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Distillate is nectar. It’s the magic that makes it all happen. You can dab it, you can vape it, or you can eat it.

73 reviews for Distillate (Kootenay Labs) – THC

  1. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Jungle Cake: It smells sweet, tastes sweet. Is quite clear, burns cleanly and a lil’ dab’ll do ya. I do like these a lot.
    VVV It’s thick I always melt the plastic and pull off the screw part. keep the rubber. So, I can heat the tube, then it comes out easier.

  2. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Tried the Jungle Cake, it’s so thick I have to heat it to get any flow. Awesome taste, very nice buzz, definitely more upbeat and talkative than normal. Will enjoy trying more strains in the future.

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Sweet, I grabbed the last tube of Agent Orange! This is a funky strain. I really like it. It’s very hard to describe. But it’s good stuff. I would recommend to all dank lovers.

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Back to say you’re killing me with “Agent Orange.” It’s great. I can’t put my finger on that sweet taste. Defoliate my senses! It’s one of my favorites for sure.
    I must also say after dabbing a few tubes of “The Grape Escape” I found it to have too much grape. I tasted grape strongly from leftovers as I dabbed a bit of something else.

  5. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gelato: Sweet taste, balanced high, slightly yellow hue. Burns cleanly as always. It’s not bad!
    Biscotti: Sweet, earthy taste. Indica, clearer off-white hue. It’s one of my favorites.
    The cap seals really tight. I like to melt it off. I can heat the tube with a bit of flame and the distillate comes out with ease.
    The new plastic sleave packaging is nice. You know it’s sealed. Instead of the cardboard.

  6. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    The Grape Escape: Tastes pretty good. It’s really sweet. Very clear, no yellow hue.
    Burns cleanly. The grape is a bit artificial but it’s not too strong. It reminds me of “Grape Punch” It’s different though. Grape Punch was yellow. That was a while ago.

  7. Bubby (verified owner)

    I had bought the grape flavoured oil, it had a very nice smell exactly like grape. You could definitely taste the grape added to it. Within about an hour this oil gets you really baked for a really nice high.

  8. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Juicy fruit: It’s good!
    Ice Cream Cookies: Smells great. Sweet and sugary… It smells like a dessert. It tastes a bit more dank but still sweet. Would buy again!

  9. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I like this product, except I’m not much of a fan of the container, for hot knifing I find it a bit of a pain in the ass. The distillate itself though is excellent, well worth the 18 bucks. It’s tasty and helps with chronic pain as well as helping me to relax and occasionally I even get a break from my insomnia if I knife a little more than usual. I will most definitely be buying it again. Nice to see concentrate’s finally becoming affordable.

  10. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Grand Daddy Purple: This used to be pone of my favorite strains.
    Something has changed slightly. It’s less sweet. I liked the sweetness.
    I mixed it with bland diamonds to make a good toke.
    Some people might prefer it now. It’s still sweet. More Kushy too.

  11. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Agent Orange: Wow this is a great strain! It’s dank but also sweet.
    It smells a bit like macaroon but then becomes very dank and has quite a tickler!!
    I would love to buy this strain again.

  12. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I was forced to buy Gelato. It’s pretty good, it’s better than some! Not my top 5, But I’m NOT disappointed!
    I grabbed the last Juicy fruit. Funnily enough. I said: June 8, 2022
    “I’d love to see a “Juicy-Fruit” strain for Kootenay distillates.”
    It’s a good one. Tastes a lot like the strain, not artificial bubblegum.

  13. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I thought I should add. I have weighed empty tubes. No twist/Plunger. No cap. I melt the plastic link, and pull it off. (Same amount of glass/rubber)
    It’s always 1G. The tube looks smaller than other G’s. It’s 1G. on the dot. The lines are accurate to the ML.
    I tried weighing multiple empty tubes/full tubes. It’s always spot on.

    When I started smoking bud. 20 odd years ago. There was “pinesol soaked bud” Increased weight and “pine taste” also poisonous! 7-Up sprayed on schwag, to make it sticky/citrus smelling.

    Then I found someone who ordered from Budmail before “ladyJane” … What a hook-up. From toxic junk/garbage, to a chronic “Blue Haze/Mist.” Though the best herb I’ve ever smoked was home-grown. A 4X cross breed I can’t remember the name. It was a Lavender/Lady/Kush/Haze. Literally Purple leaves with gold trichomes all over. Real 30%+ THC Cannabis. 2 tokes and couch-locked.

    Budmail is the best. Unless you have some growing experience and an expensive set-up. Butane/extraction method or better yet. A bubble hash washer.

    This is probably part of my top 3 products. It’s so clean. A great price!

  14. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    The price is right! “Come on down!” Fair price. It burns very cleanly at the right temp.
    I suppose I like Fruity flavours. I also bought a couple “Juicy Fruit.”

    It’s interesting what is under the THC sticker. There are CBD ratios. Under the other sticker it’s a different strain. It’s just reusing packaging. Juicy Fruit underneath says “Strawberry Cough/CBD 4:1” I wonder how much, if any CBD is in these?! Some Indica’s feel like it.

  15. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Ok so I bought MANGO. But it’s indica! It also doesn’t taste fake, to me.
    It’s one of my faves. But I have a half dozen favourites. Mango seems to be darker almost orange. Compared to Swazi Star (Very Clear)

  16. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Swazi Star: The sale was great. I bought Swazi Star. Though, it’s my second least favourite. I was surprised “Grape” sold faster. I think Grape tastes like junk. Swazi Star has a mild bud/skunk, slight sweet taste… It’s sativa dominant, but grape tastes so artificial I never buy it. I mix with diamonds or live resins. So, fake flavours bother me. Ruins the other nicer extracts I am dabbing.

    Please keep them coming. Everyone prefers the indica/kushy/earthy, over fruit flavors. When I see the stock at least.

  17. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Blue Dream: has such a unique taste I really enjoy it. It’s not too sweet.
    Man that sale was sweet! I wish I had more disposable income. I would have stocked up!

  18. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Jungle Juice: Super sweet, and tastey. I’ve never had this strain before, and I’ve tried most all of them. I like it.
    More than Swazi Star or Blueberry. (I don’t really like those)

  19. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying Biscotti. Since the I preferred it over the other products in stock at the time. (Blueberry, Swazi Star) It’s sweet and earthy. I like.

    No complaints. Except maybe the top… it’s nice for mobility. But it can get really stuck. You’re pulling and the rubber is changing colours straining, but it doesn’t come off. It often takes a special twist of the wrist, and a fair amount of effort.

  20. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought Biscotti again!
    Looking back reading my reviews from 2 years ago. Thinking about how they tasted then.
    There has been an improvement in flavour. It’s much milder and has more layers of flavour. During the inhale/1-2 second hold/exhale. If that makes sense?
    Or maybe since I dab it everyday, I have grown accustomed to the distillate.
    There has definitely been an increase in flavours and stock. Which is great. 420!

  21. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Am I the only one buying these?!
    Leaving a review is always good, for everyone.
    Biscotti is great, bought that again.
    I prefer Indica dominant strains.
    But I bought “Strawberry Cough.” Happy as can be. It’s Sativa, but I like the taste and it burns as clean as other distillate strains by Kootenay.

  22. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Love this product. I bought Purple Kush for the first time.
    I used to smoke a lot of PK bud. This is on the sweeter side, with a mild skunk taste. It’s not very earthy, or fishy. No coffee. Like some purple kush buds can taste/smell.
    In fact Biscotti was “earthier.” Which surprised me.

  23. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Biscotti: A nice indica dominant. Interesting flavour. I’ve never tried it before. But I like it! It smells fun too… Not sure how to describe the smell.

  24. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I had to have my Girl Scout Cookies. Soon they’ll be gender neutral scout cookies! Dank and with a mild sweetness. It’s another one of my favourite strands.

  25. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gelato: One of my favorite flavours. Sweet, but not too sweet. Indica dominant.
    The new cap is great. Some seem to “fit” better than others. Popping on and off easily with a twist.

  26. Habibi (verified owner)

    Very good gets you very high and feels so smooth, doesn’t burn up my coils and leave sugar residue like shatter does. Taste seems fake but if you care about taste go with live resin. This will due for the average smoker, Great product kootenay labs

  27. TheChronic (verified owner)

    I decided to give this product a try and I am really enjoying it. It is thick enough to make applying some to a dab tool easy. It has good taste, but not is not overly intense. It provides a nice strong high as well as being very smooth on the lungs!

  28. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Bought 2 of my favorites. Mango and Girl Scout Cookies.
    Tastey and smooth. Sweet and a little dank.
    I’m glad these have stayed in stock. They are my go-to dab.
    The new screw cap is great, if you want to travel with the tube.
    But it tends to get stuck onto the tube. It takes some effort to remove it sometimes. If you’re dabbing in one spot, I just keep the cap off.

  29. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Blue Dream: Not bad for a Sativa dominant. Great taste and of course it gets you stoned.
    Amazing shipping time. (Platinum member. It was only 2 days! With a rainstorm and airmail!) One advantage to living on the East Coast. My order is in, before most people’s sunrise!
    There was a smaller box for my jars. But this time my glass tubes were protected by 2 layers of card stock, instead of a box. Everything arrived perfectly. If cutting down on packaging, can keep prices down. It’s good!
    I have a big stack of those boxes somewhere anyway!

  30. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Banana OG: One of my favorites. Sweet but skunky. Comes out of the tube smoothly. Never disapointed with this strain.
    An addition after a few weeks of Blueberry Cobbler. (It’s great, not too sweet, blueberry is just right, it’s mostly dank.)

  31. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Grand Daddy Purple: Love the taste of this strain. It’s one of my favorites. Mildly sweet but also dank/skunky.
    It came in the nice new tube too. With a better top.

  32. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Blueberry cobbler: It’s an okay strain. It has a mild blueberry taste. It mainly has a dank/skunky taste. The blueberry seems slightly artificial. But It’s not overpowering.
    It came in a new tube. With a plastic/rubber screw top. Which is nice, because the stoppers before, worked well but could spill.
    There are lines on the side now. Though it’s always been a gram. (I weighed empty and full tubes) It’s nice to have an indicator of what’s left. The only disadvantage is that I can’t warm the tube as easily with a flame. It’s fine you just need to push the plunger a bit longer/harder.

  33. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Please keep em coming! These mixed with a nice live resin or diamonds, are my go-to dab. A hefty toke, one and done!
    I bought Swazi Star this time, because it was all that was in stock at the time. Even though it is my least favourite. And some AK-47. I really like the indica dominant strains. I like them all! Except “blueberry” was not so good.

  34. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Yep, hands down my favourite product.
    Fair price. They burn so clean I have grown accustomed to it.
    Now, I don’t want to smoke anything that leaves a brown residue.
    I hope these stay in stock. I rarely see 10+ of these. I always grab what I can.

  35. Mroy (verified owner)

    Banana OG had a nice kick, good flavour, a flavour that woke yea up a bit. It wasn’t super flavourful like candy, which i enjoyed. If you like banana og, I’d recommend!
    Tha ks Budmail

  36. Mroy (verified owner)

    I got the girl scout cookies, was quite light in flavour but pleasant. Nice kick from the distillate. I would recommend if you like that strain. Thanks again Budmail!

  37. a6p (verified owner)

    one-and-a-half years later and this is still my favourite product. Don’t be fooled by its price, this is the highest quality “oil” product I’ve ever had the pleasure to smoke or vape.

    Though I recommend the fruity-sounding flavours. Some of them are just… yuck (but they’ll get you really stoned)

  38. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I hope these continue to be in stock. I really like most of the fruity strains.
    Grape Fruit Punch, Mango and Banana Kush are great.

    The new shipping location in Ontario is also awesome. Since I am farther East.
    My orders arrive in 24-48 hours, tops! Would NEVER buy the junk they sell at local shops. $15 for a gram of schwag! Or ~$30 For amazing distillate… Thanks BM!

  39. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Bought Mango again! There are so many flavours… Banana Kush is probably one of my favorites too. It’s smoother and comes out of the tube so easily.
    Fruity but dank tasting. It has a slight yellow hue, but still burns clean. I think these are my favorite thing to dab.
    1-2 rice sized tokes with easy/minimal cleaning, tastes great and I’m pretty stoned. At this price? Thank you BM/Kootenay!

  40. Mroy (verified owner)

    Got Blueberry, AK 47, and Skywalker.
    Skywalker I really enjoy nice citrusy taste, lemon like, a nice uplifting high and feel.
    Ak 47 was a bit more blended and light on a punchy taste, but a nice bit of a lemon note.
    Blueberry was good too but more of a flavour not so much for me, but if you like blueberries it taste like it.
    Thanks alot BM and Kootenay
    That’s quite a few flavours I’ve tried now
    I enjoy this stuff

  41. Mroy (verified owner)

    Did try the grand daddy purple!
    It was a very interesting flavour hit hard, you could taste and almost feel the flavour as it was a little soothing. I would recommend and would get again. Thanks BM and Kootenay

  42. Mroy (verified owner)

    Got a mango and other flavours to review.
    The mango was very flavourful, with a pleasant high. Quite fruity with that one!
    Can’t wait to try more flavours!
    I would recommend if you like mangos!
    Flavour seems to hit smooth, wake you up a bit!

  43. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Mango: I bought mango again because I think it’s so fruity/delicious.
    Without tasting completely artificial. Like the blueberry. (Tasted like blueberry flavour drops) It has a nice Indica buzz and as always burns so clean. I’d love to see a “Juicy-Fruit” strain for Kootenay distillates.

    “JuicyFruit X Early Girl” is some of the tastiest bud I’ve ever smoked. I don’t really smoke herb much anymore, so that was a decade ago. It left an impression! Mango has left an impression on me. I was worried about fake fruit flavour. But it’s good!

  44. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    AK-47: A pretty balanced strain. Nothing to write home about. It’s good, quite good. Tastes kinda like AK-47 bud.
    I enjoy the taste and buzz. It’s weedy-er tasting, not fruity. Burns very clean. I love that.

  45. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I prefer the indica dominant strains for sure. Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple are great.
    Mango and Grape punch are delicious. Fruity but not too sweet.
    Swazi Star is probably my least favourite. It’s a more sativa dominant strain. Still pretty good. Perfect for mixing with other concentrates.

  46. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I have tried most of the flavours and I enjoy them all except blueberry. Its still okay!
    The flavours vary a lot and taste close to the strain of bud its labeled as.
    The effects do change with each strain. I have enjoyed Gelato a lot recently. Sweet and not too sleepy.
    They are pretty potent too. Certainly over 60% THC… Close in potency to DSD honey oil.
    I have no real complaints, except it goes out of stock so fast! And it was gone for months!

  47. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I really like how clean these burn. Their potency.
    I am not sure if it is “whole-spectrum” extraction or slight flavours added.
    Either way Grape Punch tastes great, but it’s so sweet. It also tastes like a bit like “artificial grape.” I suspect there are flavours added. It’s still one of my favorite products!

  48. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome to see these back in stock! These Kootenay Distillates, and “Good Times Cannabis Diamonds” are probably my favorite products. These taste great, burn clean and the effects are different with each strain. At a nice price point too.
    Nice glass tubes. Sometimes you need to heat the glass for 1/2 a second, to make the distillate come out easily. (Carefully!)

  49. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I love these! I wish there was more in stock! I am always looking out for this product.
    It’s so popular, I received a substitute. “Blueberry.” It’s not nearly as good as the other strains. 3 Stars for Blueberry only.
    It has a plain flavour profile. It tastes like those blueberry flavour drops, you put on bud. Not like a strain of bud.
    Grand daddy purple, Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, Guava Dog,Blue Dream and grapefruit hashplant. All tasted better and more like a strain than a flavour to me. 4-5 Stars for those other flavours.
    Also… Amazing shipping time! Friday morning order, was here Tuesday morning! (Platinum)
    Thanks everyone at BM! You and Canada Post are preforming excellent service.

  50. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I want to buy more of these! They sell like hot cakes! One day there’s stock and then the next, it’s gone!
    I think all the flavours I have tried have been excellent. I hope you stock more of this product or other distillates.
    I love how clean they burn, the tickle and taste. I wanted more!!! But the stock was in someone’s cart when I ordered! So I had to settle for honey oil.

  51. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gelato: Sweet tasting and a clearer hue, compared to other distillates of this brand. Still slightly yellow, but good clarity.
    A little thick at 25c. A kiss of flame on the glass tube for a second, and it comes out perfectly.

    Sunset Sherbert: Even sweeter tasting, slightly thinner consistency. With the same clarity/hue as gelato. I like this flavour!

    I really like the glass tube, taste and clean burning. Great price!
    But I have had better distillates. I would pay more for a higher quality product. All in all, this is priced very fairly.

  52. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Banana OG Kush: Very soft, comes out of the tube easily. Compared to other distillates @ 25c.
    Tasted great and made me sleepy. There are slightly different effects from different strains…
    Feels like it might contain more cannabinoids than just THC.

  53. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    A great product for the price. The flavours are okay. They are different.
    I Bought some AK and Blue Dream. They taste kinda like the strains of bud. I might buy more quantity next time. Just to stock up.
    These seem to be a popular product.

  54. Shawn204 (verified owner)

    I purchased one of the blue dream (hybrid)
    Ingesting it orally, I found the flavours a bit too predominate.
    I made some edibles and the strong flavours were lightened.

    I found it the most enjoyable vaping.
    All the flavour profiles were harmoniously blended into a flavourful exhale that had me going for more.

  55. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought these because “Seven Star Distillates” were out of stock.
    I think the Seven Star is slightly better. (Perfectly clear, with measuring lines on the side of the tube)
    But for the price these are excellent! 10 years ago this would have cost WAY more!

    These Kootenay tubes all have a yellow hue. And Strong flavours. (Which could be considered a good thing) They do taste good! And they come in almost identical to seven star, nice glass tubes.

    Guava Dog: Sweet a bit fruity, thick (Had to heat the tube), yellow hue, almost like a light olive oil. A bit harsh, but didn’t tickle my throat as much as other distillates. Potent, but I can have another toke.
    Blue Dream: Thinner, no heat needed. A danker/earthy but still sweet taste. A clearer hue, but not perfectly clear. Slightest bit of yellow. Great taste, if you’re into earthy/dank strains.
    Grand Daddy Purple: Same hue as Blue Dream. Thicker, needed heating. Tasted a bit of spice/diesel, with sour undertones. Pretty smooth! Interesting taste… It’s cannabis-y.
    Grape Fruit Hashplant: Same hue as Guava Dog. Slightly thicker than Blue Dream. No heat needed. Wow! Tastes like sour grapefruit! But natural terpenes… This is the best flavour to me. And has quite the throat tickle.

    I would buy these again, they have little graphs on the package. Showing the intensity of flavour profiles. (Dank,Sour,Sweet,Spicy)
    But they are a weaker distillate… I had 4 rice sized dabs and I’m going to have another.
    A similar potency to DarkSide Honey Oil, from my experience. A totally different product!

  56. Dickster (verified owner)

    I use them to refill my cartridges. Great flavours and lots of choices . I usually grab two or three and mix them . Always a great buzz with only a few hits !!

  57. KRONIKA (verified owner)

    I have tried four of these so far; Russian creme, grape, banana kush and biscotti. They are extremely flavorful and give a great high with minimal amount. I found the Russian Creme tasted like cupcakes which was such a suprise on how delicious it was. I use this on the dab rig solo, or to add some powerful flavour to supercharge joints. Great product and I will eventually try them all.

  58. Say say (verified owner)

    Tried 4:
    Sunset sherbert
    Swazi star
    Would re order the first 2.The grape was flavorful and strong indica as advertised.GSC has a nice body buzz/strong good for day or night.Sherbert was ok kinda harsh and the swazi star was light and mellow.

  59. PEI Guy (verified owner)

    I tried the skywalker, grape and blue dream, they were all great! Awesome flavour and great high! Grape was definitely the best flavour, but the skywalker had the best relaxing high.

  60. VapeGuru (verified owner)

    This distillate is really good and has proper added terpenes. I have purchased different distillates from different places and this one it great and gives you the best bang for the buck. Works amazing in AVD and CCELL.

  61. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I grabbed the Skywalker, awesome tasting and awesome buzz especially for the price. A very nice mellow buzz that suits any time of day! Clear and beautiful, and tastes divine, BM exceeded my expectations with this one!

  62. lovecannabis (verified owner)

    First time trying this distillate – 5/5 stars! Got the Blue Dream. Unreal taste, smooth, perfect euphoric high and zero anxiety. Highly recommend. Immediately ordered more today, also trying their honey oil & know it will be just as good.

  63. a6p (verified owner)

    Quickly went from an unknown to my favourite dabbing product. Very tasty, and I was excitedly surprised at how stoned it got me (frequent smoker trying to transition into vaping, here). Probably the most cost-effective distillate I’ve seen on the market, but I wonder what its THC % is considering they must have reintroduced terpenes to give it its taste. I look forward to trying out many more flavours in the near-future. My favourite so far is Mango.

  64. kk slider (verified owner)

    Amazing, especially for the price.

    The flavour was really good (lemon lime) and I vapes and ate it and it worked great. I preferred it considerably as an edible, and it was very strong. I have a decently high tolerance, daily smoker multiple times per day, and a quarter of a gram knocked me out for the night, as in have to go bed early. I have not been able to get that high in a long, long time. Will be repurchasing.

  65. Marys.jm (verified owner)

    Super tasty product, I’ve tried 4 of the sativas and will probably try the rest eventually too. The strawberry is hands down the best, definitely snag one of those if you have a chance because it is delicious. Second favourite thus far is the Mary Blueberry Cobbler, also very flavourful and smooth. The sunset sherbet was ok, would probably try another flavour before ordering again. The banana kind of reminded me of pine sol smell, not a big fan of that one for the flavour but the high itself it always consistent and hits hard. All in all a really nice product, I’ll definitely try more soon.

  66. Hash1st (verified owner)

    First time trying this product and i’m not deceived! Love those glass seringes!
    This is a great product and the taste is excellent, also, the bang is very intense, easy to work with if you heat the seringe in your hands for a few minutes…
    I will definately buy this product again!

  67. Cyberstace (verified owner)

    Got this on sale and i love it. really nice taste and buzz for the price. Can’t go wrong here . I spread it on a paper and wrap it around a big fat one. eating it is awesome too.

  68. RancorDaBs (verified owner)

    Great product. Convenient packaging great for a rig. Great purple flavor , and high for the price point. Have already ordered again. must have, Good job Kooteany LaBs!

  69. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    i had grabbed the girl scout cookies for the body effect high wasnt too over powering but that could be cuz im a big pothead and need to take a break lol overall would buy again

  70. jmdyo (verified owner)

    found the russian creme too sweet. hoping the honey oil and the granddaddy purp taste more like the good oro and others. ill rerate after i try the gdp and honey

  71. Beans (verified owner)

    Very nice works well anyway you use it. Personally I like to coat the inside of my joints. Got the grand daddy purple very nice taste very nice packaging.

  72. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    really nice product bang for your buck. Nice clean taste and it comes in a very convenient packaging. Easy to use and very clean, many good flavors to chose from. recommend!

  73. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I am glad I nabbed four of these in total in two separate orders. I got Russian Cream, Mango, Biscotti and Skywalker. I have to say Russian Cream was extremely flavourful and powerful with its effects. I only had a dab of it in my rig and it hit me instantly. I was taken aback not only by its effects and flavours, but how much vapour it produced. The Mango, I gave away, but I am almost certain it would have been just as great in the flavour department, because Biscotti was another one the hit the taste buds and the senses with a thwack! Biscotti actually tasted like one, it goes so well with coffee and I can’t get enough of it. Skywalker is another delicious treat, one that I thoroughly enjoyed for its mellow indica effects. Overall, I love this stuff by Kootenay Labs and I hope they appear on the menu again soon. Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

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