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Candies (Medicated) – Hard Candies


120 MG THC total
4x 30 MG THC candies

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Product Description

Medicated Hard Candies

120 MG THC total

4x 30 MG THC candies

Small batch vegan candies handcrafted using only Full Spectrum Shatter and quality ingredients to ensure accurate dosage and an unparalleled experience. Medicated Hard Candies are created by a passionate team of chefs on a mission; to share the power of healing with their medicated goodies at an affordable price!

Ingredients:Sugar, Corn Syrup, THC/CBD, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Colour

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Medicated Hard Candies please chat with an agent.

61 reviews for Candies (Medicated) – Hard Candies

  1. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    First time I got these for free on a large order and really didn’t know what to do with them. I don’t eat hard candy due to bad teeth (enamel) but gave them to a friend that loved them. So I got more and thought about it so crushed up some and put on top of ice cream ……..worked pretty good. Another I put in a root beer pop and did fine. I micro dose all day long so didn’t notice any strong high but didn’t notice a drop in what I needed either. I for sure will buy more due to the great price on them and how I can use them.

  2. mandy (verified owner)

    i can’t tell you how many times i’ve bought these! they’re great hang for buck and they’re tasty. real small too, if you don’t like sucking on candies for a while you can just crunch on them like an animal.

  3. Jcorvec123 (verified owner)

    These are a good value to me because each candy gives me a nice, relaxing, long-lasting high. They taste good too. One candy is effective for if I’m just lying there watching videos and I want to feel good but I can also take one to or help me have a really good sleep at night. I do wish the candies were bigger tough.

  4. Iain (verified owner)

    These are not 30mg of THC. I get a nice buzz of 25mg candies from other producers. I took 3 off these hard candies (90mg total) and have felt nothing.

    They taste good though.

  5. PapaEmeritusIV (verified owner)

    Not my favorite. They’re good to relax, not too strong. Taste great too.
    I don’t think I’d buy again because I would need to eat at least 10 just to catch a buzz.
    Good if you’re a light user. 🙂

  6. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I see people questioning the potency of these. The product is great!
    If you smoke 0.5 of AAA herb or take 2 dabs… You are consuming way more than 30mg of THC.
    0.1ml of 80% honey oil is close to 90-100mg of THC. That’s a big dab. So, I said two. Want to fly like “Space Brownies” ? 120mg wouldn’t get me out of the atmosphere.
    Tolerance sucks! Whoops I missed “Sober October.”

    As other people have said. It’s nice, relaxing, long-lasting and help you sleep. (which is why I eat them) I’m still dabbing your socks off. Mine are already blown off!

  7. Emarebee (verified owner)

    Bought a few of these with my last order. Tried one the first time and didn’t notice any buzz. Tried 2 the next time with same results. Ended up taking all 4 at once and still didn’t feel anything. Not sure if I just happened to get a bad batch (although I think I had different flavours so it would be pretty bad luck that they all turned out to be a bad batch). They tasted alright, but was disappointed that they had no follow through. I am usually a lightweight, so I am surprised to not feel anything at 60mg let alone 120mg. Will try ordering them again once more to see if it was just the last batch.

  8. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    It’s been a while since I bought these, one improvement seems to be less powder.
    I think it was corn starch or something to help them not stick. It had a mild taste. It was gone in a second. Overpowered by sugar.
    The taste of watermelon is the same. Really good!
    I said the same thing August 5, 2022. Thanks Chef!

  9. AB (verified owner)

    Good edibles for a good price. I really like the green apple and blue raspberry ones. They obviously take a while to kick in but it gives me the high that I want.

  10. E (verified owner)

    good for sleep and relaxation not really if you’re trying to really get high. the taste was incredible though and i would buy again just for the relaxation aspect.

  11. Brazy00 (verified owner)

    I was expecting a stronger high taste was good but I hate all at same time. And like I said didn’t really feel much I guess I did get the munchies abit after

  12. Ali (verified owner)

    These are one of the best edibles I’ve tried for sleep and pain. They taste great with little to no after taste, and are a good bang for your buck.
    They do melt fairly easily, but also break apart easily.

  13. j-$ (verified owner)

    great price and packs a nice punch. strawberry kiwi flavour is so tasty. would be nice to have a larger quantity option too. these are definitely worth a try!

  14. Khamier

    Really nice, yet mellow. Ate 2 (60mg) and felt it pretty strong within an hour or so. Slept really awesome on these, and woke up feeling great! No morning fog!

  15. Will London (verified owner)

    Like one other person said, there is no way these are 30MG doses. I have several packs and will be throwing them out. Same with the lollipops. Then I am going to another edible provider and spend my $1500 / year with them unless BUDMAIL wants to make this right.

  16. Ginger (verified owner)

    got the rootbeer ones, they taste just like rootbeer, very nice buzz and very great taste, Iw ould recommend these if you are not a fan of gummies, they are great

  17. Potsi (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered them for the first time this last order. I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!! WOW they taste great!! There great for going out for dinner or a movie. The high last a long time.

  18. Jeff (verified owner)

    There is no way these are 30mg. They must be like 10 or 15mg tops, but calling this 30mg is an insult to my intelligence. I know what 30mg feels like, I do not have a high tolerance for edibles at the moment, and I even took one of these on an empty stomach….did not hit me as hard as it should have for something labelled as 30mg. It felt like I micro dosed weed or something. Okay, but not where I thought I’d go. I love Budmail and it pains me to leave a bad review, but in this case it must be done.

    Aside from the high: the flavour and taste was pretty good. (I got the mango one).

  19. Mac (verified owner)

    These are decent edibles, there is a bit of a cannabis after taste but the effect/strength is pretty good. The price per mg of THC is very hard to beat. Not my favorite edibles but I still always get a pack or 2 in case of emergencies! And they’re so cheap that why not! Favorite flavor so far is watermelon!

  20. Fat 🐱 (verified owner)

    I’ll leave it all in one review the blue raspberries very tasty and the grape tasty and at 30 for a little tiny candy like that it’s pretty decent just enough to get you through the day

  21. Fat 🐱 (verified owner)

    Tasty not so much sugar as I’m a diabetic LOL I know they have sugar free but these are decent the flavor isn’t too strawberry kiwi you can taste the weed

  22. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Exactly the same quality product from over a year ago!
    It tastes the same! Thanks Chef!
    I really like Watermelon and Orange. These are a nice addition to any order.

  23. Spascal (verified owner)

    I had the watermelon ones, and they were surprisingly great. Very potent; one of these will surely get you stoned if you don’t have an incredibly high tolerance. For 5 dollars, you can’t go wrong.

  24. Shelby (verified owner)

    Good flavor got 2 kinds. Nice effect and good amount of thc per edible and decent price. Would try the other flavours too. I got mango and grape candies

  25. CB

    Tried the blue raspberry recently, mild effect after having one. Flavour is typical of blue raspberry candies with a cannabis flavour behind it. Effect is decent. Require two for a good buzz.

  26. mandy (verified owner)

    i had to take 2 to get a good high, they all taste like super weedy but everyone saying watermelon is the best is very very true. i’m eating watermelon ones rn they’re deadass bussin, and the price for the amount?? who would pass this up?? kinda would rather gummies sit i don’t have to eat weed and food colouring for like 15 minutes, they kicked in at normal time, and although i had to take two, the high was decent

  27. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Small enough for a mild dose. Or good for someone with low tolerance or no experience.
    Tasty and affordable enough to take a big dose if you want! I order Orange and Watermelon consistently.
    But all the flavours are pretty great! I like how the hard candy lasts a few minutes in your mouth. I eat gummies too quickly!
    Mango, Apple, Blue Raspberry and Straw-kiwi are quite yummy too!

  28. StarkCannabis

    Just as easy and fantastic as their lollipops are- they help when pain strikes fast! They are nice to just relax or if you are working from home and just want to relieve a headache.

  29. Ipadman321 (verified owner)

    These “cubes” as I call them, is a very good product for those who find it hard to find an affordable product that has the impact these cubes give you.

  30. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Just the flavour you would expect. Consistently potent and tastey. Slight colour changes.
    I like to eat these at night, but one is perfect for boosting my day.

  31. TimmyT (verified owner)

    I like these candies for value and consistency. Great value for $ 5, 120 mg THC is a very good value. I use them as a relaxing tool occasionally during the day but also put them in my evening relaxing tea!

  32. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Once you find your favorite flavour, you’ll be happy with every order of these. Yes, keep them in stock please!
    I really enjoy them. Nice for a daily dose.
    vv Typo correction in previous post. “I dab 0.1ml, or 100mg of oil or resin…” Not 100ml, phew that would be a lot.

  33. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    4 X 30mg, you cannot go wrong! I’ve ordered these candies multiple times and all flavours, because they’ve remained consistent in the high department! For $5, that’s even better! I also enjoy the freebies with each order I make, thank you Budmail, and may these edibles remain on the menu!

  34. SheHigh (verified owner)

    I usually prefer a chewy candy, but for 120 mg of THC for 5 bucks?! You can’t go wrong. I also like the 125 mg lollypops but you can’t really know how much you are injesting. The little squares are perfect for an easy Sunday morning

  35. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    These Hard Candies > Gummies 2X the price. For the slight variation in colour and flavour. It’s worth it.

    I have bought at least 50 of these now. They are pretty consistent potency wise.
    I dab a fair amount. 1 Candy is basically 1/3rd of 100mg. 1 candy is not going to knock your socks off.
    I dab 100ml DSD, Live resins, distillates. Sometimes twice for the effect I want.

    Now that I know my favorites. A bulk option would be great. 30 Candies for $30-35.
    I put each flavour in one bag, when I get them anyway.

  36. Jen B

    i got these as a freebie for ordering whatever amount it was. i didn’t really enjoy them. i didn’t like the consistency and i also didn’t feel that they were actually 30mg each. i see a lot of other good reviews, so perhaps i just got an off batch or something.

  37. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I know, another review. Well I made another order!
    My favorite flavours are Watermelon>Orange>Blue Rasp~Straw Kiwi>Green Apple~Mango.
    I haven’t tried the other flavours. I don’t like artificial “Cherry” or “Grape” and I don’t like those Rootbeer gummies.
    But I love Birch Beer soda… That would be a great flavour, or 2 to add. Cream Soda / Birch Beer.

  38. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I think I’m hooked! I eat one every night. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
    Can’t go wrong at this price. It’s nice candy! My complements to the chef(s)!

  39. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Throw a few of these in your cart to round the price up, so you can get free shipping! Or a Pre-Roll.
    I gobble down gummie candy. Always wanting to eat another. When I shouldn’t!
    Plus these are 1/2 the price of gummies. Give them a try! $5 for 2-4 doses. Cheaper than some coffee!

  40. Dunce (verified owner)

    They don’t do anything. Bought 4 packs and tried various dosages, even had 4 at once ( should be ~ 120mg) and didn’t feel anything, compared to other brands of edibles where 20mg gets me high. Genuinely had to question if it was a scam, and they have little to no mg thc.

  41. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Stock up on Watermelon it’s the best! If you like fake watermelon, you’re going to love it.
    The same goes for Green Apple. If you like artificial “Green apple” flavour it’s just like normal candy.
    Well with a slight weed taste.

  42. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I love these! They have helped me cut down on my dabbing.
    I like the mild weed taste. This last batch of blue raspberry was so dark, I wasn’t sure they were blue when I opened the package.
    But they taste the same. $1.25 for one is a fair price.

  43. J-Hizz (verified owner)

    Had a bunch of these in different flavors. Some very good, a couple weird, but all pretty cheap and gives a good buzz! Great that they are trying new flavors even if some like root beer taste a little odd. Blue raspberry, strawberry and orange are all pretty good. Great addition to an order.

  44. Akua420 (verified owner)

    The watermelon flavour is delicious. They taste a hit like thc, but for the price I can deal with a small problem like that. Highly recommend, cant go wrong.

  45. Akua420 (verified owner)

    These are ridiculously cheap, such an amazing deal why wouldn’t you add a few to your cart?

    They taste great, maybe a bit milder than the gummies of the same dose but they’re so cheap just eat 2!

  46. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Sometimes the flavour or colour is slightly different. Nothing too extreme.
    Sweeter / Weedy. (Flavours) And lighter or darker colours because of the food colouring.
    You can’t go wrong with these little buddies! Can’t ask for much more… maybe 5 in a bag instead of 4. 😛

  47. Anti – eric (verified owner)

    These things are excellent..
    Edibles and me are usually a hit and miss scenario. These guys are relaxing.. best way to put it. Simply just a chill body / head buzz – you may find yourself day dreaming… that’s ok. Just calmly ask your mind to wander back to you and then get on with your day.

  48. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Since I found this edible, it’s the only kind I buy.
    I eat one everynight with some dabs! They’re great for falling asleep and staying asleep.
    Orange, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry are my favorites. I find they taste as you would expect from a candy.
    They do vary in size, but they look home-made. Plus they’re so cheap!

  49. Jez (verified owner)

    I honestly wasn’t expecting much with these, but was very pleasantly surprised. Flavours were good, no weird aftertaste or anything. They maybe didn’t hit as hard as other candies of the same dosage, but you still feel them. One complaint is that a couple did get stuck together in the bag.

  50. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    These are my go-to edible!
    Once I tried these, there is no reason to buy any other candy! Basically half the price of gummy candies.
    You get your money’s worth for $5!
    I like to get a bunch, get out the cutting board and big knife, and split them.
    Then I can eat candies all day as I want… On top of the dabs I smoke, without eating too much THC and becoming sleepy.

  51. Bobby Santana (verified owner)

    120mgs for 5$? Count me in! Haha such good value and taste is amazing I ordered cherry hardly noticed the cherry flavour tbh they taste similar to coffee which I absolutely loved. A must have if you enjoy edibles these are for you. Will definitely be making another purchase.

  52. Akua420 (verified owner)

    They’re not the strongest, but at the price they are its a great deal! They taste alright, some candies taste stronger of weed than others. Great deal, I recommend.

  53. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent price, taste and I can’t get enough!
    I’ve tried Green Apple, Watermelon, Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi, Orange, and Blue Raspberry.
    I haven’t tried Cherry, RootBeer or Grape. But I don’t like those flavours usually!
    Watermelon and Blue Raspberry are my favorites. Then maybe Strawberry Kiwi/Mango/Orange.. Tied for 2nd. They’re all quite tastey.

  54. Zemr (verified owner)

    So far have tried the following, watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple, and orange. My favorite are watermelon and blue raspberry but they all work just as good as each other! Love the taste and can’t beat the prices for the dose.

  55. danricharz57 (verified owner)

    well i love these little guys i wasnt much for eating my thc but i had a great time with 2 of these blue rasberry is a fav flavor taste great i recomend

  56. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    These are hands down THE BEST, they taste amazing (no funky after taste), super cost effective and they work really well (I found they did at first but grew tolerance to them quickly).

  57. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    I have a soft spot for THC hard candies and was a bit suspicious of how cheap these are. They are decently potent and taste pretty good. I like ’em and may pick up some more.

  58. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I received a few Sour Apple as a freebee a few times. So I finally bought some various flavours.

    Normally I buy “Gummy” candies. But these are a real treat, and last long enough in your mouth.
    (With Gummies, I instantly want to eat another. That’s not so good with edibles… I have a bit of a sweet tooth.)
    They taste just like you would expect. Or I expected. Your typical artificial candy flavour. With cannabis undertones. (I’ve tried Sour apple, Watermelon, Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi.)

    These are bang for your buck! They are not precise doses. Some of the squares are “Jawbreakers” compared to the rest in the bag. (much bigger… The edge of the pan) That’s OK, they are potent. The bigger ones are even more than 30mg of THC. After eating my share of 30mg gummies. I can say the big hard candies probably contain more… I’ll have to eat a few, and find out.

    These are my new go-to edible… Tastey, a real treat for a couple minutes. Low-low price too… If you like generic artificial fruit flavours these are great… I would really recommend. But save some for me!

  59. Yvil (verified owner)

    One candy takes the edge off when I can’t be really high. Super affordable as well! I’ve tried the root beer and cherry so far and they are tasty. Will definately buy again!

  60. L M N Tree (verified owner)

    For the price these little squares are worth ever bite. They are just enough for a little off the top when I can’t smoke. Eat one and it keeps me relaxed and helps reduce stress during day. They taste good too. It’s a nice small dose to get threw the day. Sometimes 2 lol

  61. tom from manitoba (verified owner)

    Definitely not a bad hard candy, tried the orange square and it had good flavor. The dosage of each square is nice but I think the are weaker than 30mg usually is. Good for users that are experienced beyond a beginner dosages. The very reasonable price is great to be able to try different flavors.

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