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Polynesian Thin Mints (Oso Fuego)

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Flower Grade: AAAA premium flower

Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

THC: 25%

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Product Description

Polynesian Thin Mints is a balanced hybrid of the potent and mouth-watering Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off BX1 strains. With these famous parents, this strain has a delicious flavour profile with aromas of fruit, conifer, and earth followed by distinctive, sweet, minty cookie dough tastes. The long and angular buds are dense, medium-sized, and a lovely dark green, displaying long orange hairs, and have a full, thick coating of trichomes. Polynesian Thin Mints delivers a slow-building euphoric high, culminating in a relaxed, happy, and hazy bliss that gently melts into the rest of the body. With these balanced effects, Polynesian Thin Mints would be recommended to use for anxiety, headaches, and depression.

Flavours/Aromas: Pine, Floral, Sweet, Conifer
Effects: Calm, Body-Stone, Soothing, Uplifted
Medical Uses: Chronic Stress, Chronic Pain, Depression

Straight fire from British Columbia, Oso Fuego have been honing their craft for over a decade. From humble beginnings to high-level artistry, the goal has always been singular – quality, organically grown cannabis at a fair price. Stay lit, friends.

Consistent high quality and clean smoke for those who want the best of the best. We are 2nd generation cultivators, retailers and consumers. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, when we say we know quality, we mean we know. From package design to growing facilities and quality assurance, we ensure that every delivery is done to give you one of the best and most enjoyable experiences possible every time.

Oso Fuego top-shelf cannabis begins with the technical mastery of our robust genetics and meticulous quality control. This results in the guarantee of one the cleanest smokes on the market.

Our gold bear label represents our commitment to our quality, assuring you that each of our products meets our four-A smoke standard.
Situated on the west coast of Canada, Oso Fuego is proud to be a cannabis producer and manufacturer in beautiful British Columbia. The natural and lush environment is an amazing place to cultivate a great life and inspires us to bring that same joie-de-vivre to our products.

44 reviews for Polynesian Thin Mints (Oso Fuego)

  1. Ty (verified owner)

    This was one of the better high-end strains i have tried, as far as potency goes it was on point. Very nice packaging with the tin it came in. Overall would purchase again.

  2. J19 (verified owner)

    Great high and beautiful burn. I usually smoke this bud towards the end of the day when I wanna kick back and relax. Gives a good euphoric and body high.

  3. MAX (verified owner)

    Ordered on sale. My first go at trying Oso Fuego. Have to say I was impressed. The flower was a true show of craft cannabis. Smooth smoke and burned perfectly. Sadly not really my ideal flavor profile but no complaints on the flower quality.

  4. Horde (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains, Has a nice smell and great flavor to it, I enjoyed rolling up after a long day of work back in summer with this strain and it helped greatly with the back pain, 5/5

  5. BornToHula (verified owner)

    Pretty decent flower but not true AAAA.

    The price was good but the buds are too dry. Why is everything so dry on the menu?
    Taste was muted but the high was there.
    I would buy it again though.

  6. Mr noodles (verified owner)

    Great high and beautiful burn. I usually smoke this bud towards the end of the day when I wanna kick back and relax. Gives a good euphoric and body high.

  7. Jez (verified owner)

    A very nice strain! Really beautiful buds, smell great, burns and vapes evenly and smoothly. Quite potent too! And, like this company’s other stuff, it’s packed really nicely in a sturdy tin. Would order again.

  8. jaycgic (verified owner)

    This one was a bit more potent, it actually took me a while to finish it off. Clean smoke, perfectly cured, and exactly what I expected from Oso Fuego. Very consistent brand.

  9. jaycgic (verified owner)

    This one was a bit more potent, it actually took me a while to finish it off. Clean smoke, perfectly cured, and exactly what I expected from Oso Fuego. Very consistent brand.

  10. jaycgic (verified owner)

    This one was a bit more potent, it actually took me a while to finish it off. Clean smoke, perfectly cured, and exactly what I expected from Oso Fuego. Very consistent brand.

  11. Jonny b (verified owner)

    Good smoke was freash but could been abit stonger i agree but nice big buds cool jar will grabb again forsure budmail your still my top pick for flower

  12. Dee (verified owner)

    It was the perfect buzz for me. I’m a very easy stoner. 2 tokes and I’m good for a few hours. It also sure relaxes me that I have to go to bed.

  13. Budbiddy (verified owner)

    Decent weed but could be a little higher in thc.
    I would recommend this to a novice smoker who likes good taste.
    The price was right and the packaging was good also

  14. Gabe (verified owner)

    Great high, beautiful flower, smells amazing. Even my cats come over to take a sniff. The tin is really cool, flavor and high is relaxing and works very well after stressful days.

  15. ScarboroughChris (verified owner)

    Comes in a beautiful tin, smells suuuuuper strong, and smokes very well. A nice strong, but not overwhelming high. The buds themselves are beautiful to look at and are big and healthy. The trichomes give it a very beautiful looking sheen to it as well. Chef’s kiss.

  16. Jay (verified owner)

    Love Oso Fuego products. Have ordered the thin mints tin plenty of times and it is always consistent. Usually a must cop when in stock and I Always have some of this on deck.

  17. Godfatherr92 (verified owner)

    This as of right now 2023 best bud I’ve smoked. So smooth and I don’t feel any negative effects as well. I can’t wait for it to come out again , the only mistake I made was buying 14grams. I should of gotten two 14 grams. Great product

  18. devin (verified owner)

    pretty good for only $80. i really like the tin. smells super dank and the flavour is great. i don’t really have any complaints. i would buy more in the future.

  19. derelict (verified owner)

    The bud gets five stars. Smells great, tastes great. The tins are pretty, and yes the buds aren’t squished but this is the second try with Oso and both samples were very dry, even though the second was shipped with an integra pack.

  20. CrusherBoy (verified owner)

    I’m not much of a flower smoker, but this one was good with the crown royal hash mixed in. Was great with the hot knives as well as good taste to it, I liked the tin container. Kudos to BM for keeping up with the demands and as always the good quality cannabis we all know and love!
    Peace 😎

  21. Budboy (verified owner)

    There is a reason this is premium. By far one of the best buds on the website. Gives you the perfect high and makes you relaxed. Enjoy the perfect smell as soon as you crack open the plastic. Very tasty.

  22. Djentleman0 (verified owner)

    This one was a bit more potent, it actually took me a while to finish it off. Clean smoke, perfectly cured, and exactly what I expected from Oso Fuego. Very consistent brand.

  23. Vaga (verified owner)

    Each batch is consistently good. And at such a reasonable price, I usually grab any tin of oso fuego. This one isn’t my fav but its a solid good one. Smooth and tastes great

  24. duke420pack (verified owner)

    Smoked it got high. Wasn’t great wasn’t bad. Hate the tins the it comes in. Absolutely no smell and way to dry. Probably was good at some point got to change the packaging

  25. blairgolf (verified owner)

    Great smell, taste and look. Effects are pretty strong and felt within a few minutes of using. Hugs are small to medium sized and quite dense. Would re-order as I quite liked this strain.

  26. Bob (verified owner)

    Pungent minty profile. Very balanced, calming, functional and mildly uplifting/euphoric with no anxiety. Not an ‘exciting’ goofy strain but perfect to reset yourself and detach for a while.

  27. Hazel (verified owner)

    Pretty good. I definitely prefer the animal mints but the batch of this I got was definitely good! Grinds up very nicely with lots of crystals. It smells strong and hits hard. I love oso fuego

  28. Hett (verified owner)

    Im a big fan of the skookum premier line and was a bit Leary of trying another so called”premier or top shelf” line. This is as good as the mint chocolate chip and reminds of the rare strain of the premier crunch berry kush. I will order this again without a doubt

  29. Fugen (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few of the premium strains here from a variety of growers over the last couple of years and this bud was definitely on par with the rest, well trimmed and cured and a great smoke.

  30. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Love the stone from this very potent weed. It is very smooth and with great smell, taste, and look with purpley bits. The packaging is great and my 3.5g came with a humidity pack that has kept them moist and resiny. Only downside for me is when overdo it I get very foggy the next day when mixed with alcohol. This on rotation with the Animal Mints is suiting me well. Thank you.

  31. Persh (verified owner)

    This is what got me to order through Budmail usually get from my local dealer but I saw some reviews on Reddit. Great quality weed, love the packaging. It came in 2 days after ordering. Thanks

  32. Klaus (verified owner)

    This is like Christmas in a little can! First of all, it really does have a minty scent and burn! The little tin also offers a good count with very few stems, so that you actually wind up milling the entire tin with no throw-aways. I’ve ordered this product a few times and always find a consistent, reliable and relaxing high.

  33. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    Loved the taste of this bud and also how it mellowed me out but still able to get things done.
    Back in my cart now for the next order. Burns great and the tin/container was so easy to open with my bad hands. Wouldn’t call it child proof by any means and that is a bonus to me with arthritic hands

  34. Royb (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this cannabis. This is outstanding bud for the price. Bag appeal is top notch. Pretty heavy on the cookies taste to me. Excellent burn. I also bought the Sin Mint Cookies from Oso Fuego. It was outstanding as well. I will order more oso fuego for sure.

  35. FLZ (verified owner)

    Bag appeal is top notch, can is the right size and flowers inside were not cramped. Inside the tin can is a 4g integra moisture control pack. The Organic Polynesian Thin Mint is extremely potent, definitely deserving the Quad A label.

  36. derelict (verified owner)

    Nice aroma when you pop the lid. Good moisture content. Tastes a bit earthy when you light it up, but not in a bad way. It’s a bit of a creeper, and hits very nicely. Should have got the big tin!

  37. Ozzie (verified owner)

    I may say I’m very surprised with Oso fuego’s quality and consistency. Tried the Animal Mint strain and loved it. Now, Polynesian Thin Mint delivered a very strong body high that led us to couch lock in the most positive way. Clearly, will buy again but mindful this strain is geared for night time usage

  38. Fugen (verified owner)

    Gotta give this stuff five stars just because of the value for this quality bud at this price. Smells, tastes and smokes just as you’d expect and is super-smooth.

  39. Russle (verified owner)

    Absolute fire, i dont know where i am. Smoking this out of a bong has gotten me higher than i’ve ever gotten on bud alone. Can’t forget the smell and taste, it’s phenomenal. This the type of stuff that gets you so cooked you forget what you’re doing. The price is literally too good

  40. highgrade (verified owner)

    looks amazing! smells amazing! perfectly cured and burns very clean

    very pleasant euphoric high and very tasty flavour

    I was surprised how big the count looked! looks like double the amount!


  41. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    This weed is potent A.F. I like smoking heavy, but man this ain’t your regular grass. I like the fact that it gives you strong body high, no doubt about that. So if you wanna feel better pick this and enjoy.

  42. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Has a very plain piney smell and taste but also a big dank hit of sour rotten terps from the initial whiff. Nothing spectacular for smell and taste but smokes decently smooth and has an adequately potent indica high, but not one that will render you couch locked. These are always worth a try for the price but most of their other strains are better than this one.

  43. Vaga (verified owner)

    Love the new tin over tuna cans. Smells wonderful, buds aren’t squished, smoke is sooo smooth I don’t cough at all. Tastes like a dream. Heady high. I’m very happy

  44. _ZETOR_ (verified owner)

    I like this tin. Strong pungent smell when opened. Beautiful buds covered in trichomes inside. Flavor less intense but delicious. I’m enjoying the effects. It’s nice and relaxing, just the way I like it. Great strain for a great price. Ordering more 🙂

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BRAND Oso Fuego
TEST DATE 10/26/2022
PLANT TYPE Indica Dominant
THC 21%
CBD <2%
GROWING REGION British Columbia