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Honey (MOTA) – THC


120ml Jar | 200mg THC

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Product Description

200 MG THC

THC Honey is a delicious option for those who want to infuse their own drinks or meals. Infused honey can be used as a sweetener for tea, meals or as dessert topping.

Ingredients: Unpasteurized Honey, THC Extract

18 reviews for Honey (MOTA) – THC

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    This honey by Mota is good to have in my pantry. I use half a teaspoon for my loose-leaf tea, if I should even use it. Regardless, the tea I’ve been drinking lately, by Pitch Black North, is amazing with or without it. By all accounts, though, this honey is so worth it. I have ordered this multiple times in the past, and recently have included it in my last two purchases. Thank you, Budmail and Mota.

  2. Jcorvec123 (verified owner)

    This is the nicest, tastiest infused honey I have found and after I have a teaspoon I feel a strong effect. It’s like I’m floating, and I feel happy. This makes a wonderful treat – indulgence for a great price!

  3. Roblunto (verified owner)

    Bought this as a bday present for my dad’s coffee and honey. He absolutely loves it. he says it gives him a cleaner feeling. The taste is great, I’m going to try it on bread with some PB soon. I’ll let you know how it goes. I had some on a spoon and even though it wasn’t much I felt it instantly.

  4. Bruh (verified owner)

    Been purchasing this for a while now, price point is beyond reasonable compared to what other companies charge. Flavor is nice and you get a great body high out of it

  5. Sweetly (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this honey, this is my second order and I will be getting this again. great taste, the discription seems accurate.it’s perfect in tea. Very nice high my only wish is that I would love for a bigger jar

  6. Birdrag (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff. Go easy when adding to a hot beverage, it’s a locomotive of a body high that you can’t undo! Perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea or night time sedative.

  7. Ghar (verified owner)

    This sweet substance has a low viscosity for honey, the flavour of the cannabis infusion is not too strong, finely balanced with the characteristic sweet honeyness.

  8. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    This is absolutely delicious treat from Motta. I usually take a teaspoon or two in my tea, it taste great and gives a nice mellow high. I love edibles, this honey makes me sleep better.

  9. Adam (verified owner)

    I kept seeing the honey on the menu and finally decided to try it. Wow, this tastes great, and it gives a nice buzz too. I used it in my tea. I would recommend this to anyone.

  10. tk (verified owner)

    I am a big tea drinker and I was looking for something to mix into my tea. The honey has a subtle weed smell and taste but that doesn’t bother me at all. Really love this THC honey, I usually put 2 teaspoons into my tea as it’s a little strong. Works wonders for my knee and hip pain. Would definitely recommend if you need something to help you unwind. Going to repurchase once I finish my first jar. Thanks budmail!

  11. EDedNeddie (verified owner)

    Fantastic smell and taste, put this on your cereal in the morning with milk for an absolutely fantastic day. Two spoonfuls is all you will need as it is pretty strong

  12. Mr. Fitz (verified owner)

    Great product, just need a teaspoon in your tea and it does the trick. Not too strong, and I get a good sleep, on my third jar now. Great for those who want to control the amount you’re injesting.

  13. Shelby (verified owner)

    This honey is great from Mota. Has aslight weed smell but overall very nice flavour and effect . Im a huge honey fan so anything thc and honey combined catches my eye

  14. EDedNeddie (verified owner)

    Best purchase I’ve made, huge hit over coffee and cake after dinner. As always with Mota the honey itself is of great quality and super tasty, nice with a slice of pie

  15. Nads (verified owner)

    I think this is a great idea! I totally forgot I had edible honey though lol and used it as regular honey one day! To my surprised I was stoned out of my mind Hahahaha. I love this product. Great value for Money

  16. obc93 (verified owner)

    Add a teaspoon of this to my nightly tea and it seems to do the trick. It’s not too overwhelming and gives me a nice little buzz. Definitely will be ordering this again.

  17. Mesenoth (verified owner)

    Pretty good, tastes strongly of reefer, smells like reefer, but is very easy moderate. Goes really well with earl grey, not so much with green tea, but tastes best when mixed with regular honey. Very relaxing, definitely worth it. A little bit on the expensive end considering how much you need to use.

  18. CilviaDemo (verified owner)

    As a fan of infused honeys, had to give this one a try. Overall, not bad! Comparable to Halley’s Comet but this gave me a more ‘heady’ experience…..

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