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Vegan Gluten Free Gummy Bears (MOTA) – THC


150 mg of THC per packet

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Product Description

150 MG THC – Organic, Vegan and Gluten-Free

It’s candy, made the way your earth mother would make it – with all organic vegan ingredients, flavours and colour, sweetened with organic cane sugar. Didn’t have an earth mother? It’s never too late to forge a richer connection to the planet. In our organic Gummy Bears, a potent measured dose of carefully extracted THC takes purity to the next level.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate, Cannabis, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavour, Colour Added (Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Turmeric)

Flavour: Mixed Fruit

Strength: 150mg THC

Strain: Hybrid

*Store in a safe manner away from children and pets*

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Mota Gummies please chat with an agent.

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18 reviews for Vegan Gluten Free Gummy Bears (MOTA) – THC

  1. ghost (verified owner)

    I was so happy to find a vegan gummy 🙂 these actually taste good and give me a nice little buzz. the texture is chewy but with a sugary outer shell. you get a bit of that weed aftertaste, but personally I like weed taste haha.

  2. Jess (verified owner)

    I am a huge texture person, so I was pretty scared to go with these but I was pleasantly surprised. Firm enough to bite into and chew, but not overly so that its like jerky, and not chewy like a gummy. Flavours were nice too! We noticed a very very small hint of weed taste after but it was so tiny it was almost non existent. Ate the entire bag, and felt a slight energizing effect, but more cerebral/happy than anything.Would purchase again.

  3. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    I’m probably searching for a stronger buzz than gummies can even give me but they taste good and I do get a nice little vibe from them. I guess my tolerance is too high.

  4. QT (verified owner)

    So I bought these with the watermelon gummies from another brand and prefer these. They are sweet and do the job. The pack was completed way to fast lol

  5. Juicy420 (verified owner)

    These gummy bears are very tasty and perfectly portioned. 1 or 2 won’t really hit you hard however so if you looking for stronger buzz, maybe try the chocolate.

  6. tc48 (verified owner)

    Wife loves these shes tried the coke bottle ones and finds them too big and has to cut them in half. With the gummie bears they are the perfect size. She also has IBS and these have helped a turminize amount with her pain. We will be ordering these again.

  7. BigChr (verified owner)

    Love the gluten free option. Got a few for my sister and she lives them. Great as with most of the mota gummy lineup. Can’t go wrong and 150mg. BM for the win!!!!

  8. Towelie (verified owner)

    These taste great and have clean ingredients in them! Instantly a new favourite gummy. Much better tasting than other options IMO, and just as affective to medicate with. Will be ordering these again.

  9. Hellcat (verified owner)

    These taste good, but I’m getting absolutely no effect from them whatsoever. I’ve eaten 6 of them today. Nothing. Just nothing.

    Waste of money!

  10. Luktcha (verified owner)

    those small gummy bear are the perfect doses , we can controlled them and see how many % of the medicine you need, i will order again, good to have on reserves for party .

  11. Shane (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable big packages great amount of thc involved. Was super inpressed with the overall product was expecting much less than were involved would order again

  12. lulu (verified owner)

    very inconsistent, bought a pack about 4 months ago and I enjoyed them. Bought 2 more in my recent order and ive taken 4 already but there’s no effect.

  13. Perryl

    I really enjoy these. There were more in a packet than I expected, they taste good, fruity with a bit of cannabis flavor. Not sure about effects because I dab all day long anyway.

  14. RoXXXy

    One of my favorite edibles. First of all, I love that they’re vegan! Nice to see more and more vegan items being added to the list of edibles too. Love the taste, slight weed aftertaste but really not as bad as most edibles. Nice happy body buzz that kicks in after about 45 min. A good functional high. These have become a regular addition to my order.

  15. Pondman

    Liked the mellow body buzz , great for light weights like me. If i wanna hunker down at home for the evening and eat a few gummies thats a fun option to

  16. JomJom

    I enjoyed them. I chill my candies. Ordering more.

  17. Justinmcc10

    This one was a let down. Usually 20-30mg THC/night is good for me 30yo, 180lbs, 5’9″. Non traditional stoner. I had 6 gummies=60mg THC and felt nothing. I dont recommend these gummies.

  18. toxicduck

    I am glad to see vegan edible options, however these gummies had very little to no impact on me. They are from Mota. Would not buy again.

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