

  26. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    I like this better than original Afghani that came from Afghanistan because more potent, more terpenes and less impurities. First one got it as 3.5gs and 3 single grams and they were differences 3.5gs was drier and more potent. Tried this first time more then a decade ago . Very good on low temp hotknives. It can be more potent if using premier buds.

  27. Dylan (verified owner)

    Picked up 2gs of this has recently and was surprised. This was my first time trying to smoke hash and I really enjoyed this afghan. It was squishy and had a sweet taste when smoked in my pipe, the high was great (felt like I was floating lol).

  28. Shawn204 (verified owner)

    The hash had a nice aroma and was very pliable.
    I found the high a little light but that could be due to my preference.
    Overall, it’s a good product.

  29. WilliamP (verified owner)

    This is some of the best hash I’ve had hands down, its even good enough for my old-school hash-only friends who swear whatever they get its not like it used to be

  30. Jez (verified owner)

    Clean solid hash. Pretty crumbly and sticky without needing to be melted first, burns and smokes well. Smooth taste, and the portion I got was cut nicely. Would buy again.

  31. InukHash (verified owner)

    It is its usual good old fashioned goodness. Because of the consistent quality, only reviewing once in a while for me is enough. Success rate for this product in my 6 years of ordering has been about 92%. Excellent for a period of time, not short lived. The pressed bubble hashes have been a hit as well. Domestic made seems to be for me. Good continued work, people!!! I hope all in BC can be safe with the fires going on.

  32. Shwizzy (verified owner)

    Man this stuff is good. Hands down some of the most potent and smooth hash I’ve had in years. Really reminds me of imported Moroccan hash more then anything in texture , look and the way it breaks up so easily. Will definitely purchase again A++

  33. Fugen (verified owner)

    I can say 100% I’ve never been let down by this hash! I’ve tried a lot of the varieties here on the site and for consistency and quality this stuff is a lock!

  34. Do-you-dab? (verified owner)

    Thats some damned good hash. Vaped it in a dynavap through a tiny water piece. Ive been chasing that classic hash taste, this hash has it. Very potent, very easy to work with because the consistency is basically perfect. Im not gona mess around with disappointing imports anymore. This hash is perfect.

  35. Zemr (verified owner)

    Was not expecting this to be high quality as the price was so good and it’s domestic but when I got it and tried it out I was thoroughly impressed with the taste, smell and high of this stuff!

  36. Jk (verified owner)

    I am not sure what else I can say about this hash, it’s the bomb, I love it. It is my favorite product on the site among the many they have, thanks again Budmail, great job!

  37. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Hits well. Expect all sorts of crazy. I just lay out mostly these days after sessions containing this hash, but it sure seems like this recent batch at least is good mixed with a solid indica like Purple Ayahuasca, which of itself is not too bad.

  38. Brent1966 (verified owner)

    Quality is amazing!! So glad there is regular stock again.
    This is hands the best hash i have had in years and it’s domestic! Reminds me of old school 🙂

  39. Ivanoff (verified owner)

    The best hash I ever smoked been smoking it for 7+ years by far the best hash bud mail has so clean and not harsh on the throat the buzz is heavy stone but can still function keep up the good work bud mail

  40. Fugen (verified owner)

    This is some of the best hash I’ve had hands down, its even good enough for my old-school hash-only friends who swear whatever they get its not like it used to be

  41. OU812 (verified owner)

    Have not ordered any of this amazing hash since 2018…almost forgot how great this stuff is !!! Thanks again budmail for your excellent product and service

  42. aweedbythewall (verified owner)

    First purchase, but I’m certainly making this my new go to for hash. I absolutely love it: the taste, the high, the texture. Really lovely overall experience and quality.

  43. Pharaoh (verified owner)

    Best hash out there. A little pricey but worth it. Shame it runs out so quickly from the store. I have tried a number of pressed hash but this is by far the best

  44. InukHash (verified owner)

    Even though it wasnt available half a year, when it finally came back January it was exactly the same excellent product it has always been. Ive been ordering this 6th year now, only a few times has it been lower quality. An excellent consistent product through 6 years.

  45. Jk (verified owner)

    Love this hash, nice texture great flavour and it gets you stoned every time you smoke it. I’ve been smoking it for years now and still gets me ripped like it it did the first time I smoked it. Thank you Budmail great job 👍

  46. David (verified owner)

    Nice and moist hash that mixes really well and provides a great high, Budmail always delivers quickly and accurately. Over the holidays after a two day delay they sent me some free mommies to compensate. Totally unnecessary and very much appreciated.

  47. lovecannabis (verified owner)

    Hands down the smoothest hash I’ve smoked in a longgg time. Very relaxing (always love the indica effects) and potent, burns to a white ash. 100% would purchase more.

  48. Jk (verified owner)

    Well here it is back again, I look forward to these little bad boys anytime of the day and it’s been a little bit since I could enjoy these bts. The banana punch was good hash and the pressed bubble they have now is definitely smokeable, but give me some Domestic Afghani please and thank you! Right on Budmail thanks for everything keep doing what your doing Merry Christmas

  49. Trapp (verified owner)

    My womans father said he never had hash this good since the 1980,s in Edmonton. This afgani hash right here … so if he says its good then it’s good he been smoking a long time..

  50. Chuck2388 (verified owner)

    So you know it must be High End Hash if the Reviews go all the way back to Feb 2011. Over 350+ people have tried and Reviewed. Definitely a 5 Star that gets the Job done. Just use a Topper for my Bowl of Bud.

  51. Brent1966 (verified owner)

    If you like Hash you will love this. Was hesitant to write a review because I didn’t want stock depleted (selfish I know) but then realized the more the people buy hopefully more will be consistently produced.

  52. Misfit Malice (verified owner)

    Like in the “old time” (the early 90’s). Smooth texture, great taste, perfect to relax and to smoke in a pipe. One of my daily favourite. Smell is good. I’m not sure if it’s better than the imported one (I think that it’s the contrary, but still really good). Perfect for a mellow evening without getting too overwhelmed by the buzz. And I really like the dark brown color of it.

  53. Ohioan (verified owner)

    This is my primary medicine and I feel spoiled to be able to acquire it on a regular basis. It’s been especially potent and consistent this year. Just received my order, couldn’t finish the bowl! Fantastic

  54. D.Less (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this Hash, Love this stuff it’s always good quality. The smell is excellent and so is the taste. I always make sure to grab a gram or 2. Budmail at it again with great quality products.I’d definitely recommend this to my friends n family.😉😉😉

  55. D.Less (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this Hash, it really helped me with some pain that suffer with, as it gave me a lot of relief so much so that I felt it a sense of relief flow down my legs, n other areas.I give this Hash a five star ratting.😉😉😉

  56. Tricky (verified owner)

    Loved to add this to the bud I order as a wY to mix up the smoke. it’s a gra[eat smoke without being too harsh. Sticky, with a decent crumble if I use my lighter. Recommended.

  57. Selenium Sam (verified owner)

    Catching up on my outstanding reviews. Another order of the Domestic and another 5 star review. This has to be one of the most consistent hash offerings created in Canada. It always comes through and checks off all the boxes in good value for money.

  58. Maryjane (verified owner)

    Love this stuff it’s always good quality. The smell is excellent and so is the taste. I always make sure to grab a gram or 2. Budmail at it again with great quality products.

  59. North of 60⁰ (verified owner)

    When i ordered this a while back i wasnt expecting such great quality, the smoke burned perfect with hot knives, was okay in a joint and phenomonal in a bong,

    Got it at the right play dough texture and was very happy with this hash, 10/10 would buy another half again

  60. InukHash (verified owner)

    We truly have different tastes as individuals. Some have reviewed that they like the harder consistency. But, as Ive experienced for years now that the softer this product is, the potency increases. If it is hard, potency ALWAYS suffers. Each to their own. The oz. I received was very soft👍👍👍. Excellent quality!!!! Although, havent been rewarded with review points since earlier this year.

  61. Senior (verified owner)

    This was easy to work with very fresh has great aroma the high was not that potent though. I would like it be more hard breaks up too flaky rather than powder

  62. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    I like the taste and how it affects my body …..relaxing. I don’t like soft hash prefer to shave off rather than the putty of soft. I will get again as the effect was good and helps with stress.

  63. jimbob22 (verified owner)

    Great aroma and piney taste. Kind of sticky to prep – if you have the patience let it age for about 6 months well sealed. otherwise a great recipe, and i’d buy again. cheers

  64. North of 60⁰ (verified owner)

    awesome taste, love the almost play-dough like consistency aloooot more then rock hard hash.

    Good in a joint
    Better with hotknives
    Not the best in a bong ( takes a while to light unless u have a small hand torch )

    Overall very satisfied with this hash

  65. TokingJones (verified owner)

    My little slab reeked a tremendous floral dank and was potent like I was hoping. Unfortunately it did not taste as good as it smelled or very good at all really, but still, super quality product.

  66. jimbob22 (verified owner)

    Quality as good as always. this batch was a bit sticky – not the easiest to prep as others that will flake more nicely. but all in all i enjoyed it 🙂 – keep up the good work BM

  67. Harpo (verified owner)

    It’s been a long time and what a pleasant surprise it was to experience this hash – smooth, burned well, nice taste and very nice head space Would recommend for anyone wanting to try something other than flower.

  68. Amoo (verified owner)

    Nice taste and good high does the trick will mosdef try again even tho it’s not the best hash out there will give it a eight out of ten but smoke great

  69. AndrewNL (verified owner)

    Very potent hash, malleable texture and best broken up by hand after heating lightly. If you use the technique of a handbuster to grind hash, this will gum up your grinder so avoid that for this product. Adds a great flavour to a joint and slows the burn for a longer session.

  70. Johnny (verified owner)

    Great Hash very smooth taste. Love the quality. Great mixed in a joint or on its own in a bowl.Did some Hot Knifes And Wow supper smooth Smoke, Great High! 🙂 thanks again Bud mail.

  71. Faxe (verified owner)

    This is really good quality hash. The look, smell and texture is top notch. It is very potent, provides a nice high. Nice on its own, but i like to add it to my joints to take them to another level of medicating. Thanks BM

  72. goldleaf (verified owner)

    Smooth is an understatement, beautiful smoke and ultra mellow high. Mixes well in a joint and burns nicely throughout, good press and easy to work with.

  73. Holmes (verified owner)

    Love this hash, easy to work with and gives a great relaxing body stone. With a bigger chunk I tend to put it in the fridge as it tends to get soft when it gets warmer. Goes great with a cup of coffee to start the day!

  74. Jake (verified owner)

    I tried it all, bottle tokes, hotknives, pipe bowls, and even infusing in butter (it was gross), and this hash out performed any other sticky icky ive had, cant beat the peppery hash taste that this one nails

  75. Jake (verified owner)

    Good product for the price, really at $15/g there’s no complaints, nice square arrived, easy to mold with fingers, excellent in a pipe on its own or mixed with a little flower in a jay

  76. rEVOLution (verified owner)

    My favourite hash. I order every chance I get.

    I bust it up in a joint when I use it. Could be morning, noon, night… It’s always a very peaceful and relaxing feeling. Nice body stone and overall sense of well-being.

    The taste is great too!

  77. Mark (verified owner)

    Looked as expected. Quality stuff that’s easy to work with.
    The smell kind of reminds me of Jaegermeister. Lights beautifully into a thick smoke. Will get again

  78. NikeGuy (verified owner)

    Easy to use, good smell and good texture. Nice to mix in once in a while. Thought the quantity it gave was decent as well. Gives the salad a nice taste.

  79. old coot (verified owner)

    soft, aromatic, and strong. very nice hash, long heavy stone, smoke in bowl, easy to crumble without heating, adds a nice layer of deep stone to whatever i’m smoking. love hash, and this one is tops.

  80. OgLoc (verified owner)

    Good old school smoke taste. Nicer stone than import from Afghanistan. Gooey and sticky stuff good anytime smoke. Burns long and slow. Bubbles a little first.

  81. Bee (verified owner)

    I recently received a order that was of very poor quality, Budmail took care of the issue in aver professional manner, thumbs up Budmail . The domestic is in my opinion the most potent of all the hash products available on the site.

  82. Bee (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing the domestic for some time now and as a hole this is the best hash that they sell I recently received an order that was not very good and budmail handled the problem with great professionalism, thumbs up budmail

  83. Transporter (verified owner)

    One of my favourite kinds of hash. Services firm but easy to handle. Once you heat it up a little you can manipulate it anyway you want. I like to put a line in a J.

  84. Fun (verified owner)

    Solid flavour and smell. I found the high to be more potent than I expected. Not a huge hash guy but the high from this one was in line with highs that I’ve had from various strains of weed. Enjoyable.

  85. Ivanoff (verified owner)

    This hash is the best stuff on here the taste is so good buzz is good can still functional can make a cloudy day seem nice keep it up bud mail 👍 👍👍👍

  86. derelict (verified owner)

    Never disappoints! A nice fresh batch, but going fast lol. Very soft, very easy to form into whatever size/shape you like. I like mine straight up in a bowl, it tastes great and smokes to a clean grey/white ash. Thank you for this gem!

  87. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    Great old school taste. Smooth. Very enjoyable and great price! Crumbles more than I expected but with a lil warmth becomes softer. Hope this stays around.

  88. D.Less (verified owner)

    Love Love Love this product it helps relax my chronic pain And Neuropathy ,,,as it’s very smooth taking it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unlike traditional medications this is a much safer for our bodies, that Id trust…thank you for the great customer service n quick shipping.

  89. D (verified owner)

    It’s taken time but this dinosaur has warmed to the domestic hash.
    Picky AF and on the hunt for the black of my glory days I tried a lot of different hashes from a lot of different sources. I concluded that although the imports got me “stoned to the bejeezus-belt” back in day, true potency lies with the domestically produced products. Furthermore it is clear that the local product is cleaner and purer.
    Still eager to partake in exceptional examples of imports for flavour but am convinced that BC black is the way to go.
    Price point is the best I can find for this caliber of product.
    Looking forward to more options.

  90. BD5% (verified owner)

    This homemade hash w/ some well cured indica -ina spliff- make for a fine salad ( this being the catalyst) on any given evening . As for itself, 3-4 lil’ nuggets on their own , for smooth relief.
    Domestic and orgasm/nic….sweet stuff BM, much respect!

  91. Holmes (verified owner)

    Wow do I ever love this hash. Potent and very tasty with a nice indica body stone that just feels relaxing and enjoyable. This batch is even better being soft and easy to work with. Much prefer it over the crumbly texture. Cheers BM!

  92. Jk (verified owner)

    This is my favorite product on this site hands down however their is something I definitely do hate about it. It’s how quickly it sells out lol, it’s a good thing I check often. Don’t need to say anything about everybody obviously knows it’s good. Great job BM and the maker of this jem keep up the good work

  93. InukHash (verified owner)

    My last order was almost 2 weeks ago. When I opened the envelop, I literally smelled dirt/earth. It is the first time Ive smelled that on this product. I was expecting to inhale a very earthy flavour. But, when inhaled, that earth odor is not present at all! In fact, sometimes I can taste hints of black licorice or its usual flavours. I was put off a bit when I first smelled it. After trying, it is no problem at all. Potency has not suffered one bit. Very good! Still deserves 5 stars!!!! Thank you for working through this times.

  94. Yorbo (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this product, powerful and delicious. Makes you feel silly. Consistant texture and potency between times I’ve ordered it. There’s a reason it sells out quick.

  95. Stevie beats (verified owner)

    Pretty nice hash compared to what ive had before from BM. not too strong but alot better than most of the actual afghani stuff which has varying levels of strength

  96. mln_1969 (verified owner)

    The best hash I have had in this price range. Really flavourful and powerful, I love the high I get from this. I will definitely be buying this again and again.

  97. Crimson420 (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke, I love the smell/taste. Very relaxing high, nice for evening or night. Great indica, fairly soft texture, some previous batches seemed to be crumbly. I like the softer texture.

  98. Gurf (verified owner)

    I’ve only purchased two types of has on this site and both have been great. This stuff is very nice to smoke and gives a nice high. Would definitely recommend.

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying hash. I consumed this hash by vaping and ingestion. It had nice taste, malleable texture, potent and free of contaminants. What’s not to like?

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Peppery taste, malleable texture, potent and free of contaminants. What’s not to like?
    This was my first time trying hash and after exclusively vaping it, has met the expectations I had.

  101. InukHash (verified owner)

    I ordered 7, 7, 1 and 1g. The 7 and two 1g pieces were pressed just right, not too hard and not too soft. The other 7g piece is very super kinda hard, like the Moroccan is. Although they are different textures, it does not take away from the potency! Very appreciating that the potency is still excellent even with very high demand recently. Thank you

  102. Sir Smokes Alot (verified owner)

    I’m not an avid hash smoker but I figured I’d give this a shot and I’m glad I did because this product is a beauty. It has a very earthy, spicy, pungent smell. Clean burning and an excellent body high, perfect for those evening joints when you just want to relax and kick it back on the couch. Highly recommend!

  103. TheStoutTrout (verified owner)

    Nice pungent tones of floral and spice. Has great texture to crumble in j’s or on bowls or anything else. Gives you that extra kick to make it to next pay. Good job BM

  104. TerraNewf (verified owner)

    This hash really rocks. Other people must really like it because it’s hard to get. It’s a little expensive but like everything, you get what you pay for.

  105. Holmes (verified owner)

    The Domestic Afghani was softer and easier to work with than I expected which was nice and the taste and buzz were spot on. Very potent compared to other kinds of hash I have tried over the years. Would definitely purchase again.

  106. InukHash (verified owner)

    My latest order is super soft and looks very fresh. I like it with the softness! I have been enjoying it. Sometimes it is very hard, very loose, kinda hard and just right. Throughout those textures, the potency is usually spot on.

  107. D (verified owner)

    Less impressed with this batch than previous orders.
    Texture is off. Others have noted the same.
    I’m not convinced that it is as potent as earlier versions.
    Still overall, and especially for the price point, a very satisfying, quality hash.

  108. Dood (verified owner)

    Easily my favorite thing to buy. Taste bloody amazing, and the high is perfect. Couple rips off the bong and your ready to go. Also it makes going outside for walk on a snowy day very pleasant.

    Actually it’s pretty good for hiking in general.

    Anyways. yeah get this stuff. It’s good

  109. 420Maiku (verified owner)

    I seem to not have left a review on this product and have ordered this strain before so here I go.
    Great high and potency! What’s better is that no lazy burnout on this product! I like it!
    Great price too. Would recommend this hash. Mixing it up hits it great!

  110. jimbob22 (verified owner)

    every batch seems to be a bit different in consistency. this batch was a bit drier – crumbly. but still a great go to for those who prefer hash to flower. doesn’t disappoint, and as good as the more pricey overseas ones,. keep up the good work BM

  111. D.Less (verified owner)

    Never disappoints. I use this for a lot of health reasons for starters I use it for my legs in which I have neuropathy it helps me sleep, n it helps with other health issues as well, I can ALWAYS depend on it. My regular medicine helps only for a little while.Im so Thankful for this incredible product.

  112. InukHash (verified owner)

    Nice and soft throughout!!! Softer than the January 8th order arrival. When this product is soft throughout, the potency is very good to excellent stone!!! It is easy to conserve when it is of excellent quality!!! This order came just in time, I ran out of my January order early last night. Stone is pretty consistent, but sometimes it is soft then very kinda hard batch to batch.

  113. InukHash (verified owner)

    The order I received January 8th is much more to my liking!!! It is pressed throughout, no crumbly inside. Color is more uniform from outside/inside. Last couple orders from December were quite brittle on the inside. Latest is potent as it is soft and stays together. Hoping expecting order is more like January order. Good stuff again!!

  114. Bee (verified owner)

    Of all the hash products that BM has this is the most potent of the lot , it seems to give the best buzz. The only issue is that the constancy is not always the same, sometimes it’s very soft and sometimes very hard.

  115. D (verified owner)

    I am reluctant to give five stars to any domestic hash as , based on flavour and texture, it isn’t what I call hash. Of course I am a grouchy old man trying to relive the glory days.
    I agree with the other member who suggest calling it by a different name. I propose Canuckhash. (say it quickly and give it a first nations pronunciation)
    Despite my ranting I can’t ignore the potency (which is better than any of the imports I’ve tried from BM) , and the very good value for the dollar. There lies the justification for five star rating, as well as it is “as described”.

  116. rk1994 (verified owner)

    Strong high for Afghan hash, good for going out, but not as strong as bubble. Would purchase again. Taste is ok, not fantastic, but not bad. Only use on weekends before going out.

  117. InukHash (verified owner)

    This is a review for the last 3 orders spanning 6 weeks, ordering every 2 weeks. Order one was very kinda hard. Pressed throughout. Second of 3 was dark and could stay together outside, but, was very loose and powdery inside, barely pressed or dry. Kifi? Tickles me sinuses. Last order looked exact same as 2nd order, loosely pressed or dry. Outside can stay together. Overall is 4 stars for differing textures? Not sure what exact word is. Our highness is there, but prefer softness without crumbling. Of course, this is my opinion.

  118. Turn (verified owner)

    This is my “go to” hash i can always count on. I know it will be clean and burn true. I know I will enjoy my buzz from this organic hash that will not make me hack.

  119. Ohioan (verified owner)

    I love this Hash and purchase it regularly. It has a lovely consistency. Smoke is spicy and has a creaminess to it. Whoever made it is an artist.
    Its also very potent. I hope it will be offered for some time to come.

  120. CrazyDiamond (verified owner)

    Really nice hash great texture soft and just a little crumbly. Classic import taste and smell spicy. The effects are awesome too potent hungry after 😀

  121. NLBongman (verified owner)

    This hash definitely packs a whallop, but I can’t give it 5/5……bc it doesn’t taste/smell/have the texture of actual afghani. This should be given a diff name maybe, as its something unique/all its own. It is decent hash in terms of effects, but I’m not a huge fan of the taste and its not malleable in the same way as real afghani. If you try to flatten it out, it becomes crumbly, yet still sticky….which makes it a bit of a pain as I’ve gotta break/crumble it up. Its so sticky and oily. Wouldn’t roll it in a J because it’d be hotrocks city (and j’s are a waste of hash anyways). Like at least one other reviewer said, this hash has a tendency to flame up as well, and I can’t help but find the taste good for the first cpl of bong hits, but if/when you relight it, near the the end of the bowl it tastes…..different.

    To each his own, I suppose.

  122. Selenium Sam (verified owner)

    Another order of the Domestic and another 5 star review. This has to be one of the most consistent hash offerings created in Canada. It always comes through and checks off all the boxes in good value for money.

  123. Transporter (verified owner)

    Total fan favourite. Really enjoyable. I spend too much money here lol. Got a half Q, got a nice little brick. Sliced great with a hot knife. Going to get more.

  124. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    Well it fucked me up. Finally! Haven’t had a decent high in a while because tolerance increased. Straight to the eyes, then heady on the couch, relaxed without feeling too heavy/glued followed by a good night sleep. Exactly what I wanted.
    I used to smoke hash younger, now I remember why. The taste, the high, the smell and the potency.
    Soft and easy to make a ball. A small ball does a lot of smoke in a pipe.

    Pretty nice stuff, would probably try others before a rebuy but don’t get me wrong, was really enjoying.

  125. InukHash (verified owner)

    This last batch is nice and soft!!! As usual, great for munching!! An overmunching product😂!!! Very hard to stop eating even when full a few snacks ago!!! Looking forward to a good nights sleep later on tonight. Great service from all staff involved!! i greatly appreciate the job BM did on this latest order, excellent service once more!!!

  126. Raoul (verified owner)

    Seriously, this will fuck you up!
    So powerful and long lasting. Rolled a small one with tobacco, smoked a third of it and woke up the next day still stoned. Beware of its potency, try it in small doses at first or it might totally fuck you up.
    Tastes nice too !

  127. Jk (verified owner)

    Just put an order in and I can’t wait for it ta get here because it’s been way too long since i had my favorite hash ever. I know without a doubt what it’s all about and it’s…… Just wicked good folks. Very good job Budmail and to the maker, teach me please!

  128. blinks (verified owner)

    Was pleasantly surprised at the taste and how gummy this hash was. Pure Indica taste that hit the back of the throat like a fine wine. A+ on the batch

  129. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    This is my go-to hash. It’s always the right consistency and the flavour always delivers. Sometimes it can be a little soft but it happens when it’s humid out!

  130. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this hash for effects mostly but found it lacking that taste factor. Mine came crumbly and moist which I had not seen before from hash, which was pliable to say the least. Would buy again but smoking experience I like some tastey smoke, like the Red Lebanese last year. Good job otherwise BM. Thank you.

  131. Samanthas (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered over a P of this hash lol I love the stuff however it seems to change! Maybe cuz it comes from multiple places in BC the stuff that comes from Vancouver is the best in my opinion ✍️

  132. Mamed (verified owner)

    4 star because it’s a little messier, smellier to handle. I do the play and make it sweat. Effects aren’t the same as imported. This is more like chars than garda. I prefer this to many others, except bubblehash grease monkey i got from BM and gold seal.

  133. InukHash (verified owner)

    The 7g I received last Monday is a bit harder than what I have been getting the last 4 months. It does not take away from the potency, though. I have been enjoying the last 4 years!! Smoking only hash has been excellent!! I appreciate the work that is done on this product.

  134. InukHash (verified owner)

    The press has been more consistent the last few months. My latest order a couole weeks back is nicely pressed and soft yet not crumbly. I hope the parcel that is waiting for me tomorrow will be just like the last number of orders. With funds kind of low the last month, Ive had to order half of what I usually order. Still making it through, though. The taste is a bit different, but still a very good product. Keep on the good work, people!!!

  135. InukHash (verified owner)

    This 14g batch is pressed perfectly!!! Nice job!!! After my 3rd shot, I was FLYING!!! It is soft, stays together and is not crumbling. I still have a few leftover from an earlier order, this latest is very good!!! Looking forward to a very good nights sleep later. Excellent service, 4 day total travel to get here and very good stone!!! Quyannamii!!! (Thank you!!!!)

  136. Fireflower (verified owner)

    The taste was pretty prevalent. The consistency was not so bad . In terms of strength, considering the facts, for its description I’d say it was lacking potency.

  137. Cerberus (verified owner)

    Ah, this is hash the way I remember it. I tried a small sample bowl then, immediately went to the local hardware store to get a propane torch. 😋 As others have said, it reminds me of the gold seal from the late 80’s/early 90’s. The only glaring difference is that it tastes a lot spicier but, the stronger flavor comes through a little better when doing hot knives. Will be buying again.

  138. Ancient (verified owner)

    I have had this stuff my self a few times through people and this is my second time owning this product , what i can say is it is a great smoke . it can be smoked both in a bowl or with some hot knifes if you’re into that sort of thing haha . its not to heavy of a smoke so its a good smoke and chill type of hash but if you smoke to much it will PUT YOU DOWN .and if you take the time to roll this hash you shall not be disappointed , but be careful it is pressed very well but can crumble easy , you will see the areas that can crumble , regardless its worth the money .

  139. InukHash (verified owner)

    I ordered two 1g, a 3.5g and a 7g. The 1g pieces are perfectly pressed, not crubling. As was the 3.5g, perfect press. The 7g is very crumbling, not ideal for me. But, the high is still there, so high marks!!! The high is always there however the press is, but soft not crumbling is the way to go. Maybe with the big demand for this product, they have to work quickly to keep in stock. Sometimes it is barely pressed and powdery, tickles the sinuses when powdery.

  140. Fugen (verified owner)

    Tried this stuff for the first time in the variety pack and I’m glad I was able to get my hands on some more. Perfect texture for baking and crumbling, perfect for a bowl or rolled if you like, one of the best varieties on here imo.

  141. Jk (verified owner)

    This latest batch of domestic Afghani that I received is the best batch that I have gotten in months, really wish it was always soft and gummy like this batch. I guess either way hard or gummy it’s always delicious. Thanks Budmail keep up the good work and thank you for the preroll it was rolled well it smoked well and did it ever smell and taste like blueberries good job.

  142. InukHash (verified owner)

    The high is pretty much always there. How it is pressed has varied by the month since December. One month it is perfectly pressed, the next month is rock hard and some months it is barely pressed at all. When it is harder, the potency goes down a bit. Still pretty good. When it is properly pressed, it is just a beautiful hash!!!! Falling asleep takes only a few minutes, excellent!!!! Everything you eat is the Absolut best thing in the world, every time!!! Good stuff!!

  143. Samanthas (verified owner)

    Best afghani I ever had very good to hotknife very enjoyable even at night I would definitely be ordering more of this nice soft potent hash lovely for

  144. Fordf150 (verified owner)

    I would give it a 5 star but I don’t care for the taste. On the other hand I find it is a nice high and I don’t feel tired after using it.
    I would buy it again for the price

  145. Transporter (verified owner)

    Really nice strong soft hash. Very enjoyable, either rolled into a roll up or smoked out of a bong. Would definitely reorder this anytime. Thanks again!

  146. 4our2wenty (verified owner)

    Ohhhh wow…this batch has a realllly sticky, gummy texture. It’s full of flavor. It’s truly awesome in a nice pipe. One of the staple products of the site…try this batch!!

  147. NewfoundlandMan (verified owner)

    Hi all! I am not very familiar with hash made in B.C. so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Domestic Afghani…it was a little dry but broke up well…mixed with a bit of tobacco and rolled up in a paper it tasted like “hash” and had a real “grip” to her…I thought a lung was about to collapse! LOL! But when I lit her up in a bowl (no tobacco) she caught flame and burned like a BBQ! Even tasted a bit like BBQ fluid…has anyone else noticed this?
    Other than my flaming pipe experience, the hash tasted spicy and burned well in a “spliff” and was potent…got me ripped and that’s a good thing! LOL! Cheers and Peace and Love! 🙂

  148. Mo (verified owner)

    This thing is a beauty very nice couch lock sensation and the munchies are amazing I gave some to my friend he was dead locked on the couch it was mad funny

  149. SheHigh (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about this choice just go a head and try it! SO easy to crumble on top of bowls, or smoke on its own. Nice deep rich in colour and perfect for a night time buzz. Thanks BM!

  150. InukHash (verified owner)

    This is more like it!!! Nice and soft!!! The last three were pretty hard. As it is softer, the potency is higher. Great job!!! It is great for eating and sleeping. My 4/20 order last year was taken by the postal people, so it was kind of nerve wracking thinking the same will happen again this year. No, made it home!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  151. Jk (verified owner)

    The best hash on the website in my opinion, texture changes from time to time but always does its job and does it very well. Always very potent, I love it! keep up the good work Budmail, and keep the Domestic Afghani coming.
    Thanks HAPPY 420

  152. InukHash (verified owner)

    My last three orders have been very hard hash. I am finishing up a February order and it is NICE soft!!! It is softer, so the potency is much higher. These harder batches are lower potency. It gets you there, but MUCH better when batches are softer. As I have said, I hope my latest order will be the usual good softness. Overall is still very good.

  153. derelict (verified owner)

    My favorite. Consistent potency – and plenty of it lol. My last two orders have been hard, but when heated become gooey and pliable. Will crumble nicely for a spliff, if that’s your preference. Burns great in a pipe – my preference. Different taste from the imported version, but not in a bad way. No complaints!!

  154. NewfoundlandMan (verified owner)

    Hi people! I have just joined & placed my first order at BM & have been well taken care of by Customer Support…I feel at home here already! LOL! The members “reviews” have really helped in choosing different “products” & I shall return to give my 25 cents worth when I open up my presents! 🙂 Cheers!

  155. NickNuked (verified owner)

    Agreed wil last review. Crumbly and hard, was getting softer batches over the years. Will wait to buy more until i see a consistaint string of reviews i like.

    Good smoke, just not to big on crumbly hash.

  156. InukHash (verified owner)

    The last two orders have been pretty hard. I use stealth packaging but, that should not affect the softness because I have used that packaging for months now and the product has always been soft. As the high has not really changed, still 5 stars. Hoping for more softness on the next order. Consistency/texture? Not sure which word Im looking for. That has varied from very hard recently to normal soft January and February and December was dry/crumbling then super soft. It has been a ride along these past months on the soft feel. Along this ride along has been soft, hard, dry/crumbling then super soft, the high has been right on. A bit more potent when had been softer.

  157. light (verified owner)

    I’d say this is one of the most consistent product on the site. It’s been years in-between this great and my last but it’s the same sedative I received last time. If you need that couch lock end of evening this is the perfect addition to any order. The smoke is creamy and spicy and with a few tokes I’m sitting back in evening contemplation. Thank you BM for continuing to bring us this beautiful representation of traditional hash.

  158. InukHash (verified owner)

    Usually softer feel throughout the years. Since a year and a half ago the product is very hard to the usual. Even though it is harder feel, the potency is spot on. Better to be hard feel than be loosely pressed/dry crumbling. Part of the December batch was very dry/crumbling. I prefer to be softer feel than this, but that is the only thing with me about my latest order.

  159. LDAWG (verified owner)

    first IVE tried from this site but blows away any competition on the market. Always sastisfied with budmail a product and this hash Does not disappoint

  160. InukHash (verified owner)

    With this product being consistently spot on, there is not much need to write a review. This is my fourth year ordering this. There has only been a few times that it was hard hash and this past December, it was barely pressed/very dry crumbling. Throughout these 4 years, overall has been an excellent product.

  161. Mickey (verified owner)

    Yup this hash definitely provided a nice body high but I didn’t feel too knocked out in head. The hash was easy to break up and smoke-able in a joint.

  162. gogetyourshinebox (verified owner)

    Really really decent quality hash…..smooth burning and pretty potent but not that knockout indica stone that I want to achieve lol. Still very good overall and I recommend you grab some of this,

  163. frozenlandscape (verified owner)

    Good quality hash, burns nicely. Depending on how you smoke it can be a little harsh, the body buzz it gives is pretty relaxing. Definitely great to add in to a joint or to smoke on its own.

  164. wassamhere (verified owner)

    I have re bought this strain many times. In my opinion it is the best tasting and most potent of the 6-8 hashes ive tried on this site, even when compared to the Import Afghani/ Maroc (To which I was a little disappointed.). Definitely recommend the Domestic Afghan, especially at the value.

  165. RyanOkaitok (verified owner)

    Awesome hash vary potent. Smooth and clean burning. Good for hot knifing, a few hits and your good for an hour or two. I’ve tried Afghani hash from a few other sites and this is the best so far.

  166. InukHash (verified owner)

    The last two orders from last week and week before have been pressed properly. As a few have wrote, including myself, batches recently have been barely pressed and hard to smoke properly. I am still smoking from a December 20th order. Good stuff is easy to last longer. Hoping for no looseness in my order. But, very good stuff pressed right and acceptable when powdery. Good job overall!!!

  167. JLo (verified owner)

    Haven’t really been impressed with much hash since having access to concentrates but this stuff was quite nice. Definitely a classic Afghani high that starts in the head and moves down to the body. The flavour was tasty pine and hash. Hoping to order an 1/8 next order. Very potent for a pressed hash. Props to the grower/hash maker.

  168. Lysergic (verified owner)

    Overall I am impressed with this hash. Its easy to work with and the consistency is perfect for doing knives. Slight harshness but the buzz is fantastic

  169. Jd (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this hash before, and it was great, but I think this time I got a bad batch. It’s crumbled very easily and was hardly pressed. It was also extremely harsh and smelt off. Given the great reviews here, and my previous experience with the hash, I would say it was just a fluke.

  170. Mykhthrone (verified owner)

    This is great stuff. Thick smoke, powerful buzz. Smells great, tastes great. The buzz hangs around for a long time too. It’s the kind of stuff to smoke when you plan on doing very little. I was glued to the couch and then slept like a baby. It doesn’t take much to get totally blasted, making this a great value as you can really stretch it out. The only negative thing I could say is that the texture is not consistent. The first batch I got was pretty typical for “tightness”, the last one was very loose. It was almost like cake. But it seemed to have no effect on the buzz so I’m not going to lessen the rating over it. Great job on this one guys (and/or gals), the Afghani hash producers could learn a thing or two from you!

  171. YungKratom (verified owner)

    I never liked hash before i had some from budmail, this is one of my first strains i tried and i cant wait to try all the rest! i love this in a pipe, great cerebral high. would recommend

  172. Dufour (verified owner)

    This pressed hash is quite good for the price. A strong Indica through and through. My only complaint is that it’s hard to work with. It’s quite grainy, so it requires some heat to melt into a malleable ball. Once reworked this hash is great to deal with, soft and sticky, easy to take portions from. Tastes nice but it’s no Maroc.

  173. Berns that Kush (verified owner)

    This hashish fits the description perfectly. Has a high potency, texture of this is crumbly (maybe one of the only ones) and leaves a bit of residue on your hands. Mixed with any flower spices up the taste and becomes more cerebral. Gotta recommend this for all connoisseurs even if you’re not much into hasish. I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 and the reason is the one i got breaks up with a touch and hard th o make a hit out of it for a hot knife. And b.t.w I have a really high tolerance for being a heavy indica lover and a heavy sativa lover. Good work on this BM and thank you so much for the great service. 👊🤜🤛

  174. InukHash (verified owner)

    The 14 was fresh and beautiful!! It was very soft, yet not crumbling. Nice dark colour and full of flavour!! 5 stars!! The 3.5 was very dry and barely pressed. It is hard to work with, pretty much kief inside. The outside is a bit darker, but also very loosely pressed. Not my kind of hash on the 3.5g, 3 stars. 14g 5 stars, 3.5g 3 stars. 5 + 3 = 4 stars for the two orders.

  175. Goonies (verified owner)

    Très bon hash ! J’ai adoré son goût et sa douceur ! Facile à manier ! Les effets sont excellents donc, ce hash est de bonne qualité ! Une des meilleurs dans le hash pressé !

  176. boxcarr1 (verified owner)

    Not bad hash but I thought it lacked that hash taste but overall decent buzz but needed a bit to really get that relaxed feeling it broken down nicely and was easy to work with

  177. Oil City (verified owner)

    Decided on the domestic because of worries of hygene overseas. Overall good taste and smell. Not too potent but really liked the experience. If potency goes up I would give 5 stars.

  178. wassamhere (verified owner)

    Lovely Hash at $15 a gram. I smoke this as a bowl topper so I prefer the crumbly hash over the stickier stuff. This was perfect for that and in joints as well! Thanks BM!

  179. hutch89 (verified owner)

    this is some very nice hash. has the spicy kushy smell to it. its hard in consistency but when heated crumbles up very well. Definitely some high grade hash that brings back memories of the old days. worth trying for sure .

  180. Budguru (verified owner)

    This hash is top notch quality. The taste and smell are comparable to a usual Afghani hash but the potency Is incredibly higher. It has and soft malleable texture great for snakes in the grass. I was skeptical about buying this hash as I usually prefer old school import hash, but this has all the characteristics of a traditional hash with a potency that is bar none superior to any import I have tried.
    Great quality great service thanks again budmail ✌🏼

  181. InukHash (verified owner)

    This has been very consistent the three years I have been ordering for myself! I only smoke this, the only thing that varies is some batches are crumbly and others are pressed more. I love it!!! Really hope taste and potency never change. It has been three years, so still has not changed in that area. Good job!!!!

  182. Mrock (verified owner)

    Good taste! Burns great, breaks up easy and smooth. It had a strong punch. 🥊
    It is not hard hash. It was soft and smells good.
    Recommended by me for all.

  183. Flin floner (verified owner)

    I’ll always keep buying this hash as long as it stays as good, it’s nice and malleable and easy to work with has a nice creamy taste to it and some batches actually melt a bit

  184. NLBongman (verified owner)

    I dunno if I’d classify this hash as ‘afghani’, its not what you’d typically expect (dark brown, gummy, chocolately smell) compared to the mazar sharif, for example, but I’ve found this stuff to have quite a unique taste/smell all its own….a real nice smell, actually, and its pretty potent. I only got 1g, but kinda wishing I’d ordered more! Well worth it for any hash connoisseur, a great product.

  185. By the (verified owner)

    To those of you thinking of buying this hash, be aware that when several reviewers comment on the potency of it they aren’t kidding. I have smoked hash for many years now with varying degrees of highs but none has come close to this. An easy smoking hash with an incredible kick. Not much is need for the desired effect.
    Thanks BM

  186. GWashington (verified owner)

    This is hands down the most potent hash I have ever smoked in my entire life. Seriously!! Will be ordering more.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you!

  187. Grizz (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Great taste. lasts for a very long time.
    Friends that tried this were very happy and surprised and asking where to get it. had to share.

  188. Isjadp01 (verified owner)

    10 stars if i could bought it for he first time and i love this strain sooo much! Gonna be one of my must buys every order! The hash is so tasty and smooth!

  189. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    I like everything about this hash, it smells good and tests good and it is very easy to work with. Its pretty strong to so be careful not to over do it lol.

  190. MrCanada (verified owner)

    Love this hash. Ordered a couple times, this was definitely the best batch. Perfect texture and feel. Tasted great and was very effective. Shipping and packaging excellent.

  191. InukHash (verified owner)

    My last two orders were pressed a lot better. Before, the product was way too crumbly for me. As usual, great for eating and sleeping. I prefer my Hash to be pressed properly, not crumbly. Good job last couple of orders. Wishing for less stress ordering next month with legalization!!!!!!

  192. derelict (verified owner)

    Loved the Trainwreck, but had to sub with this last time. Not disappointed! Nice and gooey, workable and great high. Good taste, especially first draw. Good quality for the price.

  193. smoky (verified owner)

    been using this for a while and loving it. Last 2 orders (Aug.8 and Sept.10) were disappointing. Stone is not quite the same and product has gone from semi dry and crumbly to very gooey and difficult to work with.

  194. BobTV (verified owner)

    To me, Domestic Afghani has always been a lousy facsimile of the real deal. But the reviews for this made me want to give this a chance. This hash doesn’t break up well at all, it’s sticky texture prevents that. Nice taste but it has not changed my mind about Domestic Afi, the buzz is merely okay. Again another product that’s too weak for me but will go a long way for my lower tolerance wife. It’s a good mild hash with no risk of couch lock.

  195. Bad apple (verified owner)

    Really impressive hash very potent and tasty only need a little bit in a pipe and I’m stoned my favorite hash on the menu I’ll always be including some in my future orders

  196. Jack (verified owner)

    I’m a huge hash fan and this has got to be one of my favourite go to hashes. Very earthy smell to it. Love topping bowls with it or just smoking it by itself

  197. Wahta19 (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering this hash from BM for a long time and I’ve always given it a 5 stars. The High is spot on every time and so potent. It’s really a good night time toke. Although some batches regarding smell taste, and texture vary the potency is always rock solid. This current batch is flawless in all counts. A remarkable hash.

  198. InukHash (verified owner)

    Pressed a lot better than the last order!!! Previous order was very crumbly inside. Enjoying it very much!! I JUST ran out literally last night, so the BEST TIMING, EVER!!! Keep up the good stuff!!

  199. Hett (verified owner)

    Best black on the menu in my opinion. I’ve purchased others to try on other orders but this stuff is wicked. This black is the staple of my hash inventory!

  200. LisaJayne (verified owner)

    As always this is my go to hash. I absolutely love this! It’s always the perfect consistency and potent as heck. I’ve tried most of the strains of hash offered and this is constantly been my favourite. Worth every penny

  201. bubblesww1 (verified owner)

    good hash. five bt’s and im happy. ill be buying this again. if you want a good stone try this hssh out. you won’t be dissappointed. repeat buyer for this for sure!

  202. XtremeC (verified owner)

    First time trier here 😉
    Is this supposed to be soft and crumbly? I was under the impression this was hard pressed hash, but I rather like it like this reminds me of the pressed Green Crack how you can crumble it up with just your fingers.
    Black on outside brown on the inside.
    Smells nice, didn’t enjoy the taste prefer the taste of Afghani gold seal.
    Got some power to it, real niiice 😀

  203. Datguythere (verified owner)

    The texture was abit crumbly for Afghan but still manageable. Strong smell and taste is good, but abit harsh. Definitely a hard hitter! No complaints really!

  204. InukHash (verified owner)

    The stone is spot on as usual, five stars! The outside is nice and workable. The inside is very crumbly, not dry. As I wrote in an earlier review, the stone is almost always spot on, but the textures can vary from crumbly/hard/dry/perfect. As long as the stone and taste are there, I can go along with the textures.

  205. 420Kingtoke (verified owner)

    10out of 10 great for burning knives 5 star
    Will buy again nice strong stuff

    Thanks Bm

  206. based (verified owner)

    Usually 5/5, this time around it was much much softer than normal and did not burn as well. Perhaps due to the heat of the summer? Still does the trick.

  207. TyrannosaurusFecks (verified owner)

    Very warm body high with this one. The smell while it is burning is so nice, this hash is just fantastic. Love rolling it in a nice joint or in my pipe.

  208. Mo (verified owner)

    Love this hash, I order it when ever I can. It’s a nice, warm indica feeling you get all over. I usually smoke it at night, mix it in a joint. Consistent quality from BM.

  209. InukHash (verified owner)

    The batch I received 19 days ago was better than the last order. Is great for eating and sleeping.

    An earlier reviewer wrote something I also noticed in previous batches. The outside would be nice and soft, but the inside was dry, like a new batch was preseed onto an older batch. The potency is pretty consistant, but the textures sometimes vary. My recent order is soft all throughout.

    Keep up the good batches!!!! Always pretty good stuff!!

  210. Jk (verified owner)

    I got this my normal best hash ever and like anytime it is wicked good, I also tried some of the where’s my bycicle strain that just came out. Domestic AfghanI you are my number 1 thanks budmail.

  211. InukSmoke420 (verified owner)

    Totally love this strain, I’m gonna order this more often, I love the high and the quality is based in the stars so yeah I’ll give this five out of five stars

  212. Marshall (verified owner)

    I will definitely be giving this a 5 out of 5 I love this stuff the best hash in this price range.I don’t think I would order anything else on this menu at this time except I would like to try the Girl Scout Cookies.Unless of course there is bubble hash.

  213. K.A (verified owner)

    I had afghan hash in Syria, it was great, then I smoked this domestic afghani and it’s my new favourite.
    Second fav would be the pink kush hash

  214. Jk (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with this stuff my favorite hash around right now. Nice taste nice high a definite 5 outta 5. Nice job Budmail! Never tried the imported, I really don’t think there is a need.

  215. Nuna (verified owner)

    As always this hash is all our favourite mother 5 stars from me please don’t order guys so I can order it all,LOL,if your thinking of ordering stop thinking n order you won’t be disappointed,good for knifing bonging piping just good stuff

  216. InukSmoke420 (verified owner)

    I love this I give it 5 stars. Also thanks for the free gummy candies were delicious. Shipping was quick as expected too thank you budmail for this order

  217. HappyGuy (verified owner)

    Strongest hash out of the Afghani, Sharif, grease monkey bubble and a few others I had. Best bang for your buck on the hash menu. It’s very clean crumbles with the slightiest of heat. This is the must try on the indica side of hash

  218. CBDee (verified owner)

    The second time buying this it was much better than the first. Texture was nicer, a little less dry and it smoked smoother too. Really nice stuff, especially considering the price. Will be buying again, as this quality continues to get better and better.

  219. Jake28 (verified owner)

    This is another part of my first order. This stuff has a great high and body buzz. The texture is off, it was sticky but also dried up. As if it had been in the baggie for a long while. But great for B.Ts on a smoke and not on a pin

  220. Sublime-haze (verified owner)

    It’s my favorite product on here. There were a few great batches but the were also a few I haven’t enjoyed. The potency is decent especially when a particular batch is on point. But I’ve found this product to be a bit inconsistent for my tastes. It’s not bad product, just not for me.

  221. CBDee (verified owner)

    Great price for what you get. Fairly good quality, especially when you consider its smooth smoking nature. Definitely pretty potent, and it had great texture especially when you consider the more expensive options. One of my new favourites.

  222. RebelYell (verified owner)

    Great value with this one! Same quality domestic press as usual. A sweet musky nose and rich full bodied smoke. The high is outstanding for sleep and pain. Only complaint is texture. this batch was crumbling as I took it outta the bag and was very hard to press back together.

  223. Luktcha (verified owner)

    Great texture, super light spicy odor this Canadian- afghan press hash is impressive, i found the taste very good an also it is very potent i will buy again .

  224. dirtycheatin (verified owner)

    Hands down the best thing on the entire site. I order this ALL the time. The taste is absolutely delicious, it’s soft and easy to work with, and the high is amazing. Put some honey oil on a paper and roll a joint of this in it and it’s the best thing you’ll ever smoke in your life!!!

  225. killacase (verified owner)

    Has a good taste has its own flavour as hash and soft 🙂 it gets you in a very sleep mood so smoke some of this for the night to sleep and wake up amazing!!!!

  226. Doyle (verified owner)

    this is good stuff a little goes a long way super strong hashy creamy taste with a nice couch lock stone looks awesome easy to handle. I love this stuff as of most of BM products would order this one again. Thanks BM! you guys are awesome

  227. NickNuked (verified owner)

    Love it, my Oz lasts forever!!

    I never get tired of smoking this hash in BTs or Bowls, this batch was well done. There’s nothing like breaking a chunk of BM’s Domestic Afghani open and taking a wiff.

    These guys MUST take a lot of pride in their work, we thank you for that.

  228. mitch (verified owner)

    good hash, great high.
    love to put some on top of a bowl to give an extra kick.
    its really soft and its easy to work with.
    doesnt live up to imported hash but it is good for the price.

  229. GrizzlyWindu (verified owner)

    Top tier here. This was a soft mild smoke with great taste and long lasting effects. Very soft and malleable works well in the pipe, bong or hot knifes.

  230. McGiver (verified owner)

    Loved this hash. Super easy to break apart and smells/smokes superb. The price point is solid and from the look of all the other reviews, people seems to all agree that this is a nice hash as well. Not too dried out and uber easy to work with. Burns nice in spliffs and blunts or even stand alone in a pipe.

  231. Mr.Quebec (verified owner)

    WTF!!!!! smells heavenly and the buzz is out of this world. first time buying this hash and would recommend this over the mazar just by smell alone. Took it out of the bag to weigh (on point)and my fingers stank soo bad I needed to wash my hands a few times to get rid of the smell before going to work. Happy to see some good Canadian hash on here and hope they stay consistent. Definitely would buy again.

  232. based (verified owner)

    Have ordered the domestic many times and the latest batch is as good as ever. Full body mellow indica stone with great taste to boot. A staple in my orders!

  233. Wahta19 (verified owner)

    Back to the old school hash. Dark on the outside and brown on the inside. Taste is mild hashy little spice. I keep coming back to this hash. Most potent hash I’ve had
    and the reason I started ordering off of BM.

  234. Jk (verified owner)

    This is some of the best hash I have ever smoked. A six pack of these little beauties is all that’s needed. Nice job BM a very happy customer.

  235. phobia (verified owner)

    It has been so many years since I have had hash… I have been buying bud from BM for a while now, and almost always thrilled with the quality, so I decided to pick up some of this. Very happy that I did, it is excellent! Nice instant snap to it.

  236. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    I enjoyed it quite a bit and it had a really nice taste, with a decent high and a lovely aroma. As with almost everything I order it was a winning buy

  237. InukHash (verified owner)

    The stone was right on again!!! The color is more consistent this time and softer all the way through. My back porch is drafty, so it is frozen for now. As usual got a good nights sleep.Eating is supertime! Going to enjioy it again!! Good job!!

  238. MrCanada (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering hash from Budmail. I have ordered bud before so I know what kind of quality Budmail brings and this hash is no different. The hash tastes amazing and breaks apart alright. Definitely going to order again. I will forever be loyal to Budmail!

    Long live the Queen,

  239. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    It was definitely a nice texture and the smell was nice and spicy. The high was mellow and definitely noticable…I would buy this again and say that is is a good daytime hash

  240. Dr. (verified owner)

    Great old school taste. Smooth. Very enjoyable and great price! Crumbles more than I expected but with a lil warmth becomes softer. Hope this stays around.

  241. J doe (verified owner)

    Nice smoke, very clean sweet taste and breaks up nice with a little heat, would buy again. Nice high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    I loved the density and the fact that itstill crumbled with out a problem, the taste was spicy and mild and the high…………well…..it was ok and I would buy it again.

  243. deadpoet (verified owner)

    my second favorite hash to the mazar l sharif which has a deeper retrospective and very tranquil examination of self. taste great, smokes flawless and has a hard punched drunk euphoria.

  244. InukHash (verified owner)

    The stone was good. The previous order had pieces that seemed dry inside, yet soft outside. Seems reversed. Last weeks shipment of 14 is like that, soft outside but hard/dry inside. Short of 5star, not soft all the way through. ???

  245. SteveB (verified owner)

    As usual ,great hash! Love the high. This is consistently been my favorite.Quality is top notch for the price. This is the closest I can find for that “old school ” taste.

  246. Pottsdave (verified owner)

    Great hash and great high. Very consistent in appearance and high. Easy to break up and a little goes a long way. Only drawback is it’s a bit harsh…

  247. Mo (verified owner)

    Had this before from BM. Feels like a warm blanket covering you. Top quality hash. Burns smooth, and don’t find it harsh. Little bit goes a long way..

  248. InukHash (verified owner)

    The stone is right on again!!! The inside is harder and blonde, out side very soft and darker. The product has been pretty much the same since I started ordering in 2016, one time the hash was harder than usual. Except for that one time, been enjoying it very much!! Keep up the good work!!!

  249. Turn (verified owner)

    I have been ordering this strain for over 5 years now. It is always consistent in overall quality. My “go to” hash i can always count on.

  250. Koibito (verified owner)

    Typical Afghani Smell and taste when smoked. One baggie was a bit harder/Dry, but I rolled both chunks together to smooth it out. Still makes me cough a bit, even thou I am a chronic user so product dose not effect me the way Id like. If my tolerance was down, I would enjoy it more. Regardless, Very happy with product. Nice to add to a bowl or take in the one Hitter or our Volcano. * Knocked my hubby out when I put it in our Volcano for him. 🙂 🙂

  251. McGiver (verified owner)

    I haven’t smoked or bought a lot of hash in my lifetime. This was super flavourful and makes me want to try more hash. Very soft and a little sticky.

  252. based (verified owner)

    Usually 5/5, latest batch was a lot harder than it usually is so a bit harder to work with. Still a great high.

  253. VooDooRex (verified owner)

    Taste is very mellow. Delicious but not super strong. Smooth and easy to smoke. I use a bong with a screen in the bowl. Crumble some hash in and the high is so clear and clean. 10/10 A+

  254. InukHash

    The 14 I received Monday is better than the last few orders. Aroma is more familiar hashish style. The last few orders had a noticable smell of dampness, smell of water, but I still preferred it to ANY bud.

  255. Anonymous

    Pretty damn good hash, strong Indica effects but not debilitating. Only issue I had was the inconsistent texture/colour; some parts were blond, others were dark and gooey. All of it bubbles though!

    Can’t ask for more at this price.. but perhaps a lower price for the higher quants.. $280 an oz / 150/half oz would be nice.

  256. Novascotian

    Nice texture. Soft and easy to smoke.

  257. Anonymous

    Amazing medicine! sweet chocolate and earth flavors! perfect for sleep relaxation and pain. Soft malleable and easy to work with. Just like the afghan I remember from 20 years ago!

  258. Muskoka420

    Great taste and smoke. Potent for sure. Taste great in a j or a pipe. Pretty easy to work with. I found that the consistency was not the same in the middle of my chunk. It was nicely pressed on the outside but in the center it was much softer. As someone else said it was as if they turned the pressure up on the press and/or only pressed it once. It was super nice though and will be buying again. Thanks BM!

  259. Buddywasisname

    This hash is amazing !!!by far the best I ever smoked

  260. Obie

    Purchased this H many times no complaints but last Bach I ordered can’t say I was very satisfied with it ! The Inside was very dry and the outside so gummy stuck to your hands , hard to manipulate! Not impressed with last batch. Also seems prices keep going up every time . Been purchasing here for over a year first time i ordered was $300 for 28 grams now up to $340 for the same thing ! Up $40 within a year .

  261. Wahta19

    This was fire. Blonde, crumbly, potent, mild taste and smooth.

  262. Magicman

    Nice hash taste and aromas, with a strong powerful buzz! This is classic hash! I always keep some on hand.

  263. Hasher

    “I think I got some of the previous batch which had great effects but I found it to have a “”taste”” to it. Can’t quite put my finger on it but I would describe it as “”hydrocarbon taste””. It was also harsh compared to the Pink Kush hash and LA Confidential both which I would rate as a 5.

    I still enjoyed the Afghani but can’t rate it as high as the other two.

    I would buy again and hope to get a cleaner taste.”

  264. bcbudman

    this has has to be some of my favourite hash nice and easy to brake up and smokes nice and burns slow ill be back

  265. NickNuked

    “Been happily buying when available since may ’17, shout out to Budmail / help desk staff for their amazing customer service.

    As some of us may have noticed, the last batch was a little different, I appreciate the teams effort to better help my understanding of the product and looking forward to a new year with budmail!

    @Selenium Sam ‘s review:

    I agree the last batch was a little more soft and what I figured to be “”wet”” or as you noticed sweaty, my understanding is that they tried a different curing method and this new batch is their tradition style.

    Happy smoking budmailers and enjoy the new year!”

  266. Selenium Sam

    First I want to say that I enjoyed the piece I got of the last batch of this and would order this product again. That being said, I should point out that the batch of this product I received seems to have been pressed with an extract oil of some origin when it was made as it left significant “sweat oil stains” in the little plastic bag it came in. I’m not knocking it for that as the product still tastes good and works well. However the description does say it is “free of impurities, fillers, binders, etc.” so I am just giving the heads up that you may get sweat stains from it but I would still buy the product.

  267. FroG

    I never smoke hash by itself, it’s always an addition to a bowl or a joint. This hash is everything I’ve been looking for. Soft consistency, slow burn, billowing clouds of smoke, great flavour. I threw too much in the bowl the first time and it took my head right off.

  268. OU812

    Oh wow a fresh batch!!! If this one is as good as the last with the blondy colors inside, it is definitely worth pulling the trigger on. Happy Highunakkuh!

  269. Chumlee

    Very good potency, best when you mix it with grass

  270. InukHash

    Per usual!! Good and consistent!! I ordered Black Mercedes along with this and it is no contest!! I dont know about other members, but the Black Mercedes was not for me. As only a hasher, my choices will now be Afghani and Pink Kush.

  271. InukHash

    This is more like it!!!!!!! Soft and potent, welcome back old friend!!!!!!

  272. InukHash

    Usually very good 5star, but this looks cleaner than most. Yet it is less potent than most orders I have of Afghan. It gets you there, but not as much. Hope my next order will be the usual. Looks cool, though.

  273. InukHash

    The 21 I received last time was spot on!!!! Dark on the ourside, light inside and would bubble some!!! Been consistent, so expecting my next oz. to be just as good, if not better!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

  274. Imafordman

    “Had my hopes that I’d get some good hash, but I can’t smoke a joint without major coughing , very harsh 3 tokes and cough uncontrollably. Very gummy and hard to mix traditionally with tobacco. I love hash , but this purchase was disappointing. 
    Do I try the hash that was carried from abroad?”

  275. MrSlippyFist

    Came nice and quick. Ezpz with BTC payment option. Did one hotknife was blasted. Will go a long way for a great price good bang for the buck or should I say Satoshi. Very efficient deal product is top notch.

  276. InukHash

    Back to good olds after one order was hard hash and less potent, keep it up!!!!

  277. InukHash

    The latest order I received is more like it!!! Nice and soft, the one I know and love!!!!

  278. NickNuked

    Second time picking this up, very pleased once again. Soft, tastes great rolled or bts.

    Ty budmail

  279. JAY

    nice taste nice smells ! really good high buzz with small amount real nice recommanded

  280. Novascotian

    Texture is spot on, smell makes me drool everytime. Don’t get much better than this.

  281. InukHash

    The latest order I received was much harder than the usual great softness. Potency, not as much. I am hoping to get the usual softer kind on my next order. 2.75 stars

  282. MasterBaker

    Thanks BM for the service ( Heads Up To Customers My 7 was short to 6.5 makes me concerned

  283. Zim

    Soft and malleable. Easily on the lungs easy on the head. Such a great high from just a little peice of hash. Was never a hash fan until I bought off of this site and domestic afghani is the hash that changed my mind!

  284. Hurthle

    Very nice hash. Burns slowly with a nice earthy flavor. Dark on the outside with a golden interior. Would defiantly buy again.

  285. Irishdave

    Another great hash. Smells good, smokes good, stones good. The smell and taste reminds me of a product I used to smoke many years ago in Ireland called squidgy black or paki black, except I feel BMs product is a cleaner and longer lasting high. It may not be, but from what I remember it is. It definitely makes you quite lazy and lethargic so I tend to only smoke it only if motivation isn’t in high demand, or low demand for that matter. The I remember I used to work squidgy into long slim worms and roll them into a bed of tobacco to make a spillf/joint of sorts. I haven’t tried it with this product yet but it should work just the same. Be sure not to wear clothes you’re attached to though, as you’ll surely hole them with hot rocks.
    Buy it, smoke it, savour it!

  286. Wow..

    I had to try it and it is as told above. I will buy again easy to smoke hash. Very nice budmail.

  287. Wow..

    Very nice burns forever I love this. Good as crystal hash!

  288. Wow..

    Nothing but milky goodness very nice product for a sweet deal. It is killer hash my friend you need it in your life$$%

  289. MasterBaker

    I’ve tried lots on this site and this is the One product that will keep you coming back.

  290. diversitea76

    We have been buying this hash off and on for a while now and have to say the quality is always consistant the taste is right on the money prepare yourself to go absoluteltly no where lol.

  291. Oilers93

    Good smoke, I picked up a gram of this with my first order, Came super fast. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get some hash. Soft and sticky and easy to pick apart to smoke… 5 Stars!

  292. Manitoban

    this is some good damn smoke.
    i whipped a 3.5 chunk out at a friends and this was an all around crowd pleaser for eveyone who i shared with.
    Excellent High /Smooth smoke till you exhale. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants hash

  293. ghadman

    So much better than the imported Afghani, its the same product, but grown in much better conditions and treated very professionally, its creamy brown in color and soft once cracked open, you can heat it up and roll it with tobacco or weed in a joint, or enjoy pipe or bong hits if you have lungs of steel. strong couch lock capabilities and very stoney, nice product.

  294. TheTruthMayHurt

    Got a gram of this and it delivered. It arrived in a perfect cube and was like playdough straight outta the jar soft.

    Great smoke and taste

  295. InukHash

    This is the best Ive had so far!!! Better than the first order of this one I made!!! Was closer to the imported Afghani, sticky and soft!!!!!!

  296. CWPeace

    Another smooth transaction with super fast delivery! Everything came exactly as described. LOVE this Domestic Afghani!!!

  297. Sdean3

    Best hash I’ve had yet from here. Break it open and has a beautiful goldish brown color. Taste great. Smokes well in bong or in a joint. Will order again. I highly recommend.

  298. davedaveee

    Received another batch of this fire Afghani Hash. Always impresses me and this was no different. Nice and malleable and almost gooey texture. Smokes clean and smooth in any manner. Will be ordering again in the near future. Thanks BM! – Slick

  299. Permafried

    This… Shit… Is… Fire! White X5 looking like panda! Black X5 moving like phantom!

  300. CanyonMan

    I thought I’d try this hash last month. Been smoking hash since the early 80’s, and I’ve had domestic and also imported from all over the globe in the good old days. I was quite happy with the product I purchased here.
    The bouquet is great. Nothing like the smell of good hash. YUM. It was malleable, and it smoked in the pipe and off the knives very well. The smoke was thick and lung expanding, and gave the tickle in the throat that you get when smoking good stuff. The buzz was long lasting, and had a low burnout factor, and also made for a great night of sleep.
    The service from these guys is great, as well as the packaging. I’m truly impressed with how things went dealing with this company during a canada post situation. Strike or no strike, these folks are awesome to deal with.
    I’ll be ordering again, for sure.

  301. diversitea76

    Simply good hash what would you expect from Afghani

  302. Punjab

    Very smooth vape (arizer solo) lasts long & hints of chocolate & coffee in flavour.

    Very nice sweet flowery flavour with very potent effects. Very clear headed effects with little impairment of physical function.

    Can only hope it continues being made. 🙂

  303. Whiteflame

    Great all around hash. My favorite hash on budmail. Makes you sleep like a baby. Taste is amazing. Burns great in my roor. Will be purchasing over and over

  304. CWPeace

    Organic and delicious tasting. A wonderful high. Texture is awesome, came exactly as advertised. I’m very happy with my order!

  305. Sully

    Buy this a lot but found this batch to be quite crumbly and harder to work with.

  306. stone

    got a oz dont know if its the batch i got but the smell was a little rancid and the high was light.. little stronger in larger amount. the smell was mainly rancid and unpleasant. compared to the pink kush hash which was absolutely great

  307. RealJuicyJ

    Hands down dopest dope i’ve ever smoked! A TRUE indica, hard hitting with a long smooth burn. Definitely some of the best hash i’ve had in a while, thanks BM!

  308. InukHash

    As mostly a hash smoker, this was good taste and smell. Wish to have selections comparable to weed stock. Will try other hash in near future

  309. Wajuba

    I have tried maroc, pink kush and this stuff while all are good this is my favourite.. Very smooth, nice relaxing high

  310. Milky Hoots

    Nice rich texture. Colour and consistency are on point. Not to strong of a smell coming out of the bag but once lit the aroma hits hard. Recommended.

  311. lonelyguy1958

    As a long time smoker. Thank you amazing smooooth hitting in a bong or blade

  312. ThebigRipper

    Great stuff! One of the best iv had. Great taste followed by a solid long lasting high. Will be back for more

  313. Wahta19

    This hash burns pretty clean. White ash, mellow flavour that hits hard. Buzz is pretty heavy couchlock dont really want to do anything night time smoke. I will be ordering more and hoping it restocks soon.

  314. Wahta19

    Pretty good quality hash. Dark brown and nice and soft. Burns clean and has a long lasting buzz. Indica comforting.

  315. Anonymous

    What can I say? Jump on the bandwagon, You won’t regret it. This hash consistently gets 5 stars for a reason

  316. ThebigRipper

    Top notch! Real tasty with a great buzz. Will be back for more

  317. D’s Nutz

    Good smouldering hash! Good quality. Looking forward to ordering more

  318. Maxime

    A little goes a very long way. Tastes delicious. Made my whole appartment smell of hash when I put some in the vape. Will definitely add a few grams to my next order!

  319. smokeybear

    Love this, nice brick rates good doesn’t take much

  320. Ruthlessrou

    Well I just got my first order from BM and got a g of this stuff,LOVE IT best I have ever smoked for hash,smooth and nice high!

  321. Bagels

    The batch I got has a texture and colour more like imported Afghani that I’ve smoked before, so darker and more resinous/sticky than the picture. Looks, reacts and smokes like a really nice clean imported Afghani might. Just as advertised, as usual. Good value. Thanks BM

  322. shitass

    This hash is maluable and quite good, I am definetly wanting more!

  323. packetflo

    It’s probably the best value hash you can get, but don’t expect to be blown away. It’s not at all bad, it’s a nice buzz but you’re not going to the moon with this stuff.

  324. jbomb

    Big hash fan but found this to be fairly mediocre, decent high but had an odd taste almost as if it contained some sort of oil or butane by product that may have been part of the manufacture process. I love H-spliffs and they were hard to do since it is so sticky it does not crumble like the import and globs. When you burn it it produces very black smoke which also resembles tires burning and hence the oil byproduct reference. Not sure I’d buy this again due to these concerns. Ok buzz though but like the import much much better.

  325. Kief

    An instant classic hash that sculpts and burns well with a lazy thick smoke that’s not too smoldery. Solid body warmth and indica hammerdown stone that’s great for winter nights. Tasty, smooth, and consistent.

  326. zbiggy

    This stuff is great value, and highly recommended.

  327. Buzzzzzzzzzz

    This is the best kind of hash in my view exactly what it should be just like when I use to smoke when I was younger the best very chill and relaxing !!!!!! Nice and soft burns perfect for bowl and joints just the best thanks again BM.

  328. THAC0

    Pleasant smell, more like pipe tobacco than bud, doesn’t bubble but ashes nicely. My endocannabinoid system failed its saving throw against this, got me stoned like a motherlover.

  329. Hello

    I ordered this Domestic Afghani as my first order ever from BM. As I waited for a response which came back quickly. I sent my order away. As the days passed, I started to doubt my order or the quality of the Hash I was going to receive. If any?
    The day came!! I put 2 sticky flat bits of the Hash in my bong to make sure I felt something for my pain. Lit up the product and felt my lungs quickly fill. (Note to self, prepare lungs next time for a long inhale!!) Or put a bit less in.
    I exhaled and went out side on the back steps to enjoy the beautiful day. Hmmm, Where is the?? And then just as I was thinking that. About 5 to 10 min after exhale. A clean full body stone but still able to make conversation. Bonus that their is no groggy heavy hash hangover( I call it) Mind is clear after stone goes away. Don’t get me wrong. This can also be a great sleep aid.
    Good job BM and thanks for the Medicine!!

  330. 123

    smells like strawberries and burns long. soft and malleable. nice high and smooth taste.

  331. davedaveee

    Superb hash I must say, especially price to quality ratio. Always adding at least a quarter of this heavenly stuff with the rest of my order! Burns even and clean, tasty, white ash and is malleable yet also kind of crumbles depending on temperature. Get this.

  332. EmeraldSphinx

    Pretty divine stuff right here, very impressed with the quality. Super smooth chocolate cinnamon flavoured smoke, accompanied by a very functional, mood elevating buzz. And what a bang for your buck! Delicious! Will certainly be ordering again soon 🙂

  333. happytech420

    I love This one! Hits you Hard and when u think its done hitting you it hits you again. Great Taste, Smells Amazing. Lasts along Time. Great Sleeping Aid. Thanks BM!

  334. Awesome hash classic taste and great high
    Will order again

  335. Mesenoth

    Always amazing taste and texture. So smooth and intense. Soft like putty.

    A must have, for me anyway. Melt away the stresses of daily life.

  336. Cyberstace

    Really Nice Taste & Buzz. Easy to get apart and burns excellent . I Like 🙂

  337. Killerclay

    Order One 1st Time Was Soo Good,Then I Tryed Ordering More,They Were All Tick Mostly Kiff,Was Kinda Too Thick At 2end Time,But They Are Very Good For Smokeing,But Too Tick.

  338. ST613

    I ordered a half zip of this beautiful stuff for my first order with BM….needless to say I’m blown away. just finished burning down a nice j and couldn’t even get through the whole thing…this stuff is strong, with an awesome old school “MTL” hash taste, and wicked stone. first of many orders, cheers Budmail


    Yet again, I have been surprised by BM. This batch is so fresh and oily and gooey; unreal!. Burns so clean and smells wicked nice. Thanks again to BM, the best!

  340. TheHebrew

    My first hash! Between the great reviews and the awesome price, i thought this would be the perfect one to start with. I gave it 5 stars simply because i’m blown away by the high. hard almost dry, crumbles off nicely. Vapes very nice in an extreme q.

  341. R0lEx

    Excellent quality, better then first shipment. Malleable, pressed, oily and dark.

  342. Jordan65

    My personal holy grail of hash. I’ve been enjoying this hash for many years and have never been let down. Nice and pliable with a very clean smoke. I’d give it 6 stars if I could.

  343. G2p3nis

    I’m happy with my purchase. The taste is great. The hi is strong and long lasting. A little harsh on the throat with hot knives. It’ll last your forever. Definitely a cheap way to smoke. It doesn’t trigger my anxiety either.

    Great stuff. I recommend it.

    Thanks BM!


    I bought an once, it was slightly dry, i did not think it was going to be great. I found it too be very crumbly compared to the imported variety…..BUT…my friends and I agree that it is absolutely some of the cleanest and strongest we have smoked!!!…..GOOD STUFF!

  345. McKush

    Awesome trip down memory lane.Think global,buy local!

  346. mikethehunter

    Ordered fourteen grams and they were alright, moving on to the next strain!

  347. Youngmarley

    By far my favorite hash to this day, orderd 14g few weeks ago and still have a piece left. It really does burn forever. When I first blast it I used the normal size and realized how much smoke really comes from the tiniest piece. Definatley get your money’s worth. Thanks BM!! Nice work!!

  348. Flin floner

    This is the best darn hash ive smokes in so long i even make my own oil and this stuff is so much better deff would recomend this to others top quality stuff much better then the imported. Must be atleast 60 % thc maybe even more. Thanks BM

  349. JCMTB

    Ordered this with a friend. We both took a toke out of a glass pipe and had the same reaction. Tastes like a mouth full of the tastiest milk chocolate! Don’t need much to get super high. I wish I ordered more!

  350. ClassicSmoke

    great hash. A little stronger than the imported, slightly different taste. No as pliable as the imported. great smoke, great taste. Very similar and its cheaper!. cheers BM!

  351. HawkeyeRicky67

    This is the greatest Hash that I’ve smoked in 25 years, definitely ordering this again but in a bigger quantity.

  352. gdaym8ty

    Got 7g of this few weeks ago. Was fresh! Gooey/sticky nice hash.
    Liked it so I got even more the next time. This time I received a chunk that is rock hard. Cutting into it won’t work, have to chip pieces off. anyhow a small amount in the hand 1-2g will soften up enough to shape it a bit.
    End of the day, still gets the job done well. Because of this I probably won’t order large amounts. Seems like luck of the draw I guess. Still really good hash . Worth ordering.

  353. tokeymon

    ordered this several times at the sale price initially expecting it to be dried up or off flavor and boy was i wrong,fresh and oily,texture ,taste and buzz all right the fuck dead on.stiff buzz,not for daytime use for sure,unless of course you plan to loaf about watching movies or some similar spectator sport.great for ald timers and first time hash users alike.

  354. Winston

    I love this hash. great flavor and stone. i recommend smoking it with a bong that has a glass or metal screen to cool down the smoke for bigger draws.

  355. Sleeek

    This stuff is crazy efficient. You only need a very small amount each time. The only downsides to hash in my opinion is that the only real way to consume it is by hot knives, which are time-consuming, and also it hurts the throat a bit.

  356. MonsterM

    Un bon petit hash maison.4.1/5 (Un de leur meilleur)
    Un bon petit gout épicé fort, a la sortie. Une trop grosse pis tu tousse a fond 🙂
    Ressemble au press Afghani. (Mais pas au vrai Afghanistan Hashish)
    Texture semi-ferme. Se manipule bien. Semi-collant
    Exellent pour le couteau

    A nice little hash maison.4.1 / 5 (One of their best)
    A nice spicy taste strong, the output. Too big bad cough you 🙂
    Looks like Afghani press. (But not the real Afghanistan hashish)
    Semi-firm texture. Is handled well. Semi-sticky
    Exellent for Knife

  357. Nuna

    got my half ounce last week the high is great the hits taste great but im giving it 4 stars cause this one didn’t bind together as well as my last chunk,but im still gonna say this is my favorite please don’t run out BM love afghani hashes

  358. Mesenoth

    This is hands down, the best hash of its kind. I really enjoy the pain relief and full mellow that this hash gives. Excellent for meditation; the high is spiritual.

    The consistency is unusual. At first glance it looks a little dry, but as soon as you put it in your hand it starts to melt.

    It also goes really well with budder. Make a well with the hash and put budder in the middle and toss that in a vaporizer and you are in for a treat :D!

    Once again Thank you BM for your excellent service.

  359. dieselman

    Amazing hash for the night time, this 100% indica will put you out if your not careful! My favorite hash on the site so far!

  360. Devenz

    Very good hash. It is not like real afghan hash, in the sense that it does not feel like a sticky, oily hash, but rather a crumbly, tight hash. The smell is not strong when compared to other types of domestic hash that this site offers. However, when burnt, this hash smells and tastes just like afghan hash. This hash is most definitely worth the price, but it is not the greatest hash I’ve ever had.

  361. Dood

    Been a long time since I’ve had any hash.
    All the old working tools still work.
    Can still cut a thin curl, good for a vapourizer or a pipe.

    Good solid Indica body buzz. Wish I could work up the will to do stuff, now that I am not in pain.

  362. Erik Lensherr

    Yet again, budmail proves they have the fire. This stuff is simply exquisite. My only regret is not purchasing more of it ! Amazing !! Highly recommended. Will be ordering a bigger amount for sure. Great buzz and the smell is out of this freaking world.

  363. Stableboy420

    This hashish is a fantastic value at $300 an ounce. An ounce of kind bud usually lasts me about 2 weeks. I have had an ounce of this Afghani for 2 weeks now, and I still have almost half of it still left! I can’t bring myself to fork over 5 or 600 for an ounce of hashish, but at this price, and this quality, you simply cannot go wrong. The best thing about ordering hashish is also the Ultra Stealth option. Who cares if it is flattened like a pancake? It’s hash!

  364. Nuna

    My 2nd time to order this hash I ordered an OZ n all I can say is that I’m ordering this stuff again n again,this is my favorite hash all time,easy to work with n great for hot knifing,good stuff BM tnx

  365. paris_eyes

    Very good hash better than the Lebo red hash and for 2/3 the price soft with heat burns full bodyied hash taste smell and stone. Full value at $300 per oz

  366. jack flash

    The best black hash I have ever handled. Soft, malleable, spicy, smooth-tasting, potent. The high is very relaxing and warm. Too much will put you to sleep!

  367. Mj78

    I had this before, got more this time. Top notch hash..

  368. abf

    Definately better quality than you can find anywhere else. After having a half ounce of this i never wanted to smoke anything other than hash again. Thanks BM!

  369. Nuna

    Pretty good shit good for piping n hot knifing don’t need much to get high gonna order again but more next time

  370. Wisteds

    Very nice hash good taste long lasting effects light burnout I would purchase again no doubt
    but my next purchase will be more budder and probably some import hash

  371. Buds4All

    This was a really amazing hash to smoke. Just a small pile in my bong and I am sent climbing deeper and deeper into a nice clean indica stone. Or at least I assume it’s indica. Someone can correct me on that if i’m wrong.

    It’s a pretty thing too.

    All in all I give this 5 stars, because I’ve never been more stoned in my entire life than I am right now.

  372. cheebalover

    All I can say is wow, smooth as silk. Gives a overall all body warmth like drinking a glass of scotch. Will def order again. Much appreciated budmail.

  373. indicalover9

    not bad could a been stronger imported next time thanks keep up the good work

  374. Cruz

    Super indica high potency! Looks and smells great best hash ive tried on BM.

  375. REVIEWER#9


  376. GrimTroll

    Haha, I recieved this with the Blue Cheese Bubble, and they are a great pair!

    Alone this one is a wonderfully smooth smoke, easy in, nice presence! Strong spicy flavour with a lasting bitterness.

    Great stuff! Recommended!

  377. outdoorsman

    Can’t remember the last time I had such a smooth and pleasant smoke.
    Well worth the money, super stoked to have of sampled the domestic Afghani and will pick this up again. Many Thanks Budmail Crew.

  378. budsbuds

    Best hash i’v ever smoked. I perfer it crumbled up, smoked in a bowl.

  379. dj314ever

    very tastey smoke really smooth with a great indca stone to it would order again forsure thanks budmail

  380. Halosbid

    This hash has a great taste and a wonderfull smell its almost like blond leb except its black that the feel of it and a nice high to go with it.My complaments to the chef you have made a great hash well worth the money and i would dare to say its the best hash i have had in a long time kodos BM.

  381. 123

    I never tried afghani hash before and was impressed how the smoke has layers of taste when a chunk burns to the center in a pipe.

  382. swickidee

    Got a HQ of the domestic afghani. Wow. Best hash I’ve had from BM yet! And I’ve tried a lot! Strong hash stone!

  383. scarfachio

    great buzz cures the worlds worries instantly smells fantastic maybe just a little hard but potency corrects that cheers bm

  384. jb808

    This batch from Jan 2013 was quite possibly the worst hash I’ve had in my life.

  385. scarfachio

    really awesome smokes great love this brightens and makes the day or night less frantic cheers bm

  386. grow some

    this is the best hash i have ever smoked.very potent,2hits and i was more baked than ive been in a while.

  387. scarfachio

    great taste great buzz great times cheers all making life much easier lol

  388. Greenteaze

    Very nice hash. Came in a attractive looking brick. Hard yet still able to push it between fingers. smell is there but it is minimal. Very strong relaxing medicine, good for pain also. Would get again.

    Why the smell not being there might be because all I can smell is that sour kush,which is amazing btw very nice energy and uplifting with taste no other seems to be able to match.

  389. Kief

    Really quite strong hash with an incredible flavor and smoothness and oh so easy to work with. Be prepared to take a nap though – – was the most soporific smoke I have ever had.

  390. metall420

    got this hash in my gift D pack and it was my favorit out of all the hashes good earthy tast and a great high.

  391. sparky75

    I ordered this awhile back and man was it fuckin good by itself,add some afghan kush to the mix.All i can say is wow.As always quality selections.

  392. yamban

    I got this in the grande hash sampler and it was one of my favourites. It has that afghani taste but it is so clean… the flavour on exhale is one of the best I’ve tasted. Very stoney… my face felt numb by the end of the night. It was a toss up between this and the PK bubblehash but I have decided to order more of this. Highly recommended!

  393. SNAFU

    That’s “coff/coff” Good “coff/coff” Hash “coff/coff/coff…..!!!

  394. Thepuzzle

    Where I come from there’s usually only hash. This beats them all. Very calming, almost narcotic high. Sleep very well!

  395. Ranking Smoke

    Top3 in BM hash selection either domestic or imported. The texture is soft and maleable while the smoke is rich with the taste of a classic afghani. The high is POTENT and mostly indica, slamming you for the next two hours… five stars nothing less.

  396. Anonymous

    perfect weight. real nice taste and gets u nice and stoned. i love this stuff

  397. niddy

    Great for chilling out/ sleeping. Smile on my face before bed definitely:)

  398. Anonymous

    Super hard and dense but once u get it into that bowl totally worth it 🙂 a good buy in gift pack C

  399. Yoshi

    The king of hash! Soo potent you will save on stash and time. The taste is what hash should always taste like. The price is high, but so is this talent. Worth it everytime!

  400. Anonymous

    A solid 4 stars, maybe 4.5. From gift pack ‘c’ and in an old-school joint. An excellent smoke. Very relaxing and a definite creeper. Within 15-20 minutes after toking, my vision ‘shrank’ and I melted into the couch. It’s a good thing the remote was in my hand and my tasty beverage was nearby!
    Another great product from the peeps at BM. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to sample the Hempstar Gold, and ALL the import varieties.
    Thanks again BM!

  401. Anonymous

    Crumbles nicely, great high, good taste, very impressed with the quality

  402. Anonymous

    Great texture, super strong spicy odor with accompanying spiciness to the smoke itself, and a truly killer knockout stone. Simply amazing for pain relief. A little goes a LONG way, to boot. Easily one of the best value purchases available on BM.

  403. Mr Review

    Overall this is a good quality hash. It’s not as potent as the imported Afghani or as dense. It crumbles easily and burns to a nice white ash.


  404. Anonymous

    this hash was really nice, came in a nice big chunk and had great texture. it smelled really nice before burned but didn’t have too pleasant of a taste when smoked. all in all a really smooth smoke and a nice stone too.

  405. Anonymous

    By the third hit, if your not not starting to feel intensely satisfied, you better check your pulse. One little split and I was sailing for about 4-5 hours.

  406. Anonymous

    Wow is all I can say. The smell is true of the afghani strain but the price is right. I tried with hot knives and the buzz was clean and mellow. There was very little smoke with a clean burn to the throat. On the bowl it added a nice taste to the greenhouse bud and the couch time was extensive. Plug in the xbox or tunes and enjoy

  407. TeamSupreme

    This hash is extremely potent. It’s a bit softer than I’m used to, but that makes it much easier to work with. A great smoke and if you haven’t tried any BM hash before, I would suggest you make this your first purchase. It’s the best domestic hash available. The Hempstar Gold is a close second.

  408. 4our2wenty

    This hash is really easy to work with perfect on top of bowls!

  409. Anonymous

    This is some potent hash great for relaxation of the mind and body. Put on some psychedelic rock lay down and enjoy the ride.

    Overall excellent hash and to have a full indica with no burnout is superb.

  410. Good vibration

    This hash is good but not as potent as the IMPORTED one, the imported is more dense and gives several hours high.
    I say 8 out of 10(imported afghani)

  411. Anonymous

    This is some good stuff easy to put on bowls and does the job. Nice amount of pressing however burns too fast when rolled in a paper

    5 Stars!

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