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Shatter (Kootenay Labs)


Shatter – 1g

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Do you dab?  If so come dab with Kootenay Labs!  Shatter is snappy sunshine. Good for frisbee with friends, dreamy movies and dreamless sleeps.

Kootenay Labs Shatter is light, snappy and tasty as a bouquet of flowers.

Available in balanced hybrids as well as indica and sativa dominant strains.

91 reviews for Shatter (Kootenay Labs)

  1. nick (verified owner)

    Kootenay Indica Labs Shatter: Potent, flavorful, and enjoyable. A top choice for relaxation and euphoria in Canada’s legal cannabis market. I always enjoy purchasing it

  2. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Grabbed the Chocolate OG and the Dutch Crunch, both are excellent. Good quantity, excellent quality, damn fine buzz. For the price it’s a steal of a deal.

  3. tejay94 (verified owner)

    Always consistent and good. This brand was excellent back when I ordered it that was two years ago but i do remember it being really good and I had no complaints.

  4. Wife complained about the smell (verified owner)

    It’s not the best shatter I’ve ever had but you really can’t beat what you get for the price. I’ve been burned by some low quality shatter before, I’ve order this stuff 5+ times and the quality is the same each time, I really appreciate that I know what I’m going to get with these guys

  5. DeliP (verified owner)

    The taste of their shatter is good but the texture gets a bit weird, like it turns into sugar like almost and it’s hard to dab. It’s good for the price otherwise.

  6. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    Truffle Cake is kicking me in the face rn. Medium yellow, very stable. No smell out of the bag. I don’t taste cake but I never expect to taste half of what any description says lol, more forest than fruit.

  7. DeliP (verified owner)

    I like this one but it turns to that sugary texture way too easily so when you try to dab, it breaks up all over and you lose bits of it. It burns nicely and tastes good though.

  8. Ip hei (verified owner)

    The brand shatters is the best taste has a dark colour then others.

    Really 😬 smokes using the dab
    Get me really high off it can’t complain at all the price.

  9. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Is really dark colour for sure tasted not bad at all smell good
    Good high

    Good flavor

    Kept me awake
    Will buy again if do restock
    This brand is the best lol

  10. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Is really dark colour for sure tasted not bad at all the stone got me long.

    Kept me awake and worked hard.on my project car. lol
    Not bad at all to me 😜☺️

  11. Mroy (verified owner)

    Smile it’s Candy
    Take me to Candy Land
    I got the Candy Land by Kootenay
    Another solid strain by kootenay
    I enjoy hitting it in the rig.
    Lol if you like Candy It’s for you
    Thanks BM

  12. Mroy (verified owner)

    Take me to Candy Land
    I got the Candy Land by Kootenay
    Another solid strain by kootenay
    I enjoy hitting it in the rig.
    Lol if you like Candy It’s for you
    Thanks BM

  13. Mroy (verified owner)

    I got the zookies too when it was in stock, it was also i nice tasty one by kootenay.
    Not a strain I had before, but im enjoying it for sure.
    If you are debating on Kootenay, just do it lol.

  14. Mroy (verified owner)

    I got purple roze very flavourful, it was nice and sticky and terpy. Gives off a nice energetic high.
    Kootenay definitely has some pretty good shatter. I would recommend. Some are a bit more sugary than others. Just depends your preference.

  15. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    White Guava

    I forgot that this is pure indica then put myself to sleep yesterday afternoon lmfao.

    Gorgeous golden orange, very stable. It’s a creeper, don’t do that 2nd dab just wait a bit. Very intense pine smell but not as pronounced in the flavor. Save for after 5pm. I’m a seasoned smoker, not much knocks me out, but this had me down for the count.

  16. koko (verified owner)

    Great shatter, smells amazing, strong sativa, insanely good for the price its definitley as good as some more expensive shatter, makes great edibles too, would recommend and buy again!

  17. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Got some more excellent shatter, always order some Kootenay Labs every month. This month was Runtzicles and Candy Jack, both are quite impressive. Will be buying more in the future!

  18. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I bought the Purple Haze, Lava Cake and Zookies this month. Even though I am pretty much an indica kinda guy I find the sativa shatter they make very good too. For the price you can’t go wrong!

  19. JayBird (verified owner)

    Just finished my first gram of peanut butter breath and wow! Amazing flavour, clean burn, easy to work with! Checks all the boxes for me and is a steal at this price! Part of it did sugar up towards the end but did not impact anything

  20. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I tried Gorilla Glue and Peanut Butter Breath recently, awesome for $20! I will be trying other tastes as well soon. Nice to see quality and value come together, some of us old farts are on a restricted income and every bit helps!

  21. Mroy (verified owner)

    I got 4 different strains but will put it in one review to make easier
    1. Cookies and cream, awesome flavour these strains some were a bit sugary, while others a bit more solid. Still really good, a nice high!
    2. Berry Haze was a great sativa, and such a nice berry like flavour, really enjoyed the terps
    3. London pound cake, heard alot about this strain was happy to try it, it too was very tasty, especially at low temps.
    4. Peanut butter breath, had a flavour that did remind me of the flower, a nice hitter for daytime even.
    Thanks budmail for carrying different but good products
    I got budda from kootenay and sevenstar which im excited for you to get back as well.

  22. JayBird (verified owner)

    This is major value!
    Do Si Dos:
    Nice heavy hit, very much an indica.
    Softest of the budder strains I tried.
    The name is very suiting. Good hybrid, I’d say more on the sativa end with its effects.
    You can tell it came from a very nice slab.
    I’d just like to say all of the strains I’ve tried of Kootenay Labs budder has been fire! Will be adding to the list of tried strains in a separate review.

  23. Dutchlady (verified owner)

    Little softer than normal shatter but still absolutely amazing! Worth trying at the price and would buy again especially if there was a sale thanks budmail

  24. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I recently bought four different strains of Kootenay Labs organic shatter: Peanut Butter Breath, Black Diamond, Sour Cherry Sherbert, and Alien Abduction. I am not sure what changes were made, if any, but I really enjoyed all of these strains. It was perhaps my best purchase of KL shatter.

    Peanut Butter Breath has a soft, glass-like consistency and is great for evening and nighttime use. Black Diamond, too, is soft and glass-like when broken down into shatter hits. It is good for evening/nighttime. Sour Cherry Sherbert is hard, and shatters like a thin layer of glass and has good high. And, finally, Alien Abduction; it is glass-like, and out of all the other strains, it is my favourite!

    All of these shatters were smooth with lasting highs, great batch, indeed!

  25. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this shatter in a first go round of two strains and plan to keep with them since I can tell it is of high quality and like their packaging and attention to certain things like organic growing. I could really get a sense the strains had all their properties and with excellent potency from presumably very well grown flower.

  26. Anti – eric (verified owner)

    Some batches are shatter and are perfect.. some batches are very much a sugar wax and kind of hard to work with because it won’t stick together unless you warm it up and that just kills the flavour.
    Most recent batch of Durban poison 6 out of the 12 I bought were sugar and the other 6 were shatter. Kind of odd.. but for 20 bucks a g it’s not that horrible.

  27. BBassBassington (verified owner)

    My last order wasn’t quite as physically solid but man do I love Kootney shatter! Always tasty and a good high! Cactus breath was one that really stood out to me this time. Great daytime vape!

  28. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Platinum Kush, if only that’s all I could say for you to understand just how amazing this piece of shatter by Kootenay Labs is, because for $20, that’s a great deal. It is full of flavour, burning clean with a long-lasting body/cerebral high that leaves you relaxed and happy.

    I’ll be purchasing more Kootenay Labs shatter on my next order!

  29. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering this for exactly a year as of tomorrow. First 2 were Beach Wedding and Zellys Gift, I immediately came back for 3 more Zellys Gift lmfao. I’ve had over 25 different strains and I’ve liked them all. Unlike earlier reviewers I didn’t mind that it was sugared, sugar = terps, this was the most flavorful shatter I’ve ever had. I assume the complaints led them to make a more stable product and it’s not as tasty anymore even though it still “works” the same. Take me back to the Black Cherry Punch days, it looked like sugar wax but oh my god was it amazing. I still buy this over any other shatter on this site, it’s the top one hands down.

  30. Shwizzy (verified owner)

    Damn son, this some fine a## shatter for a fine a## price, you digg? What’s more to say just buy the gd shatter already and get high af like me. Peace

  31. Jeff (verified owner)

    This stuff is great . And the price was awesome . If you guys made a 5 and 10 pack option id be all over it .

    But drop that kootney sale again please I’m running low that was a serious good deal 3 grams for 40 bucks . Mark me down for yes
    Every gram was nice and glassy ,no sugar , no ” it changes in the mail ” bullshit . Shatter as shatter should be . Great job kootney

  32. Michwilll (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this shatter. I’ve gotten the 3 different strains and all 3 were great. Nice light gold, snappy consistency, good flavour and nice high. Good for pain and nausea. I’m so glad I found budmail as this shatter is much better quality then my local dispensary and half the price.

  33. BBassBassington (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried 5 of the 8 kinds I’ve ordered, and thus only seen 1 of the 3gs of those. So I’ll admit my sample size isn’t perfect but I got these on sale and I love ’em! This was my first Budmail order too and I’m all around impressed enough to comment now. (Also I can’t keep track of what shatters I do anymore. I load up 5 different ones each week into my little containers. Makes it hard to remember what’s what.)

    The shatter is shattery rather than melty like what I’d been getting from other places more recently. The downside is that these shatters can get powdery which means I go through them a little faster. But the shatter is slightly higher quality than I had before so overall I’m going through it about at about the same speed. A fair trade, as I’m not wasting bits because they instantly melt to anything they come into contact with. As long as the rest hold up about as well I’ll be back for another order!

  34. Bobby Santana (verified owner)

    Another great shatter brand good flavour and smell works well in a dab rig and pen. Shatter consistency in room temperature not waxy at all unless really warm. Will buy again

  35. acrolix (verified owner)

    I love the shatter they make, I add it in my joints when I really wan’t to get knocked out. Great to smoke before bed! On top of that, the price point is great!

  36. Michwilll (verified owner)

    I got the sour diesel. I ordered 1 g of a few different brands so I could try a variety. I wish I had ordered more of this. The quality and taste are incredible. I will definitely be ordering a lot more of this brand.

  37. Tarboss (verified owner)

    The jet fuel gelato is another great one from kootenay labs. Instant confusion upon smoking that settles into a long burn buzz of post sativa haze. Great for movie night

  38. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Kootenay is always producing top notch extracts. The sour diesel is a consistent banger without exception. Gassy and sour on the exhale, clean thick smoke hits with a hard smack to the head and face. Very nice

  39. FunkiiMunkii (verified owner)

    I’m very new to shatter and shatter pens and things of that sort. when I bought this, this was the first shatter I had ever touched and it stuck to everything it was brutal it was like glue. I’m not exactly sure what really good shatter is supposed to feel like or look like but I’m not sure that this was that very good I definitely didn’t get stoned off of it.

  40. sammy22bammy-7308 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this product. The flavour was very good out of a glass rig and out of a refillable pen. Was a good consistency which made for easy loading.

  41. King (verified owner)

    Got the Blue Gelato because I like the gelato strain, it’s not as sweet as I thought it would be but I like the price, got the Kootenay Labs shatter, Budda, live resin, and distillate cartridge because I like the price, the Skywalker distallate cartridge was probably the best out of all 4, Sweet tooth budda 2nd, fruity pebbles live resin 3rd and Blue Gelato 4th in flavour, all Kootenay Labs

  42. RancorDaBs (verified owner)

    Kootenay labs! Great selection as well as packaging ! one product where the concentrate is as good as the marketing! Good clear smooth shatter, Ive tried many of the strains and will order again!

  43. JustaTallGuy (verified owner)

    Great products I got the ak47 very uplifting effects, will be getting more soon. My coworker told me about this brand and how it’s good quality it does not disappoint

  44. Kay (verified owner)

    I love these products! I order 3-5g at a time of various strains. My go to are usually Blue Dream which seems to be hard to come by on here. My packages always arrive well sealed and in good condition.

  45. mimi (verified owner)

    Got 5 different kinds, all of them came very soft, usually a gram of shatter would last me a few days, dk if its bcz i didnt feel anything or they burn fast, but I wouldn’t buy again, the deal wasn’t worth it, rather spend more and at least enjoy it

  46. Matty (verified owner)

    A great price and a great product!! I’ve ordered these 3 times now and have not been disappointed. obviously the high is great, but also the shatter is easy to break up and smoke.

  47. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I first bought this product when it was in a mini envelope and since then I have tried various flavours. I wasn’t sure what to think of this product at first, because it was often a glob, sugary or with little shatter-like consistency. I am glad that Kootenay Labs has repackaged this product even though the product itself hasn’t changed much. It’s better to store for later use. As for the shatter themselves I found that I thoroughly enjoy them. I used to smoke this product in my glass rig–and I still do–but since I got a Puffco Peak (and 5 free joints, thanks BM!) I find that the potency and flavour are greatly better. Even though a lot of their shatters I’ve tried are sticky, I find Kootenay Labs shatter still easier to deal with than shatter that actually shatters like glass upon the faintest of touches, even with the appropriate tools. With that said some flavours I’ve tried are Durban Poison, Kings Kush, Beach Wedding, Slurricane, Sweet Tooth, Green Sapphire, and Dutch Treat to name a few. Happy Dabbing!

  48. Mermaidzseaweed (verified owner)

    White Sumo was a surprisingly nice sativa. Very head high but still felt relaxing. The shatter was a nice amber colour and dabbed clean. Also a great price.

  49. Husty (verified owner)

    I had ordered few of these and got me stoned i liked the taste but the shatter for some reason it seems like it was more like butter. Yea but it was alright dabbing this stuff.

  50. Sprinks (verified owner)

    Not sure if it was the mail but my shatter looked like butter I ordered some off another site of a different brand and was shatter forsure I think the heat got to it in the mail but I still smoke it dose the trick

  51. Hobbes (verified owner)

    Was not overly impressed. I did not receive shatter, but more of a sugar wax that I find hard. first time trying this product and was disappointed that the consistency wasn’t as advertised and the quality was substandard to what i think should be on the shatter market.
    I received Slurricane and Black Cherry Pie.

  52. SichuanPanda (verified owner)

    Wild Horse is the most consistently good product on the site in my opinion, tastes delicious and always gets me right for my pain issues without being too narcotic or downing for daytime use.

  53. Jangles422 (verified owner)

    It started to sugar and was difficult to get off of the paper into a jar but for the price those things are minor problems. I would purchase again. It’s a good pick for a budget conscious option!!

  54. Gotitfishbirds (verified owner)

    Its not shatter its sugar..third time ordering but the product is grainy won’t stick to itself, very hard to use product in anything due to no stick. Resembles butter if anything. All three were same way…sugar not shatter.

  55. D (verified owner)

    Among the best shatter I’ve had in a long time. Huge fan of the high that dutch treat gave me during the day. Critical glue was delicious as well and smoked very smooth. Great value too.

  56. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    Wild Horse- instant favourite; took just a small dab and was sent off! The flavours are super pronounced and the high is superb!

    Dutch Treat- got for the wife due to its medicinal qualities. She’s super happy with it and she felt Immediate relief.

    Zellie Gift- is one for the books! Opening the packaging alone was a gift! Before the wax paper is unfolded I was greeted with an insanely sweet smell! I’m he high can be felt right behind the eyes, and you are instantly lifted to a happier place!

  57. HC420 (verified owner)

    I love this brand of shatter. I had purchased the strain beach wedding and it is an indica strain, it is great for when you are on the go or hanging out at home.

  58. HC420 (verified owner)

    I love this brand of shatter. I had purchased the strain beach wedding and it is an indica strain of shatter. It is great for before bed or when you are on the go!

  59. Katmoonzero (verified owner)

    Green Sapphire, Sophie’s Tears, Cherry Gorilla

    The green sapphire was my favorite strain from Kooteney Labs, a nice Rasta golden colour tone, delicious herbal taste, and so inspiring for the creative flow. I found I reserved this string for studio use, it really put me in a mindset of shimmery aesthetics, as if art was bioluminescence.

    Sophie’s Tears was lovely, a more subtle flavour and high, it moved through me with a sense of the divine feminine, and feelings of love and compassion, with a similar plant energy as burning sage. Great for emotional regulation.

    The Cherry Gorilla was an odd consistency, dusty and crumbly, but it was delicious and offered a balanced high.

  60. Tara (verified owner)

    Love the taste of the Kootenay Labs shatter! As many other reviewers have said, none of these I’ve tried are actual hard shatter texture. Most are a more goopy, sugary texture like sauce. They sit in the packaging alright, but need some patience to use. I think this product would work better with glass jar packaging, as I find some of the product gets lost to the paper and I find myself scraping at it with my tools. Overall though, the taste is great and worth the trouble.

    My favourite strain has been Trainwreck, so good. I recently received a package of the Cherry Gorilla that is a weird dusty texture and doesn’t seem like its burning properly, but the rest of the Kootenay strains I’ve tried have been tasty.

  61. TashaL (verified owner)

    Very nice hitting product but unfortunately came very sugary and more like budder wich made it harder to control . Great for a nectar collector but was hard to manipulate for dabs

  62. Critical Theorist (verified owner)

    I’ve been a big fan of Kootenay Labs shatters since I first discovered them. The range of flavours are worth exploring, but the Dutch Treat, Trainwreck and any of the cheese choices are my go-to options. Many other reviewers mention that Kpptney shatter often comes in a crumble or even rosin-like texture. This is true, and I wonder about heat during shipping. Regardless, it does not seem to effect the quality, and my Kootenay purchases are usually better than other brands that arrive brittle.

  63. dotty/ky (verified owner)

    We bought Punch breath, green sapphire, Lemon pie, dutch treat, critical glue, watermelon, black cherry pie, sweet tooth Great quality dabs. burned well. Most were actually shatter but punch breath was more like butter; even when in the freezer.

  64. SichuanPanda (verified owner)

    Ordered 1g of ‘Wild Horse’. I think I know why they called it Wild Horse it has a seriously wild taste, it honestly almost tastes like marshmallow. It has an awesome soothing relaxing stone that is indica-heavy but doesn’t knock you out. Unfortunately the product I received was a live resin, not a shatter. It is in no way solid at room temperature, hence why I gave a 4/5. Overall the quality of the live resin was great, but it wasn’t shatter.

  65. dotty/ky (verified owner)

    Great dabs burned well and felt great after. we ordered a variety they lasted a while. will order more. There a great price and have a great taste as well.

  66. MR.Fresh (verified owner)

    Danm son I got such girl and I love it nice clean flavor glassy NOT WAXY I love hitting this one in the mornings wakes me up.
    I also got rockstar another amazing shatter this one was also glassy this one I smoke in the evenings. I would definitely recommend buying this shatter and from kootenay labs 100% fire dabs

  67. Franky 420 (verified owner)

    I take two diferrents strain rockstar and super lemon haze the shatter was perfect for both of them the buzz and the flavor was on point nice job kootenay lab

  68. beefy (verified owner)

    Not one of my favs bought 8 of them and so far first 3 are all waxy and sugary. can’t roll them into a snake to put in my dubes. Sticking to my fingers. Taste is alright potency is ok.

  69. Tray (verified owner)

    Totally love this product, . First time trying it . And hopefully to try some more,
    Got my girlfriends to try with me and they also love it . I recommend this 😁

  70. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a lot of experience with concentrates, but was super impressed with the quality of the Goji Berry I received. Mine was more of a crumble or a butter, not that I see or know the difference, but what I do know is this stuff is top shelf quality. I love the taste, literally has undertones of fruity flavours which is just delightful and the high is intensely cerebral and heady. I don’t know if shatter or butter is really any different but I can express that the quality has been unparalleled in comparison to other concentrates I’ve tried. I’ll be trying Kootany Lab products again for sure! 9/10

  71. Brad (verified owner)

    Like always i loved my shatter. Can’t wait to get alot more of this man, such a dope price too, thanks budmail, you guys are awesome, one love baby! Will definitely order again!

  72. Brad (verified owner)

    Love the shatter, great product! Like always i loved my shatter. Can’t wait to get alot more of this man, such a dope price too, thanks budmail, you guys are awesome, one love baby!

  73. junior666 (verified owner)

    First time trying Kootenay Labs.
    I agree with some of the reviews on initial quality upon opening. Wrapped in paper, and totally sugared. I’m okay with sugared but would like to know beforehand if this is the case. I thought I was buying nice stable shatter.
    the quality in vaping this product is just fine. Tasty, great buzz, a little messier than actual shatter but its $28 so there really are no complaints here.
    Glad Budmail is offering some different options at different prices.

  74. Gittens (verified owner)

    I ordered their shatter twice first time came in little home made yellow envelopes was horrible didn’t even resemble shatter very unhappy , then saw their new pictures and packaging thought I would retry maybe was just tat batch I ordered this violated and a watermelon both were the same thing gross didn’t resemble shatter , no feeling burnt horrible worse consentrate to ever try! Will never order again ! Buyer be ware avoid this brand like the plague save ur money I might as well put mine in the garbage because that’s where this brand belongs !

  75. DarkRoast (verified owner)

    “Kootenay labs Violator Shatter” The taste and the price were redemptive qualities to the waxy yet manageable terpene rich Shatter. Most flavourful in large hoots!

  76. 204Tokes (verified owner)

    Nice airtight packaging and quality non bleached parchment, bonus points off the bat. Out of the Green C, Ak, Dutch, and Punch only the punch was sugared (its basically parchment workable, non-greasy sugar wax and is still great). Super hot day rn and the other snaps are holding up great. Very smooth, no darker residue on the quartz…its the best shatter I’ve had the wasn’t just straight up hype and this price is a total win.

  77. Rad (verified owner)

    I ordered Durban poison, Golgi Berries and Starkiller. They all taste good and have a good high for the price, but I found the sativa strains I ordered to be really waxy and a bit hard to work with. Starkiller has a great punch.

  78. Alchino (verified owner)

    I didnt know much about shatter and tend to avoid BHO of any sort before purchasing. After opening 5 different kinds (I bought 2 of each) I can gladly agree with all the people in the review section to be able to remake this review. The ones I received in the plastic bag sealed are of much better quality then the ones in the paper slips. The ones in the paper slip are very different in consistency and in flavour. I dont get why kootenay thought that was a good move. Kind of disappointed overall and will not be re-purchasing in the future unless they are labeled as the “bagged” version. Starkiller and purple god are very smokable, flavourful and potent. The rest will probably sit on my desk for a long long time with the “quads” from another website LOL.

  79. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    Got goji berry shatter! The taste is delicious, the high is A super clear headed Smooth high that lasts for hours. High quality, I’ll be purchasing more for sure!

  80. Dutchlady (verified owner)

    I ordered two kinds both are more like a wax and a little messy in the package. Flavour was not as strong as I was hoping it was going to be. Price was good

  81. JT (verified owner)

    Like always i loved my shatter. Can’t wait to get alot more of this man, such a dope price too, thanks budmail, you guys are awesome, one love baby!

  82. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Purple God

    Ordered 4 kinds of shatter during the sale, and Purple God is the only one i’m slightly impressed with. It was the only one to come in completely different packaging, not the standard little yellow envelope but an air-tight plastic bag. It’s also the only shatter of the 4 I ordered that actually looks like shatter. A beautiful dark yellow/golden colour, still a bit soft but harder than the others. Haven’t actually tried this one yet but i’m sure it will still be better than the others in the taste/high category.

    Given that this was the only strain to come in a sealed, air-tight package and was much better quality than the rest, i’m wondering if that air-tight seal is what made such a difference in quality among these strains. I’d probably try this one again.

    Hey Budmaster! Please shoot us an email with pictures of the Kootenay Labs shatter you had issue with and we’ll see if we can do something for you!

  83. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Bruce Banner

    I think they screwed up on this one, or ran out of product? 2/3 of the gram is a dark chunk of ‘shatter’, still with a very soft wax consistency, but the other 1/3 of the gram is a much lighter coloured, wet and sugary glob of what looks like terp sauce.. If it is all the same shatter then i’m not sure what the hell happened for it to drastically change in the package like that.

    Taste and high are fine for the price which are the only redemptive aspects, but not sure i’d buy this again.

  84. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Wedding Crasher

    Nice colour and smell, harder than some of the other strains i’ve tried from this brand, but it’s almost too brittle. The 1g I got came as mostly crumble, tiny specs, flakes, and pieces of the shatter stuck to and lining the whole piece of parchment. It can’t even be salvaged as the little pieces have also ‘melted’ into the parchment thusly wasting a big portion of the product.

    Taste and high are fine for the price which are the only redemptive aspects, but not sure i’d buy this again.

  85. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Durban Poison

    I agree with the reviews stating this is subpar quality shatter. Hard pressed to even call it shatter as even after a few days in the freezer this stuff is still just a flattened glob of soft wax, it will melt almost into a liquid at room temperature which makes it even worse to work with.

    Taste and high are fine for the price which are the only redemptive aspects.

  86. grantsc (verified owner)

    I bought 4 different varieties, the Lemon Hammer being the most flavourful. The issue is the packaging, all 4 were buddered up, like other reviews are saying, due to oxygen exposure from the non-airtight envelopes they are packaged in. This is the only issue, all dab great and get you where you need to be, but the packaging needs to be updated to something airtight. -1 star for packaging.

  87. Hannah (verified owner)

    I bought the lemon hammer flavor and was not disappointed at all it had great flavor and gave me a great high. I would not hesitate to buy this again and can’t wait to try other flavors.

  88. Nikki9 (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 different strains of this shatter. The only reason I am giving it 3 ⭐️is because I got high from it. All 4 packets are a crumbling sticky mess. Nothing even resembling glass which is what my understanding of what shatter is. Very difficult to work with and I will never order this brand again.

  89. alex (verified owner)

    I’ve lost like 10% of the durban poison in the packaging… liquid and sticky. Purple is way better. Ain’t shatter supposed to be solid? Buy PG not Durban

  90. Twisted_Toaster (verified owner)

    I got 1 gram of Lemon Hammer and 1 gram of the Wedding Crasher, Both have major pockets of sugar wax running throughout and the terpenes have started to seep through the parchment paper. I honestly don’t mind paying 25 dollars for good wax, but this is labelled as premium shatter. If it was just the waxing I wouldn’t mind so much, but the profile and colour on both seem pretty similar and neither of them has a overly desirable taste or high. I love you budmail but I would recommend doing a quality assurance check on this vendor’s products.

  91. Alchino (verified owner)

    I got 5 different kinds and Ive managed to try the star killer and the durban poison so far. The star killer was nice and snappy, with fruit on the exhale. Nice heavy high. The durban poison was sticky and not as snappy but still a good overall smoke. Never experienced any durban poison before but I wasnt a huge fan of the high. Says it supposed to be energizing but this one didnt really feel like a sativa to me more hybrid. Overall good product for the price point especially with the spring promotion.

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