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Gummies (Dames) – 400mg



29 reviews for Gummies (Dames) – 400mg

  1. Wandering Hero (verified owner)

    Tried the mixed flavour bag; some are better than others, but all of them pack a wallop in the best way possible. I would recommend putting them in the fridge for a bit, because they tend to stick to each other and are easier to separate when cold. Would get again.

  2. edibleconnoisseur (verified owner)

    at one point or another I have tried the different gummies available here and by far these are my favorite! Dames 200 or 400 packs are the only brand that I find actually work and is consistent dosing. Can count on it to kick in within the hour every time.

  3. Scar (verified owner)

    This product was amazing. Loved the taste and definitely did the job. I reordered this product a few times!!!!!!!!! I give this product an 11 out 10

  4. Bri (verified owner)

    These gummies are great! They knocked me on my ass and gave me some much needed sleep! I take one anytime I can’t sleep now and it works like a charm! ❤️ 10/10 would buy again!

  5. COCOLAVIALUNA (verified owner)

    Those gummies are BOMB! and the 400mg are damn don’t take too much ahaha.
    Amazing taste, amazing buzz. I take them sometimes to sleep and BOY-O-BOY, it’s the perfect insomnia relief. I really love DAMES


  6. Sativashawty (verified owner)

    I pop two when I can’t sleep and it works like magic especially considering that I have a high tolerance especiallyyy when it comes to my lack of sleep.
    Sleeping aid replacement for me

  7. Sativashawty (verified owner)

    Great consistent high. I pop two when I can’t sleep and it works like magic especially considering that I have a high tolerance especiallyyy when it comes to my lack of sleep.
    Sleeping aid replacement for me

  8. Amber (verified owner)

    Good gummies! I normally love the flavor of Dames… The 40mg wasn’t the best flavor IMO, but I always cut them into 2-3 pieces anyway depending on how much of a buzz I want. Still definitely a quality product! (I’ve only tried orange in the 40mg)

  9. Antman (verified owner)

    These gummies are great in every way taste, buzz, value it’s all good. i like to woof one of these bad boys down a couple hours before bed and i sleep great. Be careful not to eat to many or to much or you will wake up with the thc hangover not a pleasant thing . Cheers everyone and get one of these gummies into yourself today.

  10. 420Maiku (verified owner)

    Dames did it again! This time in 400mgs!! Blue raspberry, cherry cola, also the cherry coke tasted great and the buzz was there! Looking forward to ordering again

  11. Grngodess (verified owner)

    I enjoy these. They kick in quickly and are a good strength for me. I only take one at a time, and I am pleased with their performance. Taste isn’t bad either. Keep these coming, please! Thanks.

  12. ILOVECATS (verified owner)

    This brand has been my go-to for gummies for the last 2 years or so. I never knew they had the 40mgs, just the 20s. Safe to say this has become my new favorite product, along with the sour version. I’ve tried plenty of stuff from this site, but I ALWAYS come back to these if I just want a good, solid edible with no fuss or room for disappointment. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!

  13. Kreativity (verified owner)

    Great gummies , my favorite so far , a lot of different choice of flavor, and the high is study and cool , pretty much try all of them , single to triple pieces, and it is always constant quality .

  14. Roblunto (verified owner)

    These are my new go to and I order some every time. One is enough to get you feeling good. Two or more you’ll have the best sleep ever. Also very accurate does and they last quite a while. Just a great product. Highly recommended.

  15. kimari

    Really good edibles. Long lasting high and great flavour. Will be getting these again but maybe more this time. Deffinately give these a try for a good high.

  16. MH (verified owner)

    Best gummies edibles I’ve ever had, they don’t leave after taste and taste amazing. Very good high and good dosage for every situation. Will rebuy def

  17. Islandergirl902 (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. I love that they always have a variety of flavors. Cherry cola and the orange cream are delish. 40mg per piece is a great consistent dosage. Can’t wait to try more.

  18. DanTheMan (verified owner)

    I love Dames Gummies! I find that these always offer a consistent dosage of THC. My favorite flavors are Cola & Pineapple! I highly recommend them! I always stock up on these when they’re on sale! Thanks Budmail!

  19. Steve-o (verified owner)

    Dames brand edibles are my favourite brand for the last few years. The quality, dosage, and value are all excellent. These packages have great value and are often on sale increasing said value. Will buy again!

  20. Kendy (verified owner)

    It’s the best edible out there. it’s the only brand i buy, the taste is great and it’s consistent all the time. I totally recommend getting them!!!!!!

  21. Logan (verified owner)

    Leaves a little bit of an after taste compared to the other gummies on the site, but as far as effectiveness and potency, these are definitely my favourite. Very decent price point too. I use these for pain relief, specifically back and neck if anyone else is seeking something similar. Pretty potent if you’re new to edibles, may want to consider cutting into smaller portions. Highly recommend.

  22. Jake (verified owner)

    Ordered orange creamsicle 400mg, nice packaging, nice taste very similar to orange creamsicle, 40mg candies are a nice way to start the evening will reorder

  23. Towelie (verified owner)

    The Dame 40mg gummie edibles create a pleasant high. The high feels like a hybrid of indica and sativa. They are easy to cut and portion. Very convenient!

  24. Anni (verified owner)

    I’ve tried three flavors of these edibles, and I have to say they taste absolutely amazing! The gummies are coated in sugar, taste like their respective flavors, have a great texture and kick in within the hour. When they do kick in, they kick in hard and last a long time. The come down from this is smooth as well. I guess you can say I love these Dame edibles!

  25. B (verified owner)

    These were great! I’m so happy to have found a higher dose Dames. My boyfriend loved them. Great taste and texture. Worked fast and gave a great high. Dames are my favourite gummies.

  26. derelict (verified owner)

    Couldn’t get the mota chocolate I usually do, decided to try these. Not as nice on an empty stomach, but hit the spot a bit quicker. Will buy these again

  27. AJMzz (verified owner)

    Tried Dames gummies recently and loved them. Shared them and they were enjoyed by all. Taste great and pretty potent! Highly recommend and will not disappoint.

  28. TransientHobo (verified owner)

    Probably the thing I’ve bought the most from this site. Always fantastic in every aspect. Have yet to be disappointed by a packet. And they have a sour version of just about every flavour, if you’re into that sorta thing! Can’t go wrong with Dames.

  29. Hazel

    I love dames edibles! When I saw these I had to grab them. Eager to see if they will be as potent and consistently dosed as the 200mg package. Happy to have this option now too.

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