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Gummies (Canndy) – 200 mg THC


8 x 25mg THC (200mg THC total) Gummies


Product Description

Canndy Edibles grew out of a desire to create the leading infused candies in Canada. We have designed these juicy bites of THC based on more than fifteen years of working in the British Columbian cannabis industry. Our passion and history helped us launch a new line of premium edibles unparalleled in terms of flavour and quality. We transform the best bud in the country into bite-size doses of Canndy goodness.

Canndy Edibles hit the perfect balance between that nostalgic gummy candy experience and a careful dose of THC. You’ll get an explosion of big juicy flavour in every pack, like Blue Raspberry and Cherry Cola.

Curate your ideal experience by selecting these gummies with 200mg of THC in a pack of 8. Each bag comes filled with a flavour packed experience.

44 reviews for Gummies (Canndy) – 200 mg THC

  1. Hazel (verified owner)

    Awesome! I am so happy to see they’ve expanded their flavour selection. These are the greatest edibles budmail has to offer, in my opinion. Super strong, kick in fairly quickly, always consistent dosing.

  2. Hazel (verified owner)

    I have got to say, these are some of my tried and true favourite edibles out there!!! Really good quality, consistent dosage, and chewy texture with little after taste. I wish more flavours were available. These are the best.

  3. Sativashawty (verified owner)

    My go to day time edibles! Always consistent not too high.
    Makes me chatty😂😂
    I will never understand how people tolerate the flavours though I have to drink water afterwards it’s rather over empowering

  4. RaysPotatoes (verified owner)

    This will always be my go-to for edibles. It’s always very consistent. The flavours are incredible and unlike most other edibles, does taste like weed.

  5. PS (verified owner)

    My favorite edible on the market. It is always effective! The taste of the cannabis is not to much. I try both flavor but I prefer the blue raspberry.

  6. Bijou (verified owner)

    I’m not a big edible person but my fiance loves these gummies. They taste good and give a nice high. Highly recommend. Also really reasonably priced. Will definitely purchase again.

  7. Roblunto (verified owner)

    I really like the high this particular Canndy brand gives. It’s a little different but so vivid and focused and just gives you a steady great feeling. The 25’s are just enough for a mellow buzz. Anyone I have given one too always comments on how unique they are and the constant good feel you get.

  8. Kee (verified owner)

    10/10 gummies. I usually don’t like pop but the cherry cola gummies have a nice flavouring to them. I usually add these to every order. The results are always the same which is nice.

  9. Kee (verified owner)

    10/10 amazing product. I’m not a fan of pop but the cherry cola gummies are my favourite flavour. I almost always include these gummies in my order because they never disappoint

  10. Philco (verified owner)

    Been using these for years (8X25mg = 200mg paks) and I find them consistently good quality. Just received my latest order and thought I was buying the same paks on sale, but alas, they are different. There is no picture on the Budmail site for these new paks to know which one you’re getting, and I must have missed the description as 10X20mg = 200mg. I simply assumed I was getting a sale deal on the original paks (like I’ve done in the past). Apparently these “new” paks are produced by Canndy ….. but they sure don’t work like the old ones. Perhaps these “new” paks are sub-contracted to another manufacturer, I dunno, however they’re just not as good. You get what you pay for I guess.

  11. Hazel (verified owner)

    Cherry cola is definitely the better flavour. I really like these edibles and find them quite consistently dosed and the effects are what you’d expect. They are great for relaxing and an amazing sleep afterwards. Not overly strong but still good.

  12. Jess (verified owner)

    One of our new faves. So many edibles sound good but taste horrible. These are not one of those. They really taste like cherry cola, no hint of cannabis, the texture is spot on for a gummy. Reminds me of the gummy cola candies we used to get as a kid, but with a kick 😀 we each take a full pack and its perfect to get the party started.

  13. High (verified owner)

    Love them every time consistent. one of my go to Gummies. Lots of flavor and good texture. Great value. I re buy on every order from this site. One of the best ones the wife likes too.

  14. Bunny (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love these gummy‘s and use them for a very long time unfortunately stopped as I realized they were not vegetarian so I’m looking for an alternative. However they were really good amazing hi very long lasting as they’re quite strong so I never use the whole piece usually would take a quarter or half would be more than enough I consider myself a light user don’t smoke. Also taste amazing!

  15. chaz (verified owner)

    melted during shipping leaving me chewing on a 200mg cherry cube, tasted alright, good high, would recommend to people looking for a decent edible to eat

  16. Leng (verified owner)

    So these kicked my ass to the ground lol I’m a light weight. Only need 10mg, ate around 2/3 of one and in about an hour I was ko’d on the couch. Grape flavour is great, but yeah, just knocked my ass out

  17. AJMzz (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! These are a regular purchase for me and my hubby. Taste great with a variety of flavours to choose from and we especially love the different doses available. Highly recommend

  18. Budboy (verified owner)

    The best gummy. Very consistent with every piece. The perfect amount to get a good buzz where you are not couch locked and can still function and have interactions with others.

  19. Hazel (verified owner)

    These are a favourite of mine. Hard to go wrong! I’ve had these quite a few times and they are always consistently dosed and taste great. I wish there were more flavours available

  20. Nat (verified owner)

    The Cherry Cola are definitely my favourite out of everything that I’ve tried, they have a consistent buzz, they taste really good. Would highly recommend for beginners

  21. Nikki (verified owner)

    These are alright edibles. Taste is alright, high is alright. In my opinion, there is definitely better out there, but they do the job! Wouldn’t be first choice in the future, but would buy again if needed

  22. Grover (verified owner)

    These are delicious and provide a consistent buzz. I prefer the cherry cola ones. I have bought them several times now. Gave one to one of my friends, who is a seasoned pot head, and he loved them as well.

  23. Jess (verified owner)

    These were recommended to me by Olivia (thanks btw!) I’m always afraid to try new edibles, but these were actually pretty good! Taste was spot on, they really tasted like a cherry cola without the fizz. I took 2 of these with 2 other gummies, and felt a decent bit of ‘i wanna do something’ energy. Ive added these to my list of would buy again

  24. Spascal (verified owner)

    These are pretty good! They are incredibly dry candies but they taste decent enough. Pretty potent and definitely enough to get me stoned off of only one dosage.

  25. theateam (verified owner)

    These are so good! Blue rasberry is my favourite but the cola one is so good too, they don’t have a strong taste of THC which is what I look for when gettting candy! I order these on a regular basis 🙂

  26. TimmyT (verified owner)

    The best most consistent gummy I have had. Good value. Will be my go to from here on in! Taste and texture Is good and like mentioned very consistent!

  27. Sweettooth (verified owner)

    Taste and texture is great 1 is enough to last me all evening, already bought more! I’m not one for candy that leaves an after taste and these ones are perfect 👍🏻

  28. ScarboroughChris (verified owner)

    While the taste is about average, it’s important to note that these are 25mg per gummy. Generally a lot stronger than the average cannabis store gummy and hits pretty hard. Try not to eat all 8 in one go and you’ll have a pretty good time.

    They’re excellent gifts for people or just as a nice little treat to yourself considering the price.

  29. Skunker69 (verified owner)

    Great Candies, they hit hard but the texture gets a little weird if you leave them out in the sun. I would order these again but they are about as good as most standard gummies

  30. Dirtochie (verified owner)

    Great texture and ability to dose as desired. Would love to see higher dose options to limit the sugar intake. You have a very acceptable option here for moderate consumption.

  31. M (verified owner)

    These and the 15mg fruit punch by the same brand are mine and roommates absolute favourite! She likes the blue raspberry and I like both and the blue raspberry and the cherry cola, sort of tastes like dr.pepper! Depending on my tolerance, one is plenty for a night, while I can eat half and I’m good for a relaxing evening.

    What I like to do is start with one of these and top up with the 15mg and I’m set for a super chill and locked evening.

    10/10 would recommend, especially for those who don’t have a super high tolerance!

  32. Hazel (verified owner)

    These are… strong. Very potent without a strong taste and also have a nice texture. Ate two and had very strong effects, could’ve settled with just one for a more chilled out, mellow buzz!

  33. Jez (verified owner)

    These taste pretty good and maybe more importantly they have a good texture and they don’t get stuck in your teeth like some gummies. Dosage is good and consistent.

  34. Vaga (verified owner)

    I got cherry cola ones and they were pretty good! Tastes just like the candy. Made me sleep well so… they’re potent enough. 50 is a good dose for a chronic smoker

    Would buy again.

  35. Magicbearsentme (verified owner)

    These are excellent. Good taste, consistent dose; definitely getting more of these and from this brand. Good consistency on the gummies, too — not waxy or mushy at all.

  36. Gabriel (verified owner)

    I tried the cherry cola gummies and they tasted exactly like taking a sip of cherry coca cola. I also like the packaging they came in as they were very easy to take out. I will definitely be trying the blue raspberry.

  37. JAM7374 (verified owner)

    I find the consistency of edibles have been really hit or miss until I found these. I have tried the Fruit punch 15mg, Grape 15mg, Cola 25mg and Blue Rasberry 25mg and have not been let down. Sometimes they hit a bit harder or softer but even the 15mg have at the very least help me sleep better and the 25mg help with the sleep and pain. I am using them at night as a sleep/pain aid and they are working well. Note I do not smoke and would consider myself a light user.

  38. Choul (verified owner)

    Nice as candies, great coca-cola taste, but if you are a “frequent user”, then even gulping down all those candies at once won’t give you a significant buzz. Great product for beginners though.

  39. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    Fan-ffing-tastic! New staple. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to try most, so I got both. So very glad I I did! Both are great, can’t decide which ones I like better. Clear, punchy flabours that quench and refresh. I’ll be getting more of both next batch, stat.

    Speedy delivery, too!

  40. Zemr (verified owner)

    These gummys were so flavorful and the THC was not noticeable at all through the gummy. Blue raspberry was a great flavor and they were suprising in their potency. Would recommend to anyone 10/10!

  41. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I had the Cherry Cola, and I enjoyed it, despite there being a lingering aftertaste. I paired this with the 150MG ones, at times, just to see what dose was ideal for me. Thanks.

  42. Laqtor (verified owner)

    These actually taste like cola. The flavor was beyond my expectations. Popy and sweet flavor without a strong cannabis taste. Great value, ill be buying these again.

  43. Laqtor (verified owner)

    Wow.. These are amazing. The flavor was beyond my expectations. Very fruity and sweet without a strong cannabis taste. Great value, ill be buying these again.

  44. NRG_ZEEK (verified owner)

    As a beginner 50mg sent me to Mars without hesitation lol. I got the Coca Cola ones and the taste was spot on, no complaints! Would definitely buy more! Cheers y’all!

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