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Dweebs (MOTA) – THC


125 mg of THC per package

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Product Description

Medicated Dweebs

125 MG THC

Dweebs come in a rainbow mix of irresistible flavours. Micro-dosing made easy, you can start with small pile and work your way up to your perfect dose. Tangy, sweet, and oh so delicious.

Strength: 125mg THC

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, cannabis, malic acid, carnauba wax, artificial flavour and colouring.

Edibles can affect each person differently. Some can notice 5-10mg of THC, where others may not notice well over 100mg. First, it is always best to dose with caution and start with a small amount. However, you seasoned smokers out there feeling confident, know that your edibles tolerance and your smoking tolerance are completely separate! At Budmail, we recommend waiting about 60-90 minutes while noting the effects before increasing your dosage. Some edibles can really sneak up on you!

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About Mota Cannabis Products

From Vancouver Island – An evolution, forged by experience, knowledge, sensitivity and year-after-year dedication. By working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and adjusting and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques, our island team has won a privileged reputation for producing some of the finest infused cannabis products in the land.

Island Traditions

Hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. All our derivative cannabis products are made the same way. A passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. We began by helping a small group of patients – people we knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible. And we’ve never forgotten.

Today we still produce all our cannabis products with that kind of personal care.

Cannabis medication doesn’t need to be complicated. Prove it for yourself with Mota’s great range of delicious everyday beverages. From precise dose infused teas to comforting hot chocolate we’ve created a range of cannabis-medicated beverages to suit almost every need and taste preference. It’s a natural solution for those who like to keep things… simple.

Mota got started as a resource for patients we knew as friends. And all our capsule products reflect our original philosophy of careful preparation and devotion to quality and purity. The highest quality with consistent, pure while precisely specified THC and/or CBD are what Mota capsules deliver. Discover the Mota difference.

Topicals & Tinctures
More and more people are seeking CBD-only cannabis derivative products with no psychoactive THC. The best known CBD strain –Charlotte’s Web – spiraled into a news sensation for its use controlling epileptic seizures. Now science is zeroing in on the full spectrum of CBD therapeutic effects. Mota’s CBD-only derivatives are wisely sourced and carefully produced to meet every patient’s needs.

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Mota Dweebs please chat with an agent.


59 reviews for Dweebs (MOTA) – THC

  1. Kee (verified owner)

    The dweebs weren’t a hit for me personally. I didn’t find them that strong although I enjoyed eating them as they reminded me of my childhood. I tried about a third of the pack then the rest the second go but didn’t feel the effect I was expecting for the dosage

  2. Ali (verified owner)

    Taste amazing, no after taste. Definitely gave me a nostalgic feel when I was eating them!
    These are good if you need a bit more lift in the night, or are looking for some appetite stimulant

  3. Faye (verified owner)

    The dweebs tasted really good, it was hard not to eat all of them at once. I feel they aren’t too strong though, had to eat quite a bit just to get a small buzz. I wish they were a little bit stronger because I loved the taste.

  4. Tammy (verified owner)

    These are great. Tasty! Yummy! Sweet and sour Nerds-like candy. Negligible aftertaste. Just a small handful is perfect for a good buzz. Will def buy again.

  5. Jen B (verified owner)

    these are extremely tasty, just like regular nerds, but with an obvious hint of weed. there are lots in the package, but i recommend eating them all yourself, even though there are over 100mg of thc – they just don’t seem to hit as hard as other lower-dose edibles can. but they give you a high with a good, happy vibe. 4 stars only because they are less potent than some other edibles.

  6. Tammy (verified owner)

    Love them!!! Sour Nerds-like candy with a THC twist. Yummy! No cannabis flavor. Kinda hard to put the bag down once you open it. Will most definitely be buying these again.

  7. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    so tasty that it is hard not to eat the full pack all at once so I put mine in large smoothy drink straws and staple the bottom/tops put them in my bag on my power wheelchair and good to go. Even when hot outside in the sun they don’t melt so perfect to take with me all the time. For sure ordered more and will continue to do that as long as they are available

  8. Big Red (verified owner)

    I keep buying these again and again. Sad when BM is out of stock! These little things are the cats ass! You taste nothing but sweet candy. Extremely easy to consume the entire bag if you’re not careful.

  9. Jess (verified owner)

    Hands down one of my favourite edibles! I find the biggest let down with edibles is taste, a lot have that weed aftertaste and for me it totally ruins it. These have absolutely NO weed taste, it’s like I’m eating Nerds, but with a little pep. These are always on my wishlist.

  10. BashfulBunny (verified owner)

    If you love nerds, these are definitely up your alley!! They taste just like the real thing!! It definitely was hard not to eat them all at once. Will purchase again 🙂

  11. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    I really like the candy-ness of the Dweebs, as well as most other Mota products. They are tasty and I find myself snacking on them without really meaning to. However, I definitely need to eat a pile of these to get the desired effect. I wish they were a tad more potent.

  12. myq (verified owner)

    These brought me back to my childhood in a way — I had not had nerds since I don’t know when, but these looked and tasted just like nerds.

    The high was very nice, compliments very nicely with a sesh. Oh and there’s a looot of candy in there

  13. Smac (verified owner)

    These little dweebs are so good I forgot that they had weed in them, I finished off the bag.
    My goodness they taste EXACTLY like Nerds.
    I’ll be sure to order these again!!

  14. joey (verified owner)

    These nerd type candies are awesome, I enjoy popping a few to micro dose every now and then for a light high, or pop a bunch more to feel real good and high.

  15. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    Dweebs are my all time favorite! They taste sooo good, perfect balance between sweet and sour, I could eat the whole bag but gotta stop at some point. Lol They do the work, I’m in love with them.

  16. Laylingsley (verified owner)

    Tastes exactly like you want em to. Delicious and I can’t help but order them every time. Difficult not to eat the whole bag at once, but then the fun is over.

  17. Caleb (verified owner)

    Tasted so much like the real thing I had to stop myself from finishing the pack in one go. Seems like the dosage matched my expectations but without weighing out each handful it’s hard to portion.

  18. Lite weight (verified owner)

    i love these!! taste just like nerds and they are pretty strong in a good handful. Not the easiest to dose accurately but they allow you to take it as slow as you want

  19. Char (verified owner)

    Disappointed in these. They taste just like true “nerds” which is great however difficult to calculate dosage. Ate a significant amount with no buzz.

  20. EssJay (verified owner)

    Disappointed by these candies. The flavour is great and the candies themselves are fun and true to the original, but as a higher-dose user I downed half a pack and got nothing from it. My wife found the same and she’s usually good around the 25mg mark.

  21. Lite weight (verified owner)

    They taste amazing and are excellent for controlled microdosing, and still being pretty potent. a few of them throughout the day has really helped with pain management.

  22. moonprison (verified owner)

    Very good, tastes fantastic and just like actual Nerds, and there’s not even a weed taste to them! Only complaint I have is the fact that either I have a high tolerance, or these really aren’t as strong as they say they are. Even after eating a whole bag, I didn’t feel high at all… VERY good snack, though!

  23. Road House (verified owner)

    These are delicious!! You don’t taste the weed and they taste just like nerds candy! The high is very calming and relaxing. Great product. Would definitely get again.

  24. EmmA (verified owner)

    Nerds are my favourite candy still to this date and I am on love with these they don’t taste like weed at all which I love. I even have a bunch of friends hooked on them too haha. 5 stars all around 😊

  25. Addy (verified owner)

    These are great! They taste Just like candy and provide a nice relaxing high. They remind me of the candy ‘nerds’ I used to love as a kid. Very tasty!

  26. Matt (verified owner)

    These are my favourite edibles there just like nerds with a light weed taste definitely awesome I’m a low tolerance user so these are perfect for me I can control the dose the only problem is they are so good I wanna keep eating them lucky there not to high of a dose 125mg is all I can handle for a whole day lol love the Dweebs budmail!!!!

  27. KatlandKat (verified owner)

    really liked these. Separated them with thick drinking straws then stapled top and bottom. Packed them with my power wheel chair for while out and about. Going to get some more this next order. Still prefer chocolate though but these are easy to pack around

  28. Peek (verified owner)

    Nailed it! If you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were eating a pack of nerds. They really match the flavour perfectly and though it’s a bit though to estimate the dose, just take little by little and let it sink in. Very relaxed, calming feeling. Different from other edibles (in a good way). Definitely 10/10 and will absolutely buy again.

  29. SoloDolo (verified owner)

    Tastes so good!!
    But you have to guess how many mg you intake because there is no clear mg per x…
    but who cares when it tastes great and makes you feel great too! guess its part of the fun!

  30. joey (verified owner)

    Love these for micro dosing throughout the day. They taste exactly like nerds, do not taste or smell like weed which is great. Another great Mota product I will add on to my orders.

  31. Shelby (verified owner)

    Theae dweebs by mota were fantastic. They were so colorful and sweet loved them !!!!!! I will buy more in the future . They was also a lot in the pakage !

  32. NA (verified owner)

    I love this mota product. They taste exactly like nerds, a childhood favorite. The nostalgia factor is high. Also it’s easy to divide into separate doses. I would recommend this item

  33. Monte Carlo (verified owner)

    Perfect for micro-dosing throughout the day. I have IBD, taking a small hand full of these offsets the pain, and I’m still able to function efficiently. They taste just like nerds, you would never know they have marijuana.

  34. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    These are great little addons for other edibles. I like to chew on a gummy are hard candy and then dose up slightly with the dweebs. They taste great and their smaller size is perfect for me.

  35. TheLandLord (verified owner)

    These are honestly amazing. They taste like real candy, and get you really couch locked. I love em. Highly recommend!

    I’m extremely satisfied with this product

  36. twisted (verified owner)

    I put a package of Dweebs in a batch of sugar cookies! I rolled cookies into small balls. They taste wonderful taste!
    Three cookies and you feel wonderful!

  37. Shorty (verified owner)

    These are amazing, have a bit of weed taste but all in all good
    The dosing is a little hard to determine but boy oh boy you will feel it
    Love them their just like the candy nerds

  38. Shorty (verified owner)

    These are amazing, just like nerds. Have a bit of a weed taste, but still good. You don’t need much of these to feel anything, the only problem is you doing know how much your dosing

  39. SGoode (verified owner)

    These taste just like Nerds, and I absolutely love them. Very fun for nibbling on, on the go. Just a few tend to do for me, but it also can’t hurt to have a small handful. Very relaxing.

  40. Bonezzz9 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the good flavours, Awesome product. Love the medication candy . So easy to take, tastes awesome. Help easy my pain. First time trying this product. Will buy again.

  41. King (verified owner)

    These dweebs are really good, really good taste, could taste the thc as well, shared a pack with my girlfriend at the bus stop, nobody could tell we were medicating. Because I ripped the marijuana leaves of the top of the packaging

  42. Mariss (verified owner)

    Enjoyed these however would suggest for beginners as it want quite potent enough for myself. They were tasty and would be nice for a beginner as you can really portion this edible.

  43. Brown (verified owner)

    These are trash don’t waste your time with these, I ate half the pack and had little to no effects, buy the mota brick jelly candies if your looking for a good buzz

  44. logicbud (verified owner)

    Good for beginners….tastes exactly as mentioned by others. My wife like the ability to manage the portion control by taking small amounts at a time.

  45. apple (verified owner)

    Great tasting candy and even better high! It’s difficult to stop at a couple though so be careful. I only need about a tablespoon or less and it’s the perfect dose for me! Definitely buying again.

  46. Flyaway77 (verified owner)

    I ordered these not knowing what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the great taste and how i could portion it out to suit my needs. Definitely will order again.

  47. Ckk (verified owner)

    Can’t say too much about them because I didn’t eat the whole package at once and I was already smoking bud haha but they taste good and prob work if u eat them all at once

  48. Romie (verified owner)

    It tastes absolutely great. Awesome candy or snack while staying home. I was a little disappointed in the dosage though. I didn’t really feel the medicinal effects after consuming over half the pack.

  49. Slimjim (verified owner)

    Great taste with very minimal mj flavor for those who do not like the taste. Fantastic item for portion controlling. I have made, and will make repeat purchases!

  50. bluntman (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, best edibles I have ever tried. They taste exactly like nerds, cant wait to grab another pack. If you like the originials, you will get a kick out of these

  51. haldir6480 (verified owner)

    these candies are great! they taste just like nerds candy with a hint of cannabis. the high from half a pack was nice and strong and lasted for around 3 hours for me. i will try these again in the future, great for discreet medicating.

  52. haldir6480 (verified owner)

    Great tasting candy with very little cannabis flavour. They provided me with a nice functional high that lasted for a couple hours. Very enjoyable, will definitely order again.

  53. Doctor Skeleton (verified owner)

    These are fun. Great Taste, good packaging. I still haven’t figured out the best dosage for me, but enjoying figuring it out. I like to eat them if im staying home for a while and have a few aches or pains, or just stress. Definitely gives some relief and a fun mild buzz.

  54. Hazytown (verified owner)

    Got the Mota Dweebs and it was a great choice. They look and taste just like the real candy maybe only a slight aftertaste. The potency is on point and only a small amount is needed. Will definitely be buying more of this. Thanks BM and Mota for another great product.

  55. deadpoet (verified owner)

    great for pain and daily boosts in thc and body comfort/ inspiration. taste great and employ a strong yet manageable relaxation as to where gummies can often k.o you into deep slumber.

  56. Hahahahaha (verified owner)

    THe dweebs are great. Nice packaging and easy to eat. Taste is very on point. I would certainly recommend for anyone looking for a nice stash of candy.

  57. deadpoet (verified owner)

    Dweebs matched bot in consistency however good batches take the throne of best piece of the secret candy stash and pain extermination. mixed with other edibles they are heavenly in the purest of terms.

  58. Stew

    Awesome just like there candy counter part, only slight after taste ! Bought multiple times now always the same , Awesome !

  59. Kit-kat

    “Absoulety loved these.

    They taste exactly like the real candy and only a small handful is needed for a good buz.

    So impressed!”

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