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Live Resin (High Voltage Extracts)


1g Live Resin

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69 reviews for Live Resin (High Voltage Extracts)

  1. Taco (verified owner)

    Great tasting product with a good high. Dabs amazing and the high last a decent amount of time. Would get again and would.love to see them make a bunch of other products.

  2. Bobby (verified owner)

    Another hit for me. Will continue to buy this product for as long as it’s around. I haven’t met a high voltage product I have not enjoyed thoroughly.

  3. Red E. (verified owner)

    Had the Mcflurry and it was decent but my socks remained on. I’ve definitely had better from this company but overall it was potent and a fairly smooth product. Good company for sure and the products are usually on point.

  4. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Agent Orange is a tasty treat with an enjoyable flavour profile. It’s also great to use during the daytime; I’ve vaporized it and got on with my daily routines, which includes, but not limited to, exercising/working out, chores, and dog-duties, all without any laziness or unwanted munchies. It keeps you energized and focused. I highly recommend this strain.

    I’ve also tried out Skywalker OG Kush, and that’s more suited for evening and nighttime use. I vaporized it, and the effects that are listed for this strain are on par. It’s creamy in texture, which reminded me of caramel, but not as sticky; it’s smooth and silky and easy to control and use. This strain, also, tastes good, but not as good as strains like Agent Orange or the Mango Merengue Sauce, I recently tried out. But it shines in the effects departments.

    Thank you HVE & Budmail!

  5. Luke (verified owner)

    love high voltage stuff, some of my favorite in the game currently. this stuff is on par with their carts and always a go to if I have a little more to spend on concentrates

  6. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    It’s been more than a couple of months since I bought High Voltage Live Resin, but I just recently ordered and received, Cookies & Cream. And let me tell you, it is such a great concentrate and strain, that anyone who dabbles in concentrates should give a try. It’s one of the better HV Live Resins I have used in my Puffco Peak. I think its best enjoyed over some board games or a movie night, and if gaming is more your forte then by all means, get baked and game. Personally, I enjoyed this over a few games of Yahtzee and streaming movies. I must conserve mine until there are more available strains on the menu. Thank you!

  7. T Friesen (verified owner)

    The Cookies N’ Cream is absolutely amazing, maybe the best extract I’ve ever tried. Perfect mix of gassy and sweet cookie terps, really reminds me of girl scout cookies flower, which makes senseSuper stanky. Consistency is perfect, not runny even a little bit. Highly recommended.

  8. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely beautiful stuff the flavor is something truly magical each strain better then the next the high is great with a exellent strength

  9. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Excellent produit idéal pour relaxer et/ou dormir. Sommeil profond sans mal de tête au réveil c’est un bon produit au goût et les effets sont très agréables.

  10. Josker (verified owner)

    This live resin is on the dot ! Tried Tuna Rockstar and Tuna Kush, Twaxing as method of smoking. I spread it with a small metal tool on the inside of my pape before adding my weed. Good consistency, taste is on par with Tuna strains, will keep buying !

  11. Nodi (verified owner)

    Ice cream cake is very flavorful, i consume it puffco and it burns nice and clean . very satisfied with this product will purchase again. tangerine cookies was bit racy for a sativa for me ,you might like it . grease monkey was my favourite strain , nice consistency and packs a punch when unwinding at night. good purchase

  12. jjcappone (verified owner)

    High voltage product is dependable and always flavor packed orange valley OG is the best way to start your day! Thanks again Budmail for excellent service!

  13. D1 (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. I like to add a dab to my Volcano bowl along with some Super Lemon Haze – together they last and last. Sometimes I forget where I left the bag, lol.

  14. Sirach1331 (verified owner)

    This is my go to Brand for live resin and FSE.
    Just perfect stuff
    I received 4 star general
    Very good all around and super tasty.
    I also got the Wedding Cake FSE which is off the dabber crazy potent.
    All I could do was shut my eyes after sampling it
    I typically enjoy the FSE better then Live Resin.
    This brand is Top Shelf
    I highly recommend
    Thanks BM

  15. Matty (verified owner)

    I ordered the Sunset Sherbert, it was so sweet and really hit me hard!! The consistency is great which makes it easy to smoke, which tasted like candy! I will be buying this again

  16. Chad (verified owner)

    Great quality, perfect texture. Orange Valley OG tasted like citrus fruit. I usually rub it onto a rolling paper, really kicks the joint up a notch lol.

  17. 420Maiku (verified owner)

    its a really good price for a live resin! first purchase was “Nuken”.
    very flavourful and long lasting!! a little goes a long way.
    lasted me a couple of days ‘Nuken’.
    will be ordering more soon! i love it

  18. Jenjaylene (verified owner)

    Impressive for the price. I got MK Ultra. First time vaping live resin and I use a Puffco Plus. Was a super nice taste and got me a nice body numb. I’d recommend over the sauce (every time I receive the sauce it’s not the best so far).

  19. Wonderstone (verified owner)

    This is the second time I’ve purchased live extracts resin, it always so good. Watermelon mendo breath super smooth and tasty! Sweet fruit flavour at low temp dab.

  20. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite ‘average priced’ product, as every strain I have tried has had a unique colour, texture, taste, and buzz. I have never had a lacklustre gram.

  21. King (verified owner)

    Got the megalodon live resin, it’s like sugar more than live resin, really crumbly, good stuff though, still have some from over a week ago, really like the price

  22. Rocks (verified owner)

    Very good taste, may not quite have the punch as some of the other pricier products but one more hit solves that issue. A really nice smoke to have. I would purchase this again. Thanks!!

  23. Tara (verified owner)

    The Orange Valley OG was a little bit dry but taste is great. I love the glass jar packaging High Voltage uses, ensures every crumb of the product is useable and stored properly.

  24. Ohioan (verified owner)

    I got the Congo. I was impressed with the flavour and effect. Drier waxy consistency. Not runny at all. I will buy again for sure. I use a pulsar barb fire wax pen and I’m sure this product would be even better with a rig. Good value.

  25. MarijuanaMonkey (verified owner)

    I ordered the Orange Valley OG and I seriously hope they bring this guy back because it’s been one of my absolute favourites! Smells dank and fruity, thick milky smoke and a beautiful high. High Voltage is always a must have!

  26. AndrewNL (verified owner)

    I think this is a very high value for your money, 1 gram of very nice live resin. I sampled the Orange Valley OG, which was very sweet and fruity flavoured with a more functional happy buzz. I also tried the MK Ultra, which was much more potent, sedated high, and a gassy, piney flavour. I blasted them with good results with a Puffco plus pen

  27. Totalrecall (verified owner)

    Yummy! What a smell, terpy with hints of citrus and a little skunk too. Another def recommend. Good price good quality.

  28. liquidlime (verified owner)

    high voltage is one of my favorite extracts.it has never let me down best tasting and the buzz is out of this world . i highly recommend this affordable extract to everyone i know

  29. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Blue Guava
    Tastes true to the strain.. unmistakably blue guava. A good daytime stone with a very pleasant flavour. Great consistency and easy to handle with the dabbing tool.

  30. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Super Skunk
    I enjoyed this resin.. a nice sweet flavour with a good body-stone high. Nice for relaxing and stress relief. This one also had a great consistency for dabbing.

  31. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Space Queen
    This is an interesting one.. it is fairly hard in consistency and the aroma is sweet, reminiscent of fresh peas or corn. Nice potency too, pretty mellow.

  32. Outthebay (verified owner)

    This one has a very nice flavour and a good euphoric high. The consistency of this resin is great for handling with the wax pen and dabbing tool.

  33. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Orange Valley OG
    This is my favourite hybrid resin from High Voltage.. very potent with nice balanced effects. I wish it was available more often. Good consistency for wax pen.

  34. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Jet Fuel
    This is also a good sativa much like the Sour Amnesia but not quite as potent but more diesel-like in flavour. Still a nice resin for dabbing and getting chores done.

  35. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Hindu Kush
    This resin got sent to me as a substitute for another strain (I don’t even remember which) that was not available. Boy am I grateful for the mistake, or I would not have discovered this wonderful indica. Very tasty and potent.. my fave indica resin by HV!

  36. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Sour Amnesia
    This is one of my favourite sativa resins from High Voltage. It gets shit done! Also great flavour. Too bad it is not always available..

  37. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
    Lately I’ve been sticking to the resins from these guys.. I find them easier to handle for my wax pen. This one however seemed a bit crumbly, but the flavour was all there.. unmistakably GSC. Great stuff

  38. feqr (verified owner)

    really enjoy this. it smells good and tastes good. i’ve smoked it in pipes, in joints, on cigarettes, and through a bong. really been liking it. plan to try a dab of it soon.

  39. BillyClown31 (verified owner)

    High Voltage Extracts makes the best concentrates on the Canadian 🍁 market. Best bang for your buck. This shit ain’t for lightweights they should stick to grass. For Real Ones Only !!!

  40. BillyClown31 (verified owner)

    High Voltage Extracts is nothing but A grade quality product hands down best on the Canadian market for dabs and shit like that good terps good taste good high !!!

  41. Darzbudz (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying extracts other than shatter, i bought an Orange Valley OG Live Resin and a Super Lemon Haze Sauce. They both smell incredible, citrusy and light and work great in my vape pen. The highs are as described and i’ve been really enjoying them. High Voltage is very impressive and i will be buying more!

  42. MarijuanaMonkey (verified owner)

    I ordered the Zombie Kush and Purple Candy. They smoke beautifully in both my rig and my vape pen! Being an experienced smoker and not going without smoking at least an ounce a day for the last seven years I find it hard to get and stay stoned but I can count on these to hit the spot every time! Budmail never fails to impress. Definitely recommend.

  43. Rocket (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! A little goes a long way. You can smoke this sooo many ways! Dab it, vape it or drop on a smoke. Versatile stuff that keeps giving …

  44. Sirach1331 (verified owner)

    Grabbed 2 violator, the last on menu. Utterly impressed. Terp profile is out of this world. I want a Violator cologne to wear. Just wrap myself up in that terpy goodness

  45. Alchino (verified owner)

    Very very tasty. Not as potent as some more expensive concentrates but that’s to be expected. Has a bit of a throat burn and the high didn’t last as long as I wanted so I personally won’t be repurchasing but good product overall.

  46. Curtis (verified owner)

    Managed to try some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies live resin, I am glad I grabbed it while I could it is extremely flavourful very citrusy sweet vapor, very enjoyable concentrate overall highly recommended

  47. Holmes (verified owner)

    Tried out the Super Skunk and was taken back by the pungent aroma. Just leaving the little jar open for a few minutes makes the smell fill up a small room. Very tasty and potent. Prefer resin on a hot knife.

  48. windo (verified owner)

    Beautiful tasty sauce, excellent effects and no bad residue. 8/8 would smoke again. I tried the Blue Guava and am very pleased with the quality of the extract as well as its packaging.

  49. G2p3nis (verified owner)

    Tried this brand for the first time. All three taste and smell like heaven. Black afghan, lime skunk and blue guava. Real nice clean high, and not hard on the lungs. I’ll be ordering again soon, i doubt these will last for too long, they are hard to away from. A+

  50. Baketree (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a bunch of these since they came on the menu. Most recent were the Pink Kush and Master Kush. Both look very similar to each other and the pic, although slightly darker. Both dab nicely, I prefer the MK flavour wise. Both get me lifted to where I prefer to be on a daily basis. Have not been disappointed yet by ordering from this vendor. I personally prefer their sauce but to each their own.

  51. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Awesome resin for an amazing price! BM does it again! I tried the Ortega, now I have the Pink Kush and Master Kush and they certainly do not disappoint! As long as the price doesn’t go spiraling out of control this is my new go to. I just use a 27 dollar blowtorch and knives and it works excellent. The taste is great, the buzz is awesome, I will buy it again!!!

  52. Marvelously Stoned (verified owner)

    Ordered the Tally Man hybrid a little while back. It smells amaaaazing and tastes even better.. one if my favourite products to use with my Utillian 5

  53. CovertCaribou (verified owner)

    Loving the Ortega. Crumbly but smooth texture, like someone else said, but the flavour and smell is so incredible that I catch myself opening it jut to enjoy the smell. Hits hard and fast. This is my first time with live resin, and this is precisely the experience I have been looking for. Will be back for more.

  54. Totalrecall (verified owner)

    Tried multiple strains and very pleased with them all. A couple smelled and tasted kinda funky but still hit hard. A great value for the price. One tiny thing is I wish the container did not have a lip that catches some extract.

  55. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Tried the Querkle.. it does taste like grape… albeit danky grape. Liquidized and vaped, pretty good. Nice stone. Might give this a go on a dabber.

  56. GoanGreenleaf (verified owner)

    Ordered the God’s green crack. First time getting into live resin. This is the future I’ve dreamed of. This live resin packs a serious punch. Not for the weak. Super pine smell. Just a small rice grain size will fry you nicely.

    Thank you again Budmail

  57. Dj mc (verified owner)

    I enjoyed quit alot the Darth Vader og so smooth…..price point 40 bucks that’s a great deal ……thanks for upping your game guys ….this product is perfect for after work or before bed……

  58. ItsTooColdOutside (verified owner)

    Always the best option for dabbing. Clean, strong and flavorful. These Live Resin’s are 10/10 and my go to. Haven’t had a bad strain from these guys yet, keep it up!

  59. Mermaidzseaweed (verified owner)

    LSD… definently not like the real stuff, but gives you a matching high. Really nice strain for a mid-afternoon smoke, especially with this cold weather we’re having here in Canada.

  60. Mermaidzseaweed (verified owner)

    Sour Amnesia keeps on bringing me back. This is one of the best resins out there. The smell is soo delicious and the flavor is tasty! Hopefully budmail keeps this in rotation because I’ll keep coming back!!!!

  61. Mermaidzseaweed (verified owner)

    Really loving this High Voltage! Didnt expect to like Grapefruit but it was really good. The best is still Sour Amnesia! That smell is so clean and enticing, you’ll wanna smoke the whole jar!

  62. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    These are quite nice, smell great/taste great. They leave a residue, but that’s to be expected because of the plant matter in it. No worse than a “Cherry” quality oil.
    But I prefer the High Voltage “Sauce.”
    They both melt and can spread-out in the little jar. When it is warm.
    Not much leftover/waste when it’s empty… If it’s been kept about 17-19 C Max.
    The effect descriptions are quite accurate. It’s potent, and tasty.
    One of my favorite products because of the variation of effects, compared to an 80% pure THC concentrate. (Honey oils)

  63. OldJames (verified owner)

    Got the grapefruit and it was super flavorful and gave a nice euphoric lift that really gets you going. This strain goes a long way with a low temp dab rig. Whish I bought 2 of these instead of their sauce.

  64. junior666 (verified owner)

    On my third order of the Romulan/Kraken. This is a top notch product for flavor! you can definitely taste everything the strain has to offer. The high is nice, not as intense as shatter but real good. Super clean and crazy tasty!!

  65. Magoo (verified owner)

    The look and smell of this extract is amazing !! You can smell and taste the terps, the texture and is color is very attarctive.

    Excellent quality extract !!

  66. Mermaidzseaweed (verified owner)

    Smoked Strawberry Cough x Nuken & Tally Man! Two really nice highs. The strawberry cough x nuken smells so nice and is yummy. A little crumbly but such a smooth texture. I definitely recommend, I mainly used it for daytime activities.

  67. King (verified owner)

    just got my gram of walter white og live resin from canada post today, ordered it last tuesday and it said i was getting in on friday then monday dec.2 then dec.3, but canada post came out and brought it straight to my door instead on the community mailbox, after saying it would be delayed, i tried the bud i bought first then a dab of the walter white og live resin and the flavour was really good and strong, really good for the price but it was all over the container

  68. Sandilicious (verified owner)

    The Strawberry Cough x Nuken is so delicious, nice pliable waxy texture, easy to work with. Also easy to overdo it, a small piece put me right to bed. Love this stuff, definitely have to try the Walter White next time 🙂

  69. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    This is very good extract it’s has magical scent very strong and the effects are absolutely delightful with only small amount needed to feel effects the flavor voats

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