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Disposable Vape (Straight Goods) – 2g Distillate


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21 reviews for Disposable Vape (Straight Goods) – 2g Distillate

  1. Fred (verified owner)

    Not a good pen. It clogged on the first day. 😡 it is very expensive for a couple of puffs. No button for heat manually when it’s clog. Bubba Kush 2g.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    The quality of the oil is great, but the vape itself, a bit less. It needs a better “base” so it can hold vertically, because when you put it down horizontal, it automatically clog. And when there’s less oil in it, it has a tendency to get stuck on one side, so you have to heat it a little to get it to come down, or else you’re burning nothing.
    The battery last long enough and it charge fast.

    Like I said, the quality and the high of the oil is great, but the vape need a redesign in my opinion.

  3. ThGreenMeanRatingMachine (verified owner)

    Honestly, I bought the “Space Guava” strain and I found it quite enjoyable, my only issue is with straight goods is that they always tend to clog up, and there no way of fixing it besides breathing in really hard. But overall 4.5!

  4. MH (verified owner)

    I bought the Cherry pie’s one and honestly not a fan. The taste seems too artificial and it gave me headaches. Also it’s rechargeable but no wire come with it.

  5. jason420 (verified owner)

    Got a couple of these things and let me tell ya
    I’m not a big vape fan but after trying these I sure Don mind them
    Dream cake is pretty dam good 👍 I’ll hit that a couple times in the morning and rip a bowl
    Lets just say the day starts of great and you sure get to enjoy your coffee …….that’s if you remember your drinking one
    5 stars
    Little cloggy
    Easy fix
    Toothpick spread on paper fill with weed

  6. Maria (verified owner)

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Straight Goods THC pen and it did not disappoint! This pen has an impressive build quality, and its compact size makes it perfect for carrying around. The flavors are delicious and the THC oil is of high quality, delivering a smooth and consistent hit every time. I also appreciate the adjustable airflow and temperature settings, allowing me to customize my vaping experience to my liking. The battery life is impressive and the device is easy to charge. Overall, I highly recommend the Straight Goods THC pen to anyone looking for a top-quality vaping experience.

  7. Jen B (verified owner)

    i love these pens. did you know they don’t even have to be kept upright, and in fact, work better if you don’t – keeping them flat solves the clogging issue. i would love to see more indica varieties, but such a fantastic bang for your buck i’ll buy whatever is available. this review comes from someone who mostly only loves C02 extracts.

  8. flip

    I absolutely loved this brand so much! im currently trying out different disposable vapes and this one is def on the top of my list. I tried the Cherry Pie one and its a weird smell/taste at first but its easy to get past that haha. its super smooth and great to have and carry around during the day! the 2g also lasted almost a month and I smoke a shit ton of weed every day lmao fully recommend to anyone considering!

  9. Stephen (verified owner)

    Awww I really wanted to like this one! In tue end the Apple flavour was more of hot cider than a pie flavour and not what I had wanted/they suggested.

    Charge tiles for the pen are twice that of other similar pens and seems to offer no more battery life.

    Can we talk about clogging? Ugh there is no way to avoid with this one as it cannot be be easily stood upright without using tue case.

    All in all it’s….ok

  10. TheChronic (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed all of the disposable vapes that I have purchased from this company. It is easy to use and I have had no issues with it clogging. It is very well priced as well. One of my favourites from Budmail!

  11. Snipe (verified owner)

    Not a good vape. Constantly clogging and would have to suck it so hard to get it started that when it suddenly cleared, you ended up with a mouthful of oil. Never an easy or consistent pull as it was always partially or fully clogged. Can’t recommend.

  12. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Smooth pull no harsh after burn. Lovely sweet flavor. Fits in my pocket nicely and is very discreet. Good price for the amount you get. I need to try the rest now!

  13. Rlem99 (verified owner)

    I have tried dream cake and cherry pie and they are amazing! Taste great, smell great… and a wonderful high from each one. The rechargeable option Is a nice feature as well.

  14. Propane&Hoes (verified owner)

    Then pen is not very good. Had it upside down in my pocket on a hot day and the oil began to leak out of the mouth piece. Clogs frequently too – good buy if it goes on sale

  15. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    Mmm and hands down i think animal face and cherry pie give u the best highs ..strong and feeling good i use it right b4 i go in to the gym helps me become more focused

  16. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    opps my bad i must be high lol wrong review but these are good either way for the price i bought one of all of them and cant complain 5/5 yea boiiii lol

  17. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    Im a veteran and i love vapes ..this one has a few good ones like gorilla glue and blueberry og but i wish they had blueberry diesel but what can u do ..overall 5/5 will buy again

  18. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    This vape pen is not good. It started leaking from day one. The pen works but I have to suck the shit out of it before I could get it started and even then it leaks as shit. Bm has way better options available. I am not gonna buy another one of these.

  19. cHemo (verified owner)

    King Tut is a nice sativa, kind of creeps on you but puts you in that creative happy place in no time! Careful though, if you hit it too hard you will know it after! lol

  20. spaceman (verified owner)

    These have amazing flavor, ordered Apple Tartz, Golden Tiger and Dream Cake. All are potent and smooth. The wife has ptsd and uses these, sometimes combines them and has had outstanding results! Thanks BM!

  21. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I really liked these 2g distillate pens by Straight Goods. I tried out Golden Tiger and Sour Space Candy, both are delicious and the effects are high up there. I would purchase these again, in fact, “Dream Cake” is calling out to me. Thank you Straight Goods and Budmail!

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