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Thin Mint (Cream Of The Crop​)

AAA | Indica Dominant | Cream of the Crop | THC: 25-27%

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Product Description

Welcome to Thin Mint; the minty, sweet strain that packs a punch for experienced cannabis connoisseurs. This strain has a unique parentage and it takes advantage of both indica and sativa genetics, giving it an edge in the world of cannabis. That means you get an energetic and creative full-body experience with each puff, enabling you to explore your creative side while also gaining therapeutic benefits. The flavors are out-of-this-world, with a refreshing minty sweetness that will tantalize your taste buds. Plus, Thin Mint gives off an aroma that’s just as delightful – leaving its menthol scent long after you’ve enjoyed it. Get ready to explore this amazing strain and enjoy the effects it has in store for you!

Flavours/Aromas: Chemical, Mint, Sweet, Kush
Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy
Medical Uses: ADD/ADHD, Fatigue, Stress

22 reviews for Thin Mint (Cream Of The Crop​)

  1. Vonhohenheim (verified owner)

    Good price, good flavor. I was impressed with the individual pre-roll I chose. I am certain I will be purchasing more. Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you.

  2. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Good trees always this brand

    I love the smell of it after burn and in the bag


    Aaaaaa++++ taste



  3. Brazy00 (verified owner)

    Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love itLove it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it

  4. Brazy00 (verified owner)

    I loved it had a hard hit good taste and fresh buds at the price u can’t go wrong I usually always grab a bag when I order cause I know it always gunna be good

  5. Timmy turner

    Would recommend. Priced good and overall nice value. The “high” is very strong. Not something I would recommend for daytime use, you might find yourself dozing off pretty quickly.

  6. Steve-o (verified owner)

    This strain has become on of my go to for joints. Excellent buzz, good value means I will be purchasing again! the strong the content is excellent for those who smoke often!

  7. Nikki9 (verified owner)

    Great high but it really does have a gasoline after taste. It’s definitely for nighttime use. I found myself dozing off early evening after smoking.

  8. kspring (verified owner)

    Good strain, but damn near immobilizing for me! Definitely not for beginners haha. Pleasant enough flavour, huge body high for me. Great value but not sure I would get it again just because I think it hits me way too hard.

  9. DeliP (verified owner)

    Nice and mellow buzz, perfect for early evening before dinner. I was still functional but relaxed. This is good if you need help with your appetite. Had a bit too many stems though and was hard to separate.

  10. Royb (verified owner)

    Happy to give my first 5 star review in a while. Great example of Thin Mints. Burns clean, super smooth. The bag appeal is great… just as it appears in the pics. I only ordered a half and should have ordered an Oz!

  11. Serval (verified owner)

    Nice strain. Nugs are nice and frosty, taste is great, cure is good, effects are as advertised. Solid product, and as always speedy delivery. Thanks BM!

  12. Hein le gros (verified owner)

    Always a classic! Beautiful product provided at a decent price! Looking forward to order again once available. Highly recommended, thanks Budmail friends!

  13. Sambedamn (verified owner)

    Love this pot. Found the description very accurate as this was energizing for an indica imo cure and trim were on point and made for some really fun smoke.

  14. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    I love my indica’s and this strain just puts me in a good mood after a long day at work or right after the gym where u want to unwind overall id say 5/5

  15. jason420 (verified owner)

    This stuff was nicer then the albatross og in my opinion
    Got both same time
    Liked this way more
    Looks great smells like weed
    I’ll get this again for sure

  16. Nikki (verified owner)

    for the price point, this is great. I enjoy the smoke. Typically smoke in the evening as im winding down and thinking about heading to bed, but not looking to get couch locked.

  17. tanzdiktator (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I’d hoped it would be. As the primary factors are my medicinal needs, the hitting like a truck aspect was highly welcomed. Perfect timing as was experiencing sleep and abdominal issues (tmi blah blah) and it worked wonders for me.

    I found the physical product fresh and attractive and consistent with the other reviews. A little bit on the harsh side, countered by not requiring much flower to get the job done. Would definitely recommend and reorder.

  18. TeZ (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. The smell hits you right out of the bag, the buds are really well trimmed, and caked with trichomes to top it off. Smoke is relatively smooth but hits like a train. Not something I would recommend for daytime use, you might find yourself dozing off pretty quickly.

  19. J-Hizz (verified owner)

    Great weed woth a classic kush taste. Priced correctly and overall good value. Burns clean with a great indica high, not for beginners and will take you back in time.

  20. Ldubz (verified owner)

    Massive frosty crystals on this. More appeared as it further cured in jars. Burns really well and quite slow. Very ” stoney” kinda high. Not my personal favorite but very nice for its price. I see what others are saying about flavor. It’s a bit of a mix bag. It has flavor more relative to cheese strain.
    Flavor is a big deal for me so this is a dealbreaker but solid weed. Kudos where due

  21. Cosmic (verified owner)

    I had a weird experience with this one the smoke was harsh and tasted unpleasant, but man the buzz was really good. Exactly what you’d expect from a indica, couch locking and made me sleepy after awhile. 3.5

  22. Jimmy jack jones (verified owner)

    Wow! Very quick ,speedy delivery .:) the buds are high quality ; Caked ,,, with a minty, kushy aroma ,almost a garlic bud like smell ,, the flavour was alright with the first bud twisted into a joint ,, then the second bud had abit of a funky flavour that I wasnt too fond of . It definitely has a premium , high end buzz ,, keeps me flying high and endures for more than a couple hours ,I m sure of it . Not too high of price , only got a quarter for 40$ ,, it seems to be worth the cash though . Right on bm ,, Greatly appreciated.

    I need more sativa in my life ,, and less sleepy , Munchy inducing indica s .

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