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Pre-Rolls (Oso Fuego) – 10x 0.5g Pack


0.5g X 10 pre-rolls!



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Pre-Rolls (Oso Fuego) – 10 x 0.5g Pack

Do you love Oso Fuego Flower and long for the day you could have their top-shelf strains pre-rolled and ready to go? Check out these Pre-Roll Packs, including 10x 0.5g Premium Pre-Rolls. For on-the-go easy and discreet transport, these pre-rolls come housed in a pocket-sized tin that you can re-use time and time again.

Limited quantities available!

10 x 0.5g Premium Pre-Rolls

13 reviews for Pre-Rolls (Oso Fuego) – 10x 0.5g Pack

  1. stnflsy (verified owner)

    Buyer beware. I love this product, so I bought 6 of the 10x 0.5g Pack – Polynesian Thin Mints because of the deal offered. The joints were faulty, do not smoke properly and res. Reached out to budmail support and provided all info they asked for. Got no response. Will purchase again but NOT from BM.

  2. greenGang (verified owner)

    Really love the packaging as you can keep and re-use. These are potent & I’ve actually repurchased twice – Love Oso Fuego and the 0.5g is perfect. My second order!

  3. Brazy00 (verified owner)

    Inguess if your a big joint person and wants something quick n fast this would be perfect but I don’t care for joints I’m move of a bowl guy find the joints run.

  4. Jez (verified owner)

    Nice pre rolls! Well rolled, they pull well, nice flavor, solid potency. They also come in a nice little metal case that can be reused. Would order again.

  5. Korg (verified owner)

    Price point dead bang…perfect for on the go..thin mint 10 stars…carry case…awesome….0.5 great size for a single zing is all you need. At my door in one day..wow…BM you rock.

  6. ZigZagCOCORICO (verified owner)

    ThanksBM for these pre-rolls they come in handy and not to mention the strain is very nice and tasteful 😋 next time im not only going to buy one ill buy more 🙂

  7. CMoney (verified owner)

    Love Oso products. The quality to price ratio is great. I’ve never had any issues with uneven burns, and always get sent to the moon after a smoke.

    These are the only pre-rolls I’ll buy!

  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    I love Oso Fuego, wish they were in stock more. They’re my favourite brand of new weed that’s hit the market these days, something about them just does it for me.

  9. Vaga (verified owner)

    Oso is always good, always a little dry but these pre rolls are packed pretty well. And the smoke is always smooth. For the price compared to local prerolls, this is 5 stars hands down

  10. KingKarma (verified owner)

    These are great, they burn nice, good taste, the tin container is very well presented and a good quality carry case for future rolls on the go.

    Will order again.

  11. Hett (verified owner)

    Will order these again. I Iike them a bit better than the one 1 gram version and the strain is top shelf in my opinion.
    Solid value.

  12. CarRam Rod (verified owner)

    Had a pack of the thin mint. Great taste and flavor. Great burn. And a good buzz. The .5g ones are great for solo smoking. Small humidity pack is in the tin. And the tin is great for using over and over!

  13. Winelady (verified owner)

    Ordered these for the first time, I have a new fave, love the convivence and the flower was great, I had the Polynesian Thin Mint variety , came to order more but sold out, hope they come back soon, oh and they burn nice and even, a big pet peeve of mine.

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