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Flower Sample Pack – 1g


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Product Description

Flower Sample Pack – 1-Gram – Sample Flower Today

Introducing our Flower Sample Pack—an affordable and convenient way to sample 7-10 grams of premium cannabis flower from our diverse flower menu. Individually bagged for freshness, each gram offers a unique strain for you to explore. From relaxing indicas to uplifting sativas, our Sample Pack allows you to tailor your cannabis experience, expand your knowledge, and discover new favourites without breaking the bank. Place your order today and embark on a journey of delight and discovery!

301 reviews for Flower Sample Pack – 1g

  1. Let’s Party

    Exactly what was expected. 7 different super premium strains, fantastic.

    Each one is different. Some are great, but all are good. Every one is worth the price.

    I will buy it again, but I hope the next time I buy it it will have some different strains. Would be disappointing if it was the same 7 every time. We bought 2 and they were identical. Favorite of this batch was the Girl Scout Cookies. Most disappointed that Gorilla Glue #4 wasn’t there, and none were disappointing. All were of the highest quality

  2. Beesdyk (verified owner)

    Decent for the price, it lets you choose a couple different strains and then you can order more.

    Obviously these are over priced than the street, but if you dont know anyone, its good.

  3. Hazel (verified owner)

    This is well worth it and a way to make the most bang out of your buck in my opinion. Good way to sample new strains or stock up on a favourite strain on sale!

  4. Joseph Ontario (verified owner)

    It’s nice of these dudes to give a sampler pack for such small quantities. Couldn’t find 1 gram sampler packs on any other sites and that’s upsetting because they are a good benchmark for the quality of a store overall. Yall are the OGs for a reason! I’d say “thanks BM”like everyone else did but that means…. Well you know what that means XD

    Thanks budmail! – Joseph Ontario

  5. Nat (verified owner)

    Lots of variety, labelled very clearly and includes details. Really great prices and shipping is extremely quick, would definitely order again and recommend to a friend

  6. FuzzyFizz (verified owner)

    Great way to sample a variety of strains and a still reasonable price. All strains are usually budmail quality. Might be nice if there were more strains included. But still a good deal.

  7. iNhale (verified owner)

    Excellent choice if you are looking to try new strains. Would love to see more variety/strain availability. Do note that the samples arrive a little on the dry side, though nothing a couple of boveda packs and a jar can’t fix.

  8. Rome D (verified owner)

    Lots of variety that sometimes you can not find. All individually packaged and labelled so your ready to roll. Never been disappointed with budmails quality.

  9. Burnout (verified owner)

    Love this option to try out a bunch or strains before buying more of a particular strain. So far have really enjoyed the fruity pebbles and kush cake with 3 more stains left to try.

  10. Chris (verified owner)

    I was hoping for more strains to choose from. Only had Darth Vader OG and Lso kush cake but they are two great ones so I wasn’t too disappointed. Both are great for relaxing after a long day at work.

  11. j-$ (verified owner)

    a good way to try a variety of flowers but i still wish it was more affordable. probably the only way to experience variety with a small discount so it’s still worthwhile

  12. CarRam Rod (verified owner)

    Love getting the sample pack. Almost every order I add it. I put all the packages in a big old cookie jar. Then when I want a random strain to smoke I grab a random one out and roll it into a 1g cone. Super great!

  13. dennis (verified owner)

    I received Great tasting Product’s.!!! the shipping was fast.!!! The weights were bang on, definitely worth ordering.!!!! I would recommend these products to everyone who likes smoking herbs.

  14. The dude (verified owner)

    Tempted to grab this with every purchase. Love the variety and price. Budmail always delivers and same day too. Sunday brunch was probably my fave last time I ordered.

  15. Tythehighguy (verified owner)

    I’ll give 5 star even tho I was shorted my shorbetto strain they refunded me happily with points upon my next order great way to get the full experience amazing pick up for party’s keeps everyone happy a strain for everyone’s brain

  16. Moniker (verified owner)

    Loved having this option as a first time customer and pair it with a crazy can of skookum. Got to try some nice sativa strains and this deal provides someone new awesome flexibility to try budmails gear. Love it.

  17. DeeAy (verified owner)

    Perfect choice if you don’t know what you like! I grabbed a handful of random strains I hadn’t tried before, and really enjoyed them. It’s fun to mix and match strain types to make your own special blend, and you won’t be able to find a better price for single grams anywhere. Highly recommended!

  18. Tricky (verified owner)

    Perfect way to sample the many varieties on bud mail. I prefer to use it for the premier line which brings the price down to a reasonable level for sampling top notch strains. Do yourself a favour, and go for the premier!

  19. Delusions of Reality (verified owner)

    Variety is the spice of life and I am a fan of the flower sample pack. I like the jars the premier line 1G arrives in, and Bud Mail shipping/packaging has been flawless every order.

  20. Zemr (verified owner)

    Awesome way to try out so many great strains at an awesome price. Good to figure out some favourites easily for a great deal. Was impressed by the selection across different grades that allowed me to try so much across the line up!

  21. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    Just received a 10 gram sample pack, it had a substitution but that’s cool, the sub was 1 gram of Lindsay OG and I ended up getting a second as well. I’ve been meaning to try the Lindsay and now I can try it for free. Always happy with Budmail service. Thanx.

  22. Say say (verified owner)

    Took a 28 day tolerance break so I ordered the sample pack to see if I could notice the difference between highs. Sativas and indicas are noticeably different in the way sativas wont put you to bed that’s it..Who ever sits there smokes the weed and than trys to elaborate on what their feeling are full of themselves. Sativas for the day indica at night that all you need to know. Tried tangerine dream and sour tangie what the difference was ..who knows.The black bubba was the best of the samples,hardest hitting and was great to fall asleep with.Black sugar rose tasted great and purple bubba was good to

  23. jielun (verified owner)

    good deal!nice bud good smells with white burns!loving it during a chilling night!has been order those products many time this year and budmail did very good job for packing and selection!would enjoy to try again!

  24. Earlybirdz (verified owner)

    I like the fact that you can choose between different strains so that a person can try out a variety and go from there. This is my second time doing the flower pack and I am very impressed with the selection. I purchased grape cake this time from their premiere line and I must say it is one of my favs!

  25. scorpio9 (verified owner)

    I buy the flower sample pack every second order or so. I love being able to try new strains and old favorites at a great price. Highly recommend to anyone curious about new flower!

  26. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Got the sample pac as part of my first order, would highly recommend it. Got to sample a lot of different buds all of which were top shelf. Another win from budmail

  27. c3thecollywoodlife (verified owner)

    Ive ordered from budmail so many times and just realized they have a sample pack and it gives you even more discounts! AMAZING. I will keep ordering sample packs and do review on youtube.

  28. Joshua kennedy (verified owner)

    It’s so fun trying all these varieties. Each one smells and tastes different and I love discovering how each one has a different effect on me. I will definitely get this again. Perfect stocking stuffers too.

  29. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    I’ve always enjoyed the package of 7strains, but now that I can choose what strain I want, it is better. I love bud mail, I have tried other sites, but am not so happy with them! Great job again BudMail!,

  30. Sasquatch (verified owner)

    Just heck of a deal! What an awesome way to try and bunch of different strains easily. So far the couple I have tried have been awesome, nice head buzz, and despite being indica, none of them have fully put me “in da couch.”

  31. sweet420 (verified owner)

    Love this deal! Each strain is packaged separately labeled with the effects of each strain as well! This gives you a chance to try out all the different strains and find the strain you love.

  32. Beans (verified owner)

    A great deal, really good weed!
    All used in a bong, wondering difference in smoke vs vape? Will find out next time!
    Awesome for daily users because of the variety of strains.
    Will definitely buy again and highly recommend!

  33. DontFearTheReefer (verified owner)

    Very easy way to try different strains and still save money at the same time!

    Would definitely buy again love these “mix and match” sales I hope Budmail keeps this option.

  34. Sio (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this a couple times now. I enjoy variety! This is a great way to get a good vibe on the strains! Everything comes quick and is packaged nice. Will definitely get again when new strains are available.

  35. SD (verified owner)

    I tried 4 of the flavors and they were all nice except for maybe one I didn’t really like the flavor of. One of the ones I liked was Congolese and another hybrid strain, they were both my favorites.

  36. Alex (verified owner)

    Very gooood thanks I love to buy on budmail great product et great weed . Fast shipping I will always buy there thanks very much you do amazing job!!!

  37. Mona (verified owner)

    Amazing offer! Something for everyone. Nice packaging as always. Always nice to try new strains and this is the best way. Good one budmail! Well done!

  38. Aimee Leigh (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the flower sample pack! Getting to see, smell and enjoy multiple strands for a discounted priced is awesome! My partner and I love to smoke and compare. The freshness and taste are never disappointing!!

  39. Deb (verified owner)

    What a fantastic way to try a variety of strains. Individually wrapped the bids were fresh and a good size. I have a couple of new favourites and did not have to commit to buying more than a gram to try them.

  40. Sirsmokealot (verified owner)

    Just like the pictures! Awesome product to sample a variety of their flowers. Budmail is amazing!! I have been using budmail for a bit now and will never switch to anyone else. Love love love Budmail.

  41. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    better to wait and pick this up when its on sale when its worth ur buck but overall this was worth it if ur getting one of each or whatever ur doing 5 out 5 in my book

  42. Summitstoned (verified owner)

    The sample pack is an absolutely fantastic idea! It was really nice to be able to try a lot of different strains. There was some discrepancy in the weight of each bag. 2 were less than 0.9g. Still very much enjoyed the product.

  43. K (verified owner)

    Great way to try something new, or even pick up a small amount of a strain you enjoy for a nice discount. The premier line come in tiny amber jars that I love, almost worth an order just to get a couple.

  44. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    great little discount going on ..picked up velvet pie and emerald city and a few other ones as well and it was all worth it and even got a little discount on it which made this a great choice

  45. Best pen I’ve tried (verified owner)

    It’s so fun trying all these varieties. Each one smells and tastes different and I love discovering how each one has a different effect on me. I will definitely get this again. Perfect stocking stuffers too.

  46. Bj (verified owner)

    Love the sample packs. Love being able to choose what I want as well as how many and love that they change the kinds you can get so able to try new strains!!

  47. Catfishwill (verified owner)

    Sample packs are the best! I hope Budmail never stops them and just keeps expanding them to cover edibles too….but seriously there is no better way to try out such a large variety of strains for such a small price , then you can confidently purchase a large quantity of what you really like!!

  48. scorpio9 (verified owner)

    Sample packs are the best! I have ordered several and am never disappointed. I have discovered many great new strains this way like Lucky Lime and Strawberry Jerry. I love the selection!

  49. Duragorne (verified owner)

    Amazing Deal! i like trying out the different skookum strains to decided which one in build i would like to buy later. the 1g samplers work great with the vape I use.

  50. J-Lee (verified owner)

    My favourite deal in life!! This deal is great for testing out multiple buds at once with an awesome low price attached. I love taking advantage of it.

  51. slugger23 (verified owner)

    Great way to sample various strains. I enjoyed them all. Purple Moby Dick was a tasty standout and the cannatonic CBD was very nice in its own way too.

  52. WOOOOOOO (verified owner)


  53. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    I’ve always enjoyed the package of 7strains, but now that I can choose what strain I want, it is better. I love bud mail, I have tried other sites, but am not so happy with them! Great job again BudMail!,

  54. Sprinks (verified owner)

    I got the big deal super Mario also I got apricot and platinum Kush the super Mario was decent smoke my girlfriend usually smokes Lower thc bud so she likes both the Mario and apricot I enjoy the platinum for its potency

  55. Tinta Dawn (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the variety here. I would try a different one every day, first thing in the morning, so I could try a strain out I never tried before, without influence of another strain beforehand. Only trouble is trying to “weed out” the ones from the selection to not add to your cart, as you really want to try them all !

  56. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    This is truly a great deal. I got a 7g assortment of AAA and AAAA bud for $65. All of the quantities were a generous gram, I rolled a J from each g and had enough to fill a bowl to vape. This is really great for sampling the menu and finding what strains you like the most!

  57. EastCoast69 (verified owner)

    This is such a great idea, First time trying the sample pack and I was not disappointed. It gives me a chance to try some new product as well as keep a few extra of the old faithful ones I enjoy! I will be doing another mix and match real soon!!

  58. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Always a great thing to toss into the ‘ol cart. A great way to try various strains of cannabis at a great price. Buds are always in great condition and top quality!

  59. Sisi (verified owner)

    Amazing assortment !!! I love trying new amazing strains each time!! I enjoy how they give you the strains effects and what they taste like ! Really loved one called LSD

  60. snooches (verified owner)

    Really great selection of quality buds. Loved the labels with the list of effects, helped me pick the best one for the occasion. Will most likely stick to just buying these in the future.

  61. Marvelously Stoned (verified owner)

    I got this when I first found and fell in love with Budmail and was easily veryyy impressed. Each strain had it’s own different effect, obviously, but great to try the different types to see what you end up liking. Great buy

  62. Zaleeo (verified owner)

    Just as the Indica Sample Pack, the Sativa Sample Pack is what I would recommend to any first-timers ordering or anyone who wants a little inspiration on what’s out there. All great quality strains with the whole range of affects for you to play with. Will order again.

  63. Zaleeo (verified owner)

    YES Indica Sample Pack!! Anytime again!
    You know when don’t even know what to buy!? … This sample pack is a great start, all AAA Grade to Organic (which I looove), which I thought was pretty cool! Figure out & write down what you like.
    Perfect way to experience a few strains.
    Packaging obviously not ideal due to many 1g plastic packs right?! but I get it, tricky issue to be solved better at this time of age.

  64. Big Red (verified owner)

    I hope BM continues their sample packs. What a great idea. So far I have ordered an Indica, sativa, and hash sample pack. I have never been disappointed. Obviously some are better than others and I am trying to keep good track of that. The choices offered are always very interesting. I would highly recommend trying one.

  65. anacc (verified owner)

    I decided to go with this as my first order and I gotta say in impressed. Loving all the strains and found a few I definitely want more of. Great package BM👍

  66. SheHigh (verified owner)

    What a great way to try many different quality strains! I love the ability to try a new type with every bowl, you can really taste the flavour profiles as they change. Now if only I would remember to write down my top picks so I can order again…

  67. jlo (verified owner)

    im not much of an indica smoker it just couches me haha
    but i order this indica sample pack every once in a while and its always amazing
    always a huge fan of the indica pack clean smokes never dry buds

  68. jlo (verified owner)

    you really cant go wrong with the sativa sample pack
    always comes with a great variety from there available buds.
    for someone like me who cant decide on anything ever this does it for me haha

  69. Zoki (verified owner)

    Anybody who loves trying new strains this is the to go it is a must very good you get a couple AAAA in there as well ive tried the indica one aswell but this 1 is way better my opinion.

  70. DeliP (verified owner)

    The indica sample pack is genius. I loved all the strains. I took off one star because I feel like there should be a way to separate the grams without so much plastic. Maybe not but… It’s worth looking into.

  71. t-dog (verified owner)

    The sativa sample pack that they sent me has been great. All good quality bud, not too dry and not too moist…perfect for vaping so far. It’s nice to have the variety to choose from when I decide to get high. I’d buy again.

  72. JP (verified owner)

    Customer service was very good and helpful. No expert on quality, but have been happy with the highs. Bud is a lot easier to smoke than stuff I had got in SQDC.

  73. JP (verified owner)

    Customer service was very good and helpful. No expert on quality, but have been happy with the highs. Bud is a lot easier to smoke than stuff I had got in SQDC.

  74. ADbud (verified owner)

    Heavy weed smoker.
    This sample pack was a great way to get reintroduced to what Budmail has to offer
    I will be buying it again soon.
    Thank you Budmail

  75. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    I just love getting this package ! Every day for a week a deferent strain , best ideal ever .
    But I wish I can buy bigger of some of the ones I got….No biggie ,
    Thanks BudMail

  76. NotaDisneyPrincess (verified owner)

    Great starter pack. I’ve ordered this pack a few times. The product is never dried out. Nice variety to bring to a weekend get away with friends…. if you like them enough to share.

  77. Apotvin (verified owner)

    Perfect for a first order. A lot of variety in the pack. Good price. All quality buds. It will be easier to choose for next order. Zurple punch is my favorite.

  78. Frank_Says_Relax (verified owner)

    Excellent variety in the samples I received. Everything was AAA quality or higher.
    Great value and the strains had a large variety of effects and flavors. Great option when starting out to find what strains work best for you.

  79. Kace (verified owner)

    I’m not much of an indica fan but I buy and share with my sister. I’m happy to say that this pack has changed my mind. The high I got was amazing compared to some of the sativas I’ve had. Will get again.

  80. Kace (verified owner)

    I’m not much of an indica fan but I buy and share with my sister. I’m happy to say that this pack has changed my mind. The high I got was amazing compared to some of the sativas I’ve had. Will buy again.

  81. Kace (verified owner)

    Black Friday was the best time to buy this pack. It was so cheap and I’m happy I bought it. Can’t go wrong with such a selection of flower. Grind a bid up from each pack and roll a joint or 2 with each one.

  82. tg204 (verified owner)

    A fantastic buy for both those new to cannabis and experienced users. With the small sample sizes, it is extremely easy and economically efficient to figure out what strains are your favourites and how different they are.
    All of the strains I received were top-knotch quality, potent, and had a range of effects. Will be ordering another pack next time I want to spice things up.

  83. Duke-abus. (verified owner)

    i have ordered these a few times to get to know the strains and to see which ones i will like! very good idea and has a good selection. i have ordered this 3 times now and have not got one that overlaps and all have been new strains. really like the bruce banner and death bubba. love potion is good but dont watch a sappy movie unless you have tissues!

  84. Brecat (verified owner)

    Happy with the quality and selection that was provided. The love potion was my least favorite of the bunch just due to lack of potency. My favorite one being japan.

  85. Brecat (verified owner)

    All very high quality strains! Really enioyed “wheres my bike” as well as “Tokyo” those were my favorites. Wheres my bike was very light green and fluffy, great taste. Tokyo I found was very similar just better!

  86. RyanOkaitok (verified owner)

    The samples are perfect for the every day smoker when you want to try something different, who knows you might just find your new favourite strain. All fine examples of each strain.

  87. Brit (verified owner)

    Fun and inexpensive way to try different strains if you’re not sure what you like or you just wanna change it up once in a while. I enjoyed all the strains I got. Will order again!

  88. Jack (verified owner)

    I am a strictly indica smoker and I stick more to concentrates but this was a beautiful sample pack containing excellent high grade flower with a solid mix of popular strains and it had a very pungent aroma. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the flower. Trimmed beautifully.

  89. Harmony (verified owner)

    Awesome sampler , lots of variety and great flavours . I’ve ordered this one twice as well as the indica sample pack and been super pleased both times

  90. Harmony (verified owner)

    Love the variety of these sample packs , there’s no getting bored of the same high which is great ! Will definitely be ordering again , also great way to figure out what you like and don’t like for larger ordering

  91. Tokesbeforeblokes (verified owner)

    This is great for new and experienced smokers. I found quite a few strains I love from ordering this! Would be cool if you could choose your own strains, however it is a Great way to try different strains! Thanks!

  92. Justin123 (verified owner)

    Really good if you wanna try a few different really good buds. It really helps me pick what kind of weed I like. Great for a fun twist. No complaints about any of the bud I’d get it again

  93. Mrsjrm (verified owner)

    The sample packs are always great quality. It’s a great way to try different strains and mix them. The sample packs are also great for someone new to smoking.

  94. Selenium Sam (verified owner)

    This little sample pack is a great way to indulge in some very decent sativas without breaking the bank. It is especially nice when the strains are also available in bulk.

  95. johnnyboy (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the Sativa Sample pack – more than the Indica – but that’s a me preference. I ended up going through this pretty quick, like a child excited to try new toys. Great exposure to new strains and high quality buds in there.

  96. johnnyboy (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about the sample pack because I’m typically picky with my strains. For the most part, very satisfied. Got to try some cool new favs like Tora Bora – gets me to sleep like a baby. A few other good ones. But I do have to say I was disappointed in Dutch Hawaiian. A friend and I went through an entire vape session and got nothing out of it – no body relaxation and no mental change. Our ladies said the same. 1 out of 7 ain’t too bad, I guess. It was nice to be able to get samples on a few others I hadn’t seen around. The sample packs are great if you haven’t found your strain yet.

  97. Fat Jesus (verified owner)

    Once again I am quite please with this purchase. I wanted to try something new without letting my own tastes have an influence on what i buy. This is a great way to quickly discover many different strains at once. Many pleasant surprises ! At a very fair price as well you can’t go wrong, I will definitely repeat again soon !

  98. B.Rak (verified owner)

    What a great little sample pack I received! I was able to go through and find out the different strains and what I like and don’t like in a bud. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  99. SheHigh (verified owner)

    What a fun way to try many different stands at once! I love opening each baggie and smelling the differences. Even tasting all the different notes in each kind, makes me feel like I am some fancy wine tasting person, but with weed!

  100. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite thing ever to purchase!!! Had everything I need in one little order!!!! I love it!!!!! thank you so very much!!!!!!! I can not wait till I can make another order

  101. OreoTheCookie (verified owner)

    Great value for your money. I like trying these every couple months as strains change up, it gives you a good idea of the differences between strains. Can’t go wrong.

  102. OreoTheCookie (verified owner)

    Great value for your money. I like trying these every couple months as strains change up, it gives you a good idea of the differences between strains. Can’t go wrong.

  103. Thrashknar (verified owner)

    great way to find out what you like , and don’t like, all the buds are high quality, some 3 star, some 4 star. Over all I enjoy the indica a little better, but I’m glad I bought this

  104. Jdmthc (verified owner)

    One of my very first purchases was the sativa sample pack and i was very happy when I received my package in the mail was very lowkey 😉 , They included the type of strain on the pack and i love the fact that you can choose which bud to smoke.
    Its a must buy for first time smokers and also for vets its good to buy when you wanna mix things up alittle 🙂

  105. Amaruq (verified owner)

    This was very helpful on finding what I like without ordering so many different ones at variable prices this was good and helpful liked what was in mine

  106. Corcor (verified owner)

    This was fun. I love smelling and scoping dope. Orange toffee. I.s.s. blue cheescake. Gr crack. Laugh buddah. Dutch haw. And luckfy lime.. .. I think laugh buddah had an interesting smell as it smelled like kush..lol.. Blueb cheescake smelled pungent like dutch haw.. Like a bag of cheetohs er something… After sticking lucky lime up my nose a couple time i swear i got a scent of white wine several times…shit amazed me.. Everything else smelled like lemos. Esp iss .. Smkoing it was grwat too. But im a smell guy… Brings back memmys

  107. Donzie215 (verified owner)

    Great way to sample different strains and find your new fave. Only 1g was disappointing to me and it was one that I was curious about so glad I got to taste before a big investment. Did discover my new fave so only good things to say about this. Worth a try to sample.

  108. PEACHY (verified owner)

    Was so excited about my bud buffet! With so many strains to choose from, I loved having this selection and helped find my favourites. Definitely ordering again 🙂

  109. Frank (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, all Bud was perfect, There was no dry Bud. My favorite was Sunkiss CBD. I am not a big user, so it gonna last for at least a year for me

  110. PailerQueen (verified owner)

    This sativa sample pack is a great idea, for a great price. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which strain to buy, so this pack lets you try a variety. It’s always nice to have options!!

  111. Pinky (verified owner)

    Great for people wanting to branch out in trying different strains. Loved every single one I received and will be stocking up on my favorites now! 🙂 !!

  112. takohex (verified owner)

    Great mix of strains, AAA and AAAA. Good way to figure out what strains you like and what kind of effects you’re looking for, especially when vaping. Will buy again next time I need to re-up.

  113. BlazaFatty (verified owner)

    Picked up a pack and was delighted that every strain was AAA standard or greater. You also get off-menu items. In my pack, I got a g of Cinderella Chunk AAAA…. off-menu item and absolute fire.

    6/5 due to variety, strength, affordability and always providing superb quality meds.
    Def re-buy!!!

  114. Kellie0606 (verified owner)

    Loved this order! Was a little skeptical about it, never bought online before. Gotta say it was great quality, and 7 different choices. Decent amount for the price too. Definitely will be buying again now that I know what I like 😁

  115. Brown (verified owner)

    I really enjoy these sample packs, all AAA or AAAA , the only problem is when you find one you like you can order it bulk. I got a g of el jefe and loved it, tried to order its never in stock 🙁

  116. Natezey (verified owner)

    A good idea in principal I found that this wasn’t really enough to help me make future choices easier. I found that some were good and others harsh but just didn’t get a good amount to sample

  117. JesusHat (verified owner)

    Amazing varieties. The best quality stuff I’ve had in a long time. The Tuna Kush was killer. Loved the ability to try new strains. Definitely interested in grabbing this again. Very much recommend!

  118. haldir6480 (verified owner)

    This Sativa sample pack is great. I liked all the strains provided. I mostly use Indica so the Sativa strains were a nice change of pace. The high was much more energetic and creative without the sedation/couch lock of Indica strains.

  119. WiLLy (verified owner)

    All of the strains I got in the pack were top notch. Especially the Lemon and Moby Dick. The orange toffee was very smooth. I would recommend it to everyone to give it a try! Will order again.

  120. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Such a fun way to try a lot of product all at once. Super good selection and AAA/AAAA quality. The selection even included organic strains. Quality was fresh and none of the samples felt old and dry.

  121. Sliboots (verified owner)

    My first time ordering the Indica Sample Pack. Good variety of AAA & AAAA strains to sample so you know which strains to order in bulk. Will let everyone know which strains I liked the most once I smoke them all!

  122. HappyYoda (verified owner)

    Great selection of sativas, it’s a great way of trying several different kinds of sativa strains so for future reference I can choose the one i prefer the most!

  123. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    What a wonderful way to get a idea of what Budmail is working with or just to sample a wide variety of cannabis, everything was amazing and completely different from the others. I would definitely try this out if I were you.

  124. El Roacho (verified owner)

    Always 5/5 in packaging and quality…good way to have a little taste of a different variety! Then you can come back and order whatever you liked most. lol..probably end up ordering more than you planned. Thanks BM

  125. NorthernONt-baby (verified owner)

    Same review for this Sativa pack as the indica sample pack , again BM has outdone themselves , these individual bags all Weighed in perfectly at a gram. They actually use a Variety of product and I got myself 7x different labeled AAAA strains . BM now includes humidity controlled packs with orders , these buds arrived extremely dank and stinky with it burning into white clean ash, I’ve been a medical card holder for the past several years and this product is top shelf

    Variety – 5/5
    Taste / Smell – 5/5
    Appearance – 5/5

  126. NorthernONt-baby (verified owner)

    Once again BM has outdone themselves , these individual bags all Weighed in perfectly at a gram. They actually use a Variety of product and I got myself 7x different labeled AAAA strains . BM now includes humidity controlled packs with orders , these buds arrived extremely dank and stinky with it burning into white clean ash, I’ve been a medical card holder for the past several years and this product is top shelf

    Variety – 5/5
    Taste / Smell – 5/5
    Appearance – 5/5

  127. KP (verified owner)

    Found out I’m more of a sativa person because of this sample pack! I purchased both the indica and sativa and both were amazing! I would definitely purchase this again.

  128. BlazingRenegade (verified owner)

    Great starter pack, all premium buds! Perfect introduction to the sativa side of things. Also very fun to try various kinds and figure out what you like. Definitely worth buying for beginners and longtime smokers!

  129. BlazingRenegade (verified owner)

    Great starter pack, all premium buds! Perfect introduction to the indica side of things. Also very fun to try various kinds and figure out what you like. Definitely worth buying for beginners and longtime smokers!

  130. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    once again bud mail has put together a wonderful mix, and I won on the twitter draw, cant wait to receive my winnings…thank you bud mail……………………………

  131. katt (verified owner)

    No complaints here! It’s sort of like a beer flight but for bud which is even better! I am a sativa person so I like to try them all, which can get pricey. This little kit is a great way to experiment with different strands, and also makes a good gift.

  132. HotboxingUnboxer420 (verified owner)

    The indica sample pack is everything you could want in variety pack. It comes with a great selection of heavy hitting top notch strains that are perfect for an indecisive first timer placing an order. For the quality you’re receiving you’re paying a fair price!

  133. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    You get your pick of whatever is around, for a great price. I tried some strains that I’ve never tried before and some I have never even heard of. Would recommend to first time buyers.

  134. Abes (verified owner)

    Really awesome mix of things I knew/heard of and things that I’ve never seen. All high quality and even some organic (which I didn’t know existed). Great way to try new strains and will definitely be ordering again!

  135. H3 (verified owner)

    I’m mostly into indica type strains so I wanted to try this out to test out some sativa strains. Didnt really have high expectations and it was pretty much what I’d expect to get. Out of the 7 I’d say 3 maybe 4 strains stood out of the bunch so it was well worth the price. Still feel like indica clicks with me best, I give this sampler a 7 out of 10.

  136. Nkel (verified owner)

    I’m the type of gal that NEEDS a sample pack. I swear that’s what my diet consists of, but hey, I never get bored with my food or my strains!
    I want to point out two things that people probably never do:
    •love the humidifiers they add in the bags (No more orange peels!)
    •the bags they come in are high quality
    Could just be the simple things for me that bring me joy (or maybe one too many puffs off the joint haha) but will always buy this sampler pack.
    Would be cool if you could have the choice to choose one strain to be added into the mix. Other than that, always great product, always loving the indica!

  137. PeaJay (verified owner)

    The best of seven worlds. This was my first order from BM and it was well worth it. It’s what got me hooked on BM actually. I recommend this to everyone that I tell about BM… which is everyone. Astroboy and Kalimist stand out in particular, but all were awesome!

  138. KmKro (verified owner)

    Was new to the site so this seemed like a good idea to sample the goods. I was not wrong! Got some great selection of sativas and I loved switching from strain to strain to find my favouite. Loved being able to compare and now I know what to order in larger quantities next time!

  139. Annie (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with the sample pack. I was super excited when I received a couple strains that weren’t even available on the website. Would definitely make for some awesome stocking stuffers!

  140. Shanaynay (verified owner)

    Very good choice for beginners just starting out. A little unhappy I got a lot of the same things I’ve ordered from the past. But… there was also some also bud sizes and stuff that isn’t always available on the site.

  141. HC420 (verified owner)

    I found this a very good option as i was new to the website, gave me a little bit of every kind with different benefits! Loved it will be getting this again in the future!

  142. chiaki (verified owner)

    Great introduction to different strains for a reasonable price. Received 3 AAAA’s, 3 AAA’s, and 1 Greenhouse. Definitely going to get the Indica pack next!

  143. Yabba Dabba Doo (verified owner)

    I recommend anyone who is ordering for rec to grab the sativa sample pack to find out what works well with them. People react differently to high THC sativa and before you order a large amount you should really see what works best for you instead of being stuck with a fat bag of something you can’t handle. I felt some of the buds were dry but if you buy a larger amount you get those little packs that keep the humidity right. Good stuff all around.

  144. Yabba Dabba Doo (verified owner)

    This helped me discover how much I enjoy Kush and the various strains. You get a wide array of what is currently available which helps you choose what to order in the future. I keep a list of strains I like to order more. I felt a few of the buds were really dry though.

  145. corytrev (verified owner)

    Really liked this. I had a cool range with a couple really great strains. Some were unremarkable but still effective enough. I’m only knocking one star off for the price. Otherwise, a great buy. I’ll get the indica pack at some point too.

  146. Flyaway77 (verified owner)

    I ordered this sample pack because I was unsure of what I wanted. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product I received. It was top notch flower. Great item if you want variety.

  147. Brandon (verified owner)

    7 grams of some of the best quality bud I’ve had. Great for finding what my favourite was before I stock up on the next order. Definitely not disappointed with any of these, so it’s going to be a hard choice

  148. julz (verified owner)

    The sample pack is a great way to diversify your order and get a good sense of what the website has to offer, I really liked the purple chemdawg, even though it’s a premium strain I will definitely buy again soon. Would recommend to anyone looking to try out this website!

  149. darrell (verified owner)

    was expecting to get a few lower quality strains but everything was great. Really loved the variety and i would definitely recommend to first time buyers to figure out what they would like in future orders

  150. Cran.xo (verified owner)

    Awesome little sample pack, totally mine and hobbies go to, we love that it comes with strains not listed on the site. It’s like a little surprise pack because you never know what your going to get but you know it’ll be amazing everytime!!!!

  151. NorthernLight (verified owner)

    These sample packs are a great option for new smokers. I always recommend these to my newbie friends so they can start to learn what they like. I usually order them for myself when I can’t decide on a specific strain. Love the variety! I’ve found strains I liked this way that I probably wouldn’t have ordered otherwise.

  152. Indicasmoker (verified owner)

    Wow just wow I’m so impressed I’m a daily indica smoker and this is something else thank you so much budmail I will always pick up a Sativa there was only one I didn’t like but I don’t like green house bud the rest spot on

  153. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    well Bud Mail you have done it again, these sample packs have not failed me yet. in this one i got one called Blue Coma. Well i think i have found my night time smoke, will definitely be buying this one on its own again. holy cow the name says it all..again thank you so much Bud Mail!!

  154. MarcuS (verified owner)

    I enjoy sampling many kinds of herbs. This pack did not disappoint. Many discoveries and new favorites. Probably will order the Sativa one. Strawberry OG was transcendent.

  155. Duke-abus. (verified owner)

    Good little starter pack, highly recommend if you are trying to find a strain to stick with. Down fall is not all strains in the starter pack are offered to purchase.

  156. Heckyeah (verified owner)

    Ordered this and India sampler both were great options Super great selection a very nice selection of green house to AAAA grade including organics. Great option for a start or just regular options. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  157. Heckyeah (verified owner)

    Super great selection a very nice selection of green house to AAAA grade including organics. Great option for a start or just regular options. I will definitely be ordering this again

  158. Blocky (verified owner)

    This was amazing i like all the different types I got will defenetly be buying more 👌 ….the strawberry og and the purple og is my favorite can’t wait to get more

  159. 👌 (verified owner)

    Received this in the mail today. As usual, doesn’t look like I’ll be disapointed. 5g”AAAA” 1g”AAA” 1g”greenhouse”. I order these sample packs once in a while. Nice way to get your hands on a bunch of strains.

  160. Sholdies (verified owner)

    Sample packs a great way to start your conisuours adventure! Great way to try a bunch of different buds to find exactly what your looking for and it’s at a reasonable price. Highly recommend for first timers.

  161. Sue (verified owner)

    I love the variety in the sampler pack. What a nice selection to choose from! I wish I had the ability to order a preferred strain in a larger quantity. Not all of them are available to purchase on an individual basis.

  162. Yabba Dabba Doo (verified owner)

    You get a great selection of sativa in this sample pack. Really surprised got some AAAA strains to test out. I jot down the names of the ones I really enjoyed so I know what to get when I reorder. I’m glad these sample packs are offered. If you are a first time buying, I highly recommend ordering both Indica and Sativa sample packs to get a feel for what you like.

  163. Yabba Dabba Doo (verified owner)

    Got to try some really good stuff and have a better idea of what I like for future orders. If you can’t decide or have fun trying different strains, I highly recommend this. I ordered both the indica and sativa samplers. I take notes on which strains are my favourite for future orders.

  164. sticky (verified owner)

    I have continued to be impressed with the products I’ve received off budmail. As a new purchaser off this website, this sample packs have been a great way to try new strains and figure out which ones I prefer. Personally, I’ve enjoyed each indica I’ve tried so far out of this sample pack. Each has been very fresh, sticky with large nugs and barely any stems. Great for the pricepoint as well

  165. sticky (verified owner)

    I ordered the indica sample pack as well as the sativa sample pack. I was super impressed with the quality of the bud sent in both of these pack in comparison to the low price point both packs are set at. There is tons of variety and all the sativas I’ve tried so far tasted great and gave me a very euphoric high! Would recommend this pack to see what you like and what you want to purchase more of in the future

  166. Pete (verified owner)

    What a great intro to BM. Almost every strain I got was AAAA, and wow they are beautiful. The strawberry og wow!! Packaged very nicely with absolutely no smell, until you get inside of course.

  167. Grasshopper (verified owner)

    This Sativa sample pack was my first purchase from BudMail; a modest outlay for an unknown product from a vendor I hadn’t dealt with before. I have no regrets. The strains I received were (I think): Lemonberry, Lemon Violator, Dutch Hawaiian, Moby Dick CBD, Critical Jack, Sage N Sour, and White Haze. Of course, not every strain is ‘100%’ Sativa (which is uncommon anyway), but they are all at least Sativa-dominant (info which is helpfully included on label of each bag). Of course, each time you order a Sample Pack you’ll receive a different mix of strains. For me, most were GOOD to VERY GOOD. Especially the ‘bright & clear high’ strains like Lemon Violator, Dutch Hawaiian, Moby Dick CBD, Critical Jack, and Lemonberry (which, following the unfortunately elusive Dutch Hawaiian, has become a favourite of mine). So all in all, a good purchase. The variety pack helped me realize that I prefer Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains, which don’t give me such a feeling of burnout, or (after waking up again) that groggy ‘hangover’ feeling too often experienced in the past. It also introduced me to CBD, which I’m a big fan of now. I live with depression & anxiety (which I take an Rx for), and I find the high CBD high is ‘clear & bright’ & not sedating (while still being euphoric). I also notice that, for a day or so after I have been smoking a high CBD strain (long after I have come down), I feel less ‘background anxiety’ and more of a general ‘wellness’. Lastly, this variety pack was like a little smorgasbord that opened up new alternatives for me. Especially considering that for years I never had much choice from my ‘local guys’ and rarely even knew the name of the strain I was smoking. Some of these strains I have definitely bought again in dedicated purchases, when available. So, besides the purchase itself – the “sampling” of each strain in the variety pack also helped me to educate myself a bit more, in a ‘hands on’ way. I have since returned and made other purchases, selecting my own strains. But I will also still order a Sample Pack again from time to time, as it’s a very good way to experiment. I’ve also come to trust the quality of the product, and the quality of the mix of strains that staff select. Further, I have also found Customer Service to be quick, friendly & responsive. And shipping & packaging to be excellent (with product vacuum sealed of course, but also double bagged, AND inside a nice little box — which further camouflages what’s inside during shipping). Prices are decent, and shipping fee is one of the fairest on the market. This is definitely a ‘customer oriented’ business that is actually concerned with giving the customer a good experience at every step of the way. It is why I have come back again & again. I really hope they successfully transition into the new marketplace, without losing any of what makes them good in the first place, and continue on for a long time.

  168. Tshylay (verified owner)

    These sample packs are great. I got 2 strains that I thought were pretty good, 3 strains that were great, and 2 strains that were absolutely outstanding. One of my favorite ways to try new buds.

  169. Mxcael (verified owner)

    I got amazing strains, all of them tasted great too. Wish some of the strains were able to be purchased from the shop individually instead of just receiving the one sample pack of it tho cuz I’d surely buy more.

  170. Glamour (verified owner)

    Found out I’m more of a sativa person because of this sample pack! I purchased both the indica and sativa and both were amazing! I would definitely purchase this again.

  171. Glamour (verified owner)

    I dont regret this purchase at all! Great samples single large nugs. If your new to smoking or looking to change it up I would definitely purchase this!

  172. Slowriot (verified owner)

    Good selection, well worth the price. All samples looked well selected and manicured. Large single nugs. There was good variety including chemo, strawberry, pink kush and more.

  173. coldbeer (verified owner)

    All the different buds were a good quality looks are nine out of 10. Smoke was as advertised you won’t be disappointed. i can’t complain for a variety pack. Would definitely order again.

  174. BlazaFatty (verified owner)

    3 quads 3 trips and 1 greenhouse. Only tried the Greenhouse Congo, burned cleanish and good effect. Cant wait to try trips & quads. Def worth buying!

  175. Z2theAwaa (verified owner)

    This is just the best for sampling, had different variety in my two purchase of the sample packs. Plus price for the sample is spot on! For what you get. Five out of five!

  176. Tokes_r_us (verified owner)

    A beautiful selection of sativas- 6 of them were AAAA and one was AAA. Honestly the best weed I’ve smoked and I lived in BC for a while. Delivery was pretty fast too. My hometown dealer lost a customer, that’s for sure!

  177. Tamara M (verified owner)

    Sample packs are the way to go for beginners or ones experimenting to find the best bud for your desired effects. Included some AAAA, AAA and organic samples. Will be buying again and again! 🙂

  178. Sam (verified owner)

    I had ordered this sample pack, it had come with 3 AAAA, 3 AAA & one greenhouse. Good to order when you don’t know what to choose, soo why not try it all lol!

  179. Uldinga (verified owner)

    As a first purchase, awesome choice. You get to sample a bunch of different strains and get a sense of what to order in the future. Good qualitaaayyy.

  180. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite go to purchase, I was always have this in one in my shopping cart…………………Thank You BudMail………………………………..

  181. PeaJay (verified owner)

    This was well worth the money. The only thing is, I liked all the samples and can’t decide which kind, or kinds, I want. I’ll probably just order another sample pack in all honesty.

  182. Budme (verified owner)

    Awesome buy! I had purchased both the sampler packs and love every product. Also helps when you can’t just pick one, so pick em all.. I would give extra 5 stars for packaging

  183. D.ave (verified owner)

    Awesome sample pack, recieved mostly AAAAs with two AAAs I believe. Blue Coma was very potent I highly recommend it. My personal favourite I got was the Bruce Banner #3, nice high energy buzz.

  184. Becca (verified owner)

    Very happy with this sample pack! Prob throw one in to all my orders. Great quality for every gram 🙂 great for the indecisive ppl out there! Def way to go

  185. Klazina_11 (verified owner)

    This is the way to go if u are at all unsure about the different strains!…gives u such a good variety that u are bound to find one if not more, that u like!…

  186. Chris r (verified owner)

    I only recently began using more sativa as previously I had found they created extra anxiety but lately I’ve been finding them inspiring during daytime. The sample packs have let me find the strains that work for me for a great price.

  187. Chris r (verified owner)

    I always love getting these as they provide surprises. They packs often contain strains I wouldn’t normally have tried but I end up finding great new favorites.

  188. lilCyle (verified owner)

    I am very happy about this product. It was well packaged and is very high quality. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try the sativa variety pack.

  189. Fuckedup69 (verified owner)

    I was very happy with mine I got 6 AAAA and one AAA. I order them just to try random kinds and order more if I like it. All ways great quality and will order agine.

  190. Z2theAwaa (verified owner)

    These sample packs are a great idea for customers that want try a bit of everything. Helped me pin point my favourite strains with the next Oder I did.

  191. 👌 (verified owner)

    Liked the sample pack. Received 3 “AAAA” , 3 “AAA” and 1 “greenhouse”. I was impressed with every strain they sent me. Top 2 were probably “Stella Blue” and “Citrus Skunk”. Will probabaly order every once in a while, nice way to try a bunch without breaking the bank. Good job BM

  192. Pacha (verified owner)

    Nice selection of strains. I only took one star off because some of the best strains in this “sample” pack are not later available to purchase separately, so the notion of “sampling” them doesn’t quite fit.

    Most strains in the box were AAAA with only a couple AAA. The effects ranged from euphoric, brain-high and creative, with little to no couch-lock in the bunch. Every single strain was one I was eager to share with my smoke buddies, and the most compliments were for Stella Blue and Bruce Banner.

    Packaging is very appealing and the medical sticker on the pack is a nice touch.

  193. Justanopinion (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful idea for customers that are just starting! Gives you the perfect selection of buds to choose from and this way you can try 7! Gives you more of an idea of how they all are and I loved all of them! Would 10/10 recommend

  194. THR (verified owner)

    Variety is the spice of life, and these sample packs certainly offer you plenty of variety.
    These are a great way to sample what’s out there and find what works for you.
    Mine was a mix of high and mid quality strains, with one greenhouse ( a superbly high quality greenhouse strain).

  195. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    The sample pack rocks, you get a great mix of the highs n mids…and it rly gives you a good idea of what they are working with. I love love a good variety and there was nothing I the order I didn’t like.

  196. Ld (verified owner)

    Love the sample pack for when I can’t decide what to get. Great quality and selection not to mention great price. I like to mix it up with a sativa sample pack too

  197. Bic Mitchum (verified owner)

    Yep! Best way to sample a variety! Loved the black Thai and the Stella blue were my fav!!! Had to order more!! Definitely will recommend over and over

  198. IrishBreakfast (verified owner)

    Great variety of bud in the sample pack (even stuff that doesn’t appear on the menu). Nice way to try a bunch of different strains before purchasing more. 100% agree with elchapo regarding stella blue. Amazing stuff. Shipping arrived as expected, and was scent free.

  199. motajefe (verified owner)

    first time getting this pack although it took over a week cuz of long weekend it was well worth the wait although it would have been nice to get it before the long weekend so I could be baked for the long weekend. overall cool little individually bagged grams of different kinds loved it. Stella blue is still my fav hands down but island skunk creeps on you. defs ordering again! from your Canadian bud

  200. motajefe (verified owner)

    first time getting this pack although it took over a week cuz of long weekend it was well worth the wait although it would have been nice to get it before the long weekend so I could be bakes for the long weekend. overall cool little individually bagged grams of different kinds loved it. Stella blue is still my fav hands down but island skunk creeps on you. defs ordering again! from your Canadian bud

  201. Cheezy (verified owner)

    For a first time order, the indica sample pack was amazing. I tested/tasted bud firsthand and instantly knew what I wanted to order. 7 random buds W2G

  202. Jrose (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Sativa sample packs on 3 occasions and have been extremely happy each time! I received 3 different strains. Most of my strains were AAAA or better I only received 3 AAA or greenhouse in each pack. The quality is exceptional. I order this sample pack with every order!

  203. Jrose (verified owner)

    I have ordered the Indica sample pack on 2 occasions now and both times I was extremely happy with the 7 different strains I received and the quality of them. Will order again!

  204. TyrannosaurusFecks (verified owner)

    Great variety of strains! Nice to have several options to smoke from. Some are better than others but overall good quality and a nice way to experience different products for a good price.

  205. buddy (verified owner)

    I think this is a great way to sample different flovours of bud and decide which ones you like best and maybe not like so much too. I really like some of the strains like Tuna kush and Black Tuna which I do not see on the menu. Very nice taste with a great high. Fun to try the different strains for sure!

  206. adamtwelve (verified owner)

    Seems to be a hit and miss when I buy it, I’ll get two grams of good bud and the rest is midgrade outdoor or greenhouse indoor that’s all similar..which means I paid too much for it. I did like the hashberry and pink death star but a gram isn’t enough when you have to smoke cannabis to sleep.

  207. DiGi (verified owner)

    Liked the fact that you got to sample a gram of different strains, although I wish I had the chance to pick what was going to be sent. Great for someone who wants to get a sense of what BM has to offer. Would recommend to someone who is new to the site and wants to try different flowers.

  208. Pimento (verified owner)

    Great decision for a first order. Nice variety, including a few AAAA strain, all of which have been enjoyable. Good start before buying bigger orders.

  209. SHH (verified owner)

    As a new customer I think it’s a great way to try different kinds to figure out what one is best for you. Definitely worth the buy and I will be purchasing again!

  210. SHH (verified owner)

    As a new customer I think it’s a great way to try different kinds to figure out what one is best for you. Definitely worth the buy and I will be purchasing again!

  211. Steve (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff probably get this more often to try out more kinds easier and cheaper all good solid buds like a little present enjoyed trying the different kinds

  212. Jk (verified owner)

    A very good variety from greenhouse to quads one greenhouse, one AA, two AAA and three AAAA. The indica sample pack is what I purchased Black tuna is nice one.

  213. 5tokes (verified owner)

    A great way to sample the different flowers from BM, a nice selection from across the wide spectrum of amazing sativa bud that they offer. They give you a variety of different grades and strains but all good bud.

  214. El Patron (verified owner)

    I am a first time buyer off this website and I got the indica sample pack. It was a great buy and i know I will buy more in the future. It is a great way to sample a lot of strains without buying in bulk of one samething. I had 4 0f the 7 were high quality buds.

  215. margaret bruce (verified owner)

    this is my go to everyday is different.i have ordered this many many times , and will be ordering this again.
    I love ordering this, love the quantity and quality..

  216. MoniBoni (verified owner)

    I’ve order this several times. It’s a great way to try different strains. I’m always happy with the quality. I’ll definitely get this item again in the future.

  217. MoniBoni (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this item several times and am never displeased with the product! It’s a great way to try different strains and see what works for you!

  218. Pellytee (verified owner)

    Wow. What a great way, to be able to sample some of the flower sold on BM. Red Congolese and Stella Blue, were incredible strains. The others were very nice as well, but nothing to brag about. I give 5 stars, because the whole point here, is to try different strains to see what you like. I did just that, and now I know what my go-to strains are.

  219. amall (verified owner)

    awesome purchase, all 7 grams look like quality bud! most excited to try the Stella Blue! First time ordering from budmail, super service. great stuff

  220. Piffany (verified owner)

    Got this with the sativa sample pack and was very pleased. Good mix of quality for the buds from AA to AAAA, but none disappointed. Was great to sample what was available on the site.

  221. Piffany (verified owner)

    We got this along with the indica sample pack and were very pleased. They don’t always throw in strains that are currently on the site, but all that we got were great. They seem to do an even mix of AA, AAA, & AAAA strains so you get a good variety.

  222. Sportsman850 (verified owner)

    Excellent choice for someone looking to sample the menu. All buds were great in quality and potency. Highly recommended . Will definitely buy again. Thank you!

  223. stevlink91 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. I received 1 AA, 2 AAA, and 4 AAAA Samples one of which was premier line. Although you can get 7G of guaranteed AAAA for the same price, the variety makes it more than worth it to me. Most were single well formed nugs, lot’s of crystal all around. Not one bad looking strain out of the pack, would definitely consider ordering in the future to try a new set or give the sativa pack a try.

  224. Ponyboy (verified owner)

    I grab one of these packs with every order. Always a nice little variety of nuggets. Its nice sampling this way because then you know which bud to order a bigger bag of 🙂

  225. HashTray (verified owner)

    It’s was like Christmas everyday ,I loved the variety and it set me on the right path to finding what I liked and didn’t like ..All 7 strains hit the spot

  226. Killsitch (verified owner)

    As usual Budmail nails it outa the park.
    The variety is great but at the same time is my only real complaint. I feel there should be more of a selection instead of random.
    The green house bud and a couple of others weren’t what I’d have chosen myself given the choice.
    Shy of that this package is well worth your money especially if your new to ordering and aren’t sure what you’d like

  227. Drayven (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered it 3 times now and it was good all 3 times, can’t go wrong for the price or for what you get…..
    Very nice bud for a sample pack……..

  228. Sublime-haze (verified owner)

    Great way to sample different strains at various price points. The menu having so much selection lately it can be hard to choose, great for newer members

  229. Sublime-haze (verified owner)

    Got some sample packs for the roommate. Good way to try out different selections on the menu. A few that aren’t around anymore, which was cool because they were great strains.

  230. Doodles (verified owner)

    Love the variety in this sample pack…i jave ordered it twice and got diffrent kinds both times…great tasting and will keep ordering thos again. Loved it!!!!

  231. Ontariochrons (verified owner)

    Excellent selection and such an amazing product as always i reccomend this to any first time buyers wanting to see what bm is all about or anyone interested in having a selection of amazing strains on hand

  232. Ontariochrons (verified owner)

    Very awesome way to order all bids were fantastic even the one greenhouse i got if your looking for variety and convenience this is the way to go 5 stars yet again

  233. based (verified owner)

    A great way to sample many different strains. The fun part about buying the packs opposed to each gram individually is that you may get a gram of something that’s off the menu

  234. YungKratom (verified owner)

    I got two strains that I had recently bought, whether it was on purpose or not i’m not sure, but I would have preferred strains that i never tried before. Nevertheless, I got more premium buds than I did non-premium, some of which I haven’t even seen on the online menu before, all of which were impressive in their own rights. Would definitely buy a sample pack again!

  235. Drayven (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered it twice now and both time’s it was great, it is prefect smoke, not dry or broken up bud.
    I love the fact that you get so many choice’s in one bag, and yes i’m ordering again

  236. Narrow (verified owner)

    You get to find out what you do like and what you don’t like. The white haze got my lady and I unusually horny. I just cant remember if it was from the indica sample pack though. It’s good.

  237. Doodles (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with this… would definitely order this product again….was not moist or dry it was just right…smokes very good and great tastes

  238. Em (verified owner)

    Purchased this as a gift for somebody and they were more than thrilled. Despite being an experienced smoker, the continued surprise of new strains kept them interested. A great buy if you’re unsure what to order or don’t really care and are looking to try a bunch at once.

  239. BATman42p (verified owner)

    Vraiment satisfait !
    Beaucoup de strain n étant pas sur le menue.
    Cela donne un avant goût de vos produits !
    The pink death star one is my favorites!

  240. Drayven (verified owner)

    Great buy for variety…Some great one’s some good one’s…And one greenhouse which i didn’t think would be in it…but it was ok..I’m ordering another one on this order so it must be alright lol

  241. TMG (verified owner)

    This is a really good idea if you’re not sure on what to pick out. Order this and Sample more than just one at a time. You can even order this regularly if you like all the samples. Personally it’s all good to me. I highly recommend try this first and see what floats your boat!

  242. goingnuclear (verified owner)

    Awesome way to test out different strands. Highly recommend when your not sure what to get, if your new to indica strands or if your looking for a new strand to hit. 10/10

  243. Mrw (verified owner)

    This is definetly recommend to anyone who enjoys indicas. Everything I got in the sampler I really enjoyed.would recommend pairing it with sativa sampler so u can have 14 different strains at once!

  244. Mrw (verified owner)

    This is awesome to get! Would recommend pairing it with the indica sampler if u can. Often I look on here and can’t decide what to order…problem solved! All the strains I got were pretty awesome too I think there was only 1 I didn’t like as much.

  245. Count Orloff (verified owner)

    This was a nice way to check out the quality of various strains available. It was a good mix of highs, mids and lows as far as potency which mad it easy to find a strain that does the trick.

  246. theo (verified owner)

    really good product love it, being a heavy smoker this so much more efficient for saving weed, cause instead of smoking say a half o of one strain and building a tolerance quick you get to just switch back forth between different strains. Also i find it really awesome trying out all these different strains . highly recommend

  247. Phil McCrackin (verified owner)

    I order the indica sample pack very often because I think it’s a great way to experience a number of strains based off one’s preference for indica or sativa.

    It’s helped me discover strains which I now order on the regular. My only issue with the sample packs is that if you order them several times over a period of time (let’s say a couple months), you’ll often find yourself getting the same strain(s) frequently or even consecutively.

    It could be designed this way, however, with the sample packs being limited to, say, 15 packs, it’s no surprise you’d experience repeats. Although I have gotten two of the same sample before as part of the same sample package on one or two occasions. No biggie though, they’re usually all great regardless.

  248. jaycads159 (verified owner)

    always a winner imo. great variety, saves a few bucks on 7g. third time ordering a sampler, I always get my money’s worth. usually a mix of a few old favourites and 4-5 I haven’t tried. would recommend.

  249. TheBeard (verified owner)

    The sativa sampler’s pretty much always a winner, whether you’re a newer customer looking to get a feel for the sativas currently on offer or a Budmail veteran who just wants to roll the dice and maybe end up trying something new. Either way, you’re bound to get something you like, and you on top of that you get the fun of finding out which strain’s your favourite. So if sativas are your jam, this is a perfect place to start. Happy sampling!

  250. TomFlry337 (verified owner)

    Great variety, fast shipping, quality buds and all of the strains had different notes to them. A+ on all fronts and will definitely buy again without a doubt.

  251. cbguy (verified owner)

    Solid haul, 7 different grams for 65 bucks you cant go wrong and its all high quality i will definetly be ordering more of these in the next few days.

  252. Mr. Fitz (verified owner)

    I love the sample pack because I get to try a different kind every night. All of which are great.

  253. smurph (verified owner)

    was expecting more higher quality / better variety buds for the price, not really impressed…

  254. bronnblackwater (verified owner)

    Amazing selection, really great if your unsure of what to get

  255. frostynugs (verified owner)

    Great way to see what types of strains are available and see what you like the most before a huge order, out of the 7 strains I got, the mango sapphire had to be my favorite, once ground up, it smells just like ripe mangoes and had a very pleasant sweet aroma while burning.

  256. Dj mc

    Love having multiple awesome strains allows the consumers to really get to no the product thanks

  257. Chipgirl&sodaboy

    I loved the Indica sample pack the price is alright and 7 different flavours is always nice. Perfect for testing the waters and seeing what strains you like best. The pink death star was my favourite

  258. Michio

    I loved trying the different types of the indica some were better than others I especially enjoyed the purple god a real nice buzzzz

  259. Steel

    Great way to try out different strains. Had one gram in the batch i wasnt loving but all in all great stuff! Good price for what you get! Budmail where have you been all my life!

  260. Mariss

    Purchased this sample pack and was pleased with the variety. Enjoyed the labels and noticed difference amongst the strains. All of which were awesome! Order it along with the Sativa sample pack which also did not disappoint and led me to find two of my new favourite strains. Dutch Hawaiian and lemon violator. Highly recommended as it was fun to compare strains.

  261. Kreamyg (verified owner)

    Awesome buy! I had purchased both the sampler packs and love every product. Also helps when you can’t just pick one, so pick em all

  262. Kreamyg (verified owner)

    You really can’t go wrong with this one, can only expect the best. I was very sastified!

  263. no1br

    Great for a everyday change of flavors and different kinds of pain relief,would definitely recommend if you like something different to smoke everyday

  264. fengs

    love this as a starter for a noob pothead like me 🙂 figured out what i like and didnt like from this pack, plus it was fun trying a different one every day!

  265. ellis

    Gave me an amazing selection of quality buds, most of them not being on them menu being a nice treat 🙂

  266. Thefriedguy.

    I ordered one indica and one sativa sample pack. Its so awesome to have the variety of quality strains available like this. How fantastic!!!! I can’t imagine not ordering the sample packs every time I make an order from now on. I had 4 different strains at home when my order of 2 sample packs and a half O of C4 came in, so now I have 19 !!! 19 different strains to enjoy, I feel as if I’m on top of the world. Thanks BUDMAIL your the best.

  267. Covertempire

    Nailed it! Love the variety and all are tasty treats

  268. Ieatcheese

    I was very pleased with this product (sativa sample pack). So many amazing flavours and aromas. Highly suggest trying this out

  269. Brian

    Top notch every single time. If you love switching up your strain from joint to joint like i do then this is the best bang for your buck

  270. Krisss

    Great variety of buds. Superb high truly enjoyed being about to try a large variety and a great price point

  271. Shagzilla

    I received my first order today, the og cushion, and the sativa sampler, all smell great, and taste great so far. I think I’ll be a repeat customer.

  272. chillskillz

    Great selection, quality flowers. Highly recommend this one, especially at this price.

  273. Scotch

    Great product great customer service, and I loved all the samples.

  274. Cottage Bob

    Variety really is the spice of life. What shall I smoke today? All varieties have been excellent.

  275. Cottage Bob

    Variety really is the spice of life. What shall I smoke today? All varieties have been excellent.

  276. SIREN

    once in a while i enjoy getting a sample pack because sometimes you get a nice little surprise of a strain that was gone off the shelf months ago (i got sugar jack unexpectedly once and was like yyYYEEEEAH) and it’s like opening a kinder surprise and getting a really dank super cool toy thats what getting this sample pack is like. treat yo self, enjoy life!

  277. Ykcap

    Absolutely my favourite way to order, a weed salad. Something a little different every time. Each strain was lovely and potent; including moby CBD which I normally wouldn’t order but thoroughly enjoyed as a mixer.

  278. Toke

    Wasn’t too pleased with the indica line up here. Considering the great strain selection on the menu, it feels like the less popular strains make it to the 7 strain list.
    3 stars for the good 4 of the 7 strains. 3 stars because I did not expect CBD and rockstar kush I’ve previously ordered off the Premium menu. Still a great test to see what you like though.

  279. bender2377

    This is the best little sample package available on the net. Generous 1 g samples that are sure to please. Great way to try different strains. Not the first time bought, def. not the last.

  280. Dr.Greenthumb

    Would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes having a variety of different top notch strains!

  281. Novascotian

    Love this option! Was impressed by each and every sample. High quality. Props to the BM Team.

  282. JT Brown

    Great way to try a couple different strains..I’d definitely prefer larger quantities/price to match to really figure which you might prefer though.

  283. Marketingbuds

    I’ll be FORVEWR customer and getting evethting eventually
    The sample pack was good..had a couple of the ones I wanted anyways hehe and I’m studying what each does compared to what I rectified as well as what I got medical conditions etc 😨😔

    But yes they are all amazing and perfect and as always you guys got the best in the world and professionally medically pharmaceutically scientifically grown in the world !

    I got 17 grams and 10 different types for 125$ with 2 DAY SHIPPING!
    God bless you guys
    Much love👌

  284. bender2377

    What an awesome package. Great samples, well sized. Everyone is like it’s own special treat. Would suggest to anyone. Will get myself again, plus more. Shipping was fast, purchase was easy. Thnx BM

  285. A1 Kush

    Some dark ones, some light ones, some crystaly, some not, some hard as rock, some fluffy as pillow. Great way to try bunch different strains, or mix them toghether in a joint.

  286. Coltsrmint

    Every easy process for ordering and receiving. Tried the Marion berry first and have to say, super smooth and puts you in a great spot. Cannot wait to smoke the other strains. Thanks Budmail.

  287. Slick

    What a great idea. It’s nice to get to try so many amazing strains. I will add a sample pack to each of my future orders, for sure.

  288. Bill

    Thought I’d try this out as a first time buy for its novelty. Ordered Friday afternoon with a first time 15 dollar discount code (sweet) and received early Wednesday morning ~Xpress post! Came double vacuum sealed, no scent until I got to the box. They all came in at about 1.1.g and Marion Barry is dripping crystal. I hope writing a review gets me another discount code for my next purchase. Cheers from Ontario!

  289. Mikeyrb

    Got it today, love all the different kinds I give it 5stars for sure.
    Thanks BM

  290. Fuckedup69

    Very good buds. Great way to try different kinds out. Quick shipping also

  291. Travesty

    A fantastic starter package for new customers! So many delicious strains. I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    Nothing to complain about here! Thanks BM

  292. Zorrox

    So got my Sample back today pretty pumped to test them one for each day weight was great some were over!!!

  293. Rollinsmokin420

    This is an excellent option. It’s strait up for 7g but every one of them was over a gram also some closer to 1.5-1.6 Perfect to try the goods. Would be nice to see a bigger sack of more kinds for a fair price I would definitely buy one just for the selection on hand lol.

  294. JCn

    Some very nice strains!
    2 i found a little less potent, But they were still great!
    Overall A great way to test out some goodness, and have a lil variety on hand.

  295. Killerclay

    Awesome Stuffs,But They All Came With One Whole Package,So I Had To Leave Them For A Day Just To Test That Grass. Each Day Awesome Stuff From That Sample Pack. Smoke And Roll On Tokers. And Thanks A lot BM Keep It Up. Cheers

  296. Manitoban

    If you dont kno what to choose from BM’s selection, i recommend this sample pack, find out what you like, and order a big bag so your not disapointed.

  297. Vaporific

    I love the sample pack! Its like a candy store for adults, want to try ALL of the candy?! Yes I do. Some strains are not the best but it’s weed, are any actually THAT bad? Thank you BM, great service and super efficient delivery.

  298. Perryl

    2nd time ordering this package, got another 7 great strains. Some were the same as last time, some were different. I am very impressed. I will keep ordering this on most orders. So far, all of the super premiums I have received in these sample packs have been deserving of the grade.

  299. Timmer

    Picked the sample pack for my first order. Figured the sample was the best way to test the waters. 7 different types in nicely packaged and labeled.
    Can’t wait to try them all.

  300. themoistchoice

    I have ordered twice. I like to mix things up with the variety. No complaints other than the fact i was hoping to get a few different strains to try so i can make a decision of what i want to buy next. If i was to make a suggestion id say to mix up the bags to keep people coming back to those sample bags. Thanks BM

  301. Perryl

    Exactly what was expected. 7 different super premium strains, fantastic.

    Each one is different. Some are great, but all are good. Every one is worth the price.

    I will buy it again, but I hope the next time I buy it it will have some different strains. Would be disappointing if it was the same 7 every time. We bought 2 and they were identical. Favorite of this batch was the Girl Scout Cookies. Most disappointed that Gorilla Glue #4 wasn’t there, and none were disappointing. All were of the highest quality.

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